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How To Get Enough Protein (For Women)

How much Protein do Women need?

Are you confused about your macros? I get questions everyday from Women all over the world wondering how they can get their macros right for creating that lean body, especially when it comes to protein!

Getting enough Protein in the day can be challenging

Protein seems to be the hardest of the macronutrients to get enough of each day. Today I’ve laid out a whole day’s worth of eating (This will also show you what I typically eat in a day to stay lean 365). You’ll see how simple it can be to hit your macros when you lay out a whole days worth of eating at once and plan ahead for success.

Meal prepping is key, but making your meals delicious and flavorful is also very necessary for your long term success. Keep in mind this is not intended to be a short term diet, it’s the way we eat all year around.

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Breakfast of 4oz Chicken Breast, 2 Whole Eggs, ½ cup Sauerkraut gives us 42 grams of protein to start the day

How To Get Enough Protein (For Women)

Post-Workout Shake made with 1 scoop Whey Protein gives us 25g Protein

How To Get Enough Protein (For Women)

Big Leafy Greens Salad with 6oz Tuna Fish and about ¼ cup of Almonds gives us
42grams of Protein

How To Get Enough Protein (For Women)

And for dinner we have about 6oz ground turkey in Endive boats with Salsa for another
46 grams of Protein

How To Get Enough Protein (For Women)

Our daily total of protein is about 153-155 grams of Protein which is plenty for most
Women looking to Live Lean.

How To Get Enough Protein (For Women).

Keep in mind that you should calculate your protein needs based on your goal body weight. Approximately 1 gram of protein per pound of your goal weight is a decent amount to aim for daily. If you want to gain more muscle you can use up to 1.5x your bodyweight in grams.

Let me know in the comments if you would like to see a video about how many carbs or fats to eat in a day

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Thanks for watching, & KEEP, living lean.

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31 responses to “How To Get Enough Protein (For Women)

  1. Is meat substitute like vegetarian grain sausage or organic tofu which is
    high in protein 30g protein per link no cholestrol.

    Is it any good?

  2. How to get enough protein? Eat enough high carb plant based foods. Nearly
    all plant based foods contain adequate protein percentages, so just by
    eating enough food you will not have to worry about meeting ‘protein’
    requirements. No animals have to be tortured and killed in the process.
    What gives you the right to pay someone to slit the throats of innocent
    animals. You wouldn’t kill your dog for no reason so why kill a pig or a
    cow or a chicken. You can tell yourself all the excuses you want to make
    you feel like your actions are justifiable but they’re not. At the end of
    the day, you are causing pain and suffering:

  3. Hi Brad, hi Jess how can I delete my subscription to teamlivelean, because
    I’m finishing my money on the postepay…help!!

  4. I’ve been using myfitnesspal to track how much protein I’ve been eating per
    day, I’m getting around 60-90 grams. Not even close to how much I should be
    getting, thanks for the informative video! & glad you’ve finally got on the
    snapchat train. haha

  5. very helpful! i’m going to record my days eating very honestly today and
    then compare it to yours so hopefully i can see where i need to make any
    cheeeers 😀

  6. These kind of guides really give people an idea what to do. Doesn’t have to
    be exact, but use as a guide. Tailor it so it works for you. Thanks for the

  7. Love the send off on this one lol!Great rundown on getting all that protein
    in. Thanks!!

  8. Humm, this is an eye opener.. im probably not eating enough protein… but
    what about carbs.?? are you on a ketogenic diet ?

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