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How to Get Rid of Love Handles [Follow Along Workout + The Truth!]

Follow me for a home-friendly love handle melting workout.

By special request I have created a love-handle workout 🙂

Love handles can be a frustrating trouble zone.

With this quick workout you’ll learn some important tips about training that area and get yourself started on the path to toning it up.

I strongly recommend to follow a full body fat loss program to really see the best results with your love handles and say goodbye to them forever.

Use this follow along as a first step, but make sure you don’t continue repeating the same workout over and over again. Follow a program to have the guesswork removed and the results revealed.

Here is the workout:

  1. Squat Thrust | 10 reps
  2. Side Plank Crunches | 10 reps per side
  3. Side V-Ups | 10 reps per side

To follow this love handle melting workout: Click play and follow along with me as I guide you through 10 reps of each exercise (or 10 per side) for 3 rounds of the circuit. Rest only about 10 seconds between exercises and rounds.

Beginner and advanced variations are shown in the video.

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