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4 Reasons Why Protein Is Important For Weight Loss

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Eat More Protein To Burn Fat Faster

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing 4 reasons why protein is important for weight loss.

That’s right, a high protein diet can help you get lean and muscular, faster.

Since you’re reading this, I’m assuming you want to replace your love handles and annoying belly fat with lean and firm muscle.


From a nutrition standpoint, here are three terms you need to know to get super lean, faster:

  • High protein
  • Lower carbohydrate
  • Whole foods

Forget about what the government is telling you and ignore the outrageous nutrition label claims found on packaged products made by food marketers. 

It’s time to get back to the basics and make this really simple for you. 

I am all about the paleo way of eating.

The Paleo Diet

Side note: did you know the term “paleo” was the most searched nutrition term of 2013?

I always recommend a high protein, lower carbohydrate, and whole food diet.

Time and time again this way of eating works for the majority of people that consistently follows it.

So let’s get into it.

4 Reasons Why Protein Is Important For Weight Loss

Here are 4 reasons why high protein diets will get you lean faster.

#1: Protein Preserves Muscle

If your goal is fat loss, your primary focus should be on preserving lean muscle mass.


Muscle is critical for maintaining and boosting your metabolism

When you lose muscle, your body burns less calories a day. 

This is why low calorie starvation diets never work for the long-term.

The weight always comes back on no matter how few calories you eat.

Here’s an example of why I said you should not blindly listen to the government’s nutrition advice.

The US government’s recommended daily amount (RDA) of protein is 0.8g/kg of bodyweight.

However, a 3 week study was done that compared 2 groups of people on a calorie restricted diet.

The group that followed the recommended daily amount of protein of 0.8g/kg, while in a calorie deficit, led to muscle loss.

The other group doubled the protein dose to 1.6g/kg of bodyweight.

This amount of protein effectively maintained their lean muscle mass, while in a calorie deficit.

Key takeaway: to Live Lean 365 days a year, it is critical to your metabolism to build muscle and maintain it.

5 Best Tips For Muscle Growth

#2: Thermogenesis / Thermic Effect Of Protein

During digestion, your body burns more calories processing animal protein than it does for carbohydrates or fats.

This is often referred to as the thermic effect of food.

Remember I said animal protein.

The quality of protein is very important.

Best Protein Sources For Fat Loss

Studies show a 17% higher calorie burn during rest when eating animal protein vs. a group that ate vegetable protein.

Sorry vegetarians, mark up another win for paleo.

Key takeaway: by eating protein, you’re actually helping your body burn more calories, even when you sleep.

#3: Protein Is Filling

When you consume more protein in your diet, you will feel more satiated and full.

Ultimately this leads to eating less overall calories.

5 Ways To Cut 100 Calories

 A study showed every 1% increase in protein intake, led to a calorie consumption decrease between 32-51 calories a day.

Key takeaway: eating more protein will help you feel more satisfied and full, thus making you eat less calories throughout the day.

#4: Eating High Quality Protein Decreases Sugar Cravings

This decrease in sugar cravings occurs from the blood sugar and insulin balancing effects of protein.

Unlike carbohydrates that cause blood sugar and insulin rises and crashes, protein helps you manage the entire process.

How To Prevent Blood Sugar Spikes And Improve Insulin Resistance

Key takeaway: if you have sugar cravings, eat more protein.

That’s it. 

How Much Protein Should I Consume?

When it comes to your macronutrient ratios, there is no one size fits all.

If you’re not familiar with macronutrient ratios, it simply means how daily your calories are split up between protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

The optimal amount of protein consumption depends on your:

How To Calculate Your Macronutrients

Click here to see a 3 part video series on macronutrients.

I take you through step-by-step calculations of a basic outline on what works for the majority of people.

Bottom Line On Why Protein Is Important For Weight Loss

Eating a high protein diet is one of the best ways to start losing fat and building lean muscle. 

Check out this post on the best protein sources for faster fat loss.

Paleo Approved High Protein And Low Carbohydrate Meals And Recipes

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Today’s Question Of The Day:

  • How many grams of protein do you eat in a day?

Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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74 responses to “4 Reasons Why Protein Is Important For Weight Loss

  1. Sorry Vegetarians. Animal protein and high protein diets from animal
    sources are cuases of chronic disease.

  2. High quality animal protein is different in one very important way than
    vegetable protein of equal amino acid content. it contains muscle glycogen
    storage, thats a (water insoluble polysaccaride) that is converted to
    glucose . by eating meat you nurse that craving for sugar. it even provides
    some quick energy for digestion of protein. the ratio of protein and
    glycogen in meat is perfect. you couldnt make this up if you had too. its
    why a man can eat pork and eggs for breakfast and nothing else except water
    and feel just the same as if he ate pancakes. satisfied.

  3. did you forget to mention that protein raises insulin levels and insulin
    stores body fat?
    Or/and excess protein causes Gluconeogenesis or the production of sugar
    from protein…. moderate protein and high fat is the way to go.

  4. hi, I take Shaklee protein, I am doing their 180 program, they focus on
    wholefoods. I am a boxer and have been to amateur championships many times
    but it would be nice to have more fuel and just know that “hey, im eating
    right to be at my best”” so I started taking Shaklee. I want to be shredded
    cause this time around its been harder, I do not do weights, I only hit the
    bag, I get too tense and gain quickly but also gain fat easy as well. Have
    you heard of Shaklee, would you recommend that I continue or change it up.
    oh and its more of meal replacements

  5. Hi Brad,
    I’m 56 and a diver. It’s better to dive without body fat, and through
    the years I have a bit around the gut. It seems impossible to be rid of. I
    exercise daily (probably not hard enough)but still there. I agree diet is
    very important and will be looking into your book. Thanks for the vids, and
    all you are doing for us.

  6. It would be nice to find high protein choices which are alkaline but
    apparently all protein causes acid/ash in the body and as I am trying to
    maintain an alkaline state for health reasons.

  7. What are you thoughts on the Starch Solution diet? I recently saw this on
    Youtube on Dr McDougalls starch solution where you eat potatoes, beans,
    legumes, breads, pasta fruits and veggies but leave out the fats, dairy,
    cheese, meats?

  8. 2:20 Such a dumb moral argument ! Well I’m not going to kill animals just
    to ensure a 17% bonus in calories burning in rest. An average male burns 80
    calories an hour, meaning that eating animal protein helps – on average –
    burn 13 additional calories *afterwards*. So daily, it would give you a
    bump of roughly 150 calories, and thus if you *constantly* eat animals in
    every single meal. As a vegetarian, I’d rather have sex one more time or
    just jog an additional 10min to burn those same 150 calories.

  9. What are your thoughts on eating mini-meals throughout the day versus
    eating larger meals for metabolic increase? I know the main component to
    weight loss is a calorie deficit, but if an increased metabolism burns more
    calories, what kind of style of eating boosts it? There are so many
    conflicting theories! Would love to hear your thoughts

  10. Where can I order your Paleo cook book, for I can’t order it through, I am in England. Thanks for sharing your great vids! Patrick

  11. after a workout, if i eat protein like 1 hour later, will it screw up my
    workout? do i need to eat it straight away?

  12. Im doing crossfit everyday, sometimes doble time and lately im been feeling
    tires!! Haha I needed to eat more, but when I eat more I feel like I dont
    want to do anything, so any protein shake that you recommend?? Thanks

  13. I did my first tabata workout today before and after my total body workout
    how many tabata workouts should I do on the non-total body workout days?

  14. hey brad just subscribed to your channel, I just found out about this
    tabata workout and your workout seems very doable
    I am mainly working on gaining 10 pounds of muscle since I just got my
    bodyfat test done today and the guy told me to do that to get my body fat
    down to 13% and I workout on the total gym Monday,wed,fri on the days I
    don’t do it can your tabata workout only be done once a day like in the
    morning before I go to work, or when is the best time to do it?

  15. Been vegan is d best….why turn your body into a grave yard plant base
    diet help to maintain weight if ppl had to kill animals themselves for meat
    dey probably would be vegans
    vegans get a lot of protein from beans nuts tofu etc. Meat is foreign to
    our bodies #save the Animals.

  16. I live in Washington so there is a limitless amount of seafood, Salmon,
    shrimp, crab all very low fat, calorie food with a lot of protein

  17. what about the colestreol levels that are in meats and eggs. for especially
    heart patients. that are trying to lose weight with the paleo diet? asking
    in concern, thank you

  18. To regular people who want to burn fat some day, Go and Google Skinnimaker
    System so you can get started

  19. I read an article that high protein diets can make your life a lot shorter,
    as a paleo diet was a diet of our ancestors, but they only loved until
    about 40 years old. What do u have to say about that?


  21. What about the strain on your kidneys that they say happens? Is that not
    true or is there a way around it?

  22. Brad I have two favorites.
    I don’t know if these are good or bad but hey. They seem to work.
    1. London broil! But the trick is its all in the way that you prepare and
    cook it.
    2. You’ve gotta live the chicken breast!

  23. Brad I’ve been trying to build muscle while staying lean and I’ve noticed
    my back chest arms and shoulders getting larger but my abs are getting less
    defined… Can you give me advise.

  24. Hi Brad! Love your videos… I see that you have a few videos on
    macronutrients on workout days, what are your suggestions on what to eat
    what on non workout days. Also when do you recommend eating fruit on
    workouts and non workout days? Looking forward to your response

  25. If you can make a video that shows the best protein sources(by price.the
    lower the better)
    and also can you show us how to cook them for fast results??

  26. I like your videos without the drum track (like this one) way better. Been
    spouting this info to my friends for years… Keep it up bro.

  27. New subscriber, nice channel. I’m currently on the body opus diet trying to
    bring my body fat down from 27 % to 10-12% hopefully in the next 92 days.
    Think I can do it? Lol

  28. To all you eating animals is terrible , then why did God give us certain
    teeth to tear meat? Probably for you , why did evolution give us certain
    teeth to tear foods ? A Ship of misguided fools !

  29. I have always found that eating clean and healthy is the right way to g cutting out red meat and sometimes meat in general has worked out pretty well for me. I love eggs and eat them almost every other day. Great source of protein!

  30. Can you show us an example of a diet with high protein for the whole day
    for us visual learners??? Thanks. BTW, I envy your being in LA. 😉 Maybe
    someday I live there too.

  31. Brad,
    Your 4 points listed above are great! I never really thought about a high protein diet before. I just thought if you ate lean and stayed away from bad cholesterol you’d be fine. Great information here. Thanks a lot!

  32. +GlamorousFashionx ok then did u know plants, leaves have life too and they
    cry eswell when they are ppeled off? If u wana stick to vegies, then
    continue to do so but know they cry too! Do ur research

  33. +GlamorousFashionx ok then did u know plants, leaves have life too and they
    cry eswell when they are ppeled off? If u wana stick to vegies, then
    continue to do so but know they cry too! Do ur research

  34. Hi Brad, you talk a lot about losing weight does your information apply to
    someone trying to gain weight/muscle? I’d be interested in seeing some
    videos directed to the smallies

  35. Is it that important to kill animals just to look good with a lot of
    muscles animals cry and go through suffering for human selfish needs.
    Honestly I dont need to acquire that much muscle its not like im fighting
    for my life everyday I would rather save a few lives. Its dead animal your
    putting in your body just remember that.

    1. Really? Brad helps thousands of persons every year , getting leaner making healthier and smarter choices with their diet ( FOR FREE on top of that ! ) , without being rude can I ask you a question ? what are you doing here ? maybe you should be here instead : if you want to save a penguin or a lama , or stay with your veggies diet that burn 17% less fat , seriously GlamorousFashionx and supermaria246 its not a video on how many freakin chicken we can save that you were looking at , next time read the description .

  36. Do some research – meat = fat & dead animals/suffering due to selfish
    people. Animal protein = high fat (intermusclar) – The fat you eat the fat
    you wear (might not show on the outside but will clog you arteries). There
    are lots of ‘healthy’ looking athletes that have heart attacks. It causes
    your blood to go acidic = poor recovery. Most people with ripped photos are
    taking ‘extra supplements’ – don’t be so scammed.

  37. At the moment, it’s lamb, hands down! Chuck a bit of mint on there and
    you’ve got some good muscle buildimg magic!

  38. Thanks Brad,
    One more thing i would like to comment, is that for about 3 years now ive
    been trying to loos fat. Just like other people i do it for about 2 or 3
    months and then i stop, Then i would go on a diet and i do juicing and
    greens and then i just stop =( what would you recommend that i do? Any
    strong statistics that you recomend? My goal is to have a lean body just
    like yours (weird but true bud) lol. Keep up the good vids.

  39. Eating dead animals is not adding quality to your diet – it is a dead
    animal that has suffered a tragic life & digested processed &/or GMO food &
    given antibiotics to survive appalling conditions. It is a rotting corps.
    It is not ethical to the animals, to the planet nor to the human body
    ……the paleo diet has been debunked……get the research up to date,
    they ate mostly carbs. Look it up. Humans have enzymes in the mouth to
    start the digestion of starches (I learnt that in high school science).
    Hospitals are full of meat & dairy eaters not full of plant based diet

  40. Is whey protein and soy protein the same if so witch one would you
    recommend for loosing love handles and body fat?

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