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Are Standing Lifts More Effective In Living Lean?

What’s up Live Leaners,

Today’s Live Lean TV episode is about standing vs. seated exercises and which method will ultimately help you live lean faster. Examples of seated vs standing exercises would be:

Seated shoulder press vs. Standing shoulder press


Barbell squats vs. Seated leg press

Which method is more effective in helping you live lean?

First of all, your body and it’s muscles are meant to work as one unit.

For example, when you’re standing up and lifting something over your head, like an overhead press, the lower back is pulled in to help support and stabilize the movement.  So the lower back strengthens along with your shoulders.

When you’re seated on an incline bench, your back is supported by the bench, so your lower back doesn’t need to work as hard. Same thing goes for a leg press vs. a barbell squat. Essentially this means your body is no longer working synergistically together as one unit.

In my opinion, standing lifts, helps create an overall stronger unit, and a more injury proof body…

Most people, due to poor posture and lifestyle habits, have very weak core and lower back strength.

Even if you’re a bodybuilder training mainly for size, you can really build good mass in the posterior chain (which are the muscles on the back of your body) with standing lifts.

If you feel lower back pain when doing standing lifts…

…you should definitely talk to a health professional to find the CAUSE of the issue and then find the SOLUTION to strengthen it. In other words…

Work with a professional and FIX the problem!

Don’t be one of those people that just says “I can’t do squats or deadlifts”.

Erase “can’t” out of your vocabulary.

Seek professional help and address the cause of the pain rather than just putting a band aid over the symptom by skipping the exercises that are the most beneficial for strengthening your weak links’¦ie. your core/lower back.

Standing lifts like squats and deadlifts are the foundation movements of living lean…

They burn the most calories, induce the greatest fat burning hormonal response, and maximize the afterburn effect, where you burn even more calories while you sleep’¦you know I have a full 12 week program that creates that exact hyper calorie burning response in your body right’¦click here.

Lastly, trained professionals can also recommend alternative exercises that are just as effective as squats and deadlifts, but easier on the lower back.

Safety Squat Bar

An alternative to regular barbell squats would be using a Safety Squat Bar.

safety squat bar


This bar allows you to get deeper into the squat while still keeping your back upright so less stress and torque gets put on the knees, lower back, and ultimately your lower vertebrae.

Trap Bar

Another alternative is a Trap Bar.

trap bar

It’s a special diamond shaped bar where you stand inside of it. I used to say you know you’re doing deadlifts right if your shins are bloody. Well with this bar, you’ll avoid bloody shins and have better balance. It also allows you to keep a more upright posture meaning you’ll have less force on the spine.

Bottom line…

Focus on more standing exercises like squats and deadlifts. If you have previous injuries, seek help, treat the symptom, and prevent it from happening again.


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0 responses to “Seated vs Standing Exercises – Is Standing Exercise Better? #LLTV

  1. I think sitting allows to focus on the part of your body you whant to work. But standing is better if you wann lose weight in general.

  2. Awesome post, Brad!
    Some people insist on sitting in order to super-isolate certain muscles such as the delts for Arnolds or dumbbell flies. Perfectly valid and I even use that in my “gain” plan, but I always prescribe standing exercises first like Military Press or squats to really push some heavy weight, not to mention working the core like you said. With standing exercises, you can use your torso and even legs to help you do a few more “cheat reps” but only after you’ve done a full set of perfect form reps.

  3. I have been standing to do all of my exercises I can do staring for more years than I can count! 🙂 I started to help me just keep moving thru my workout & I knew it would not only burn a few extra calories BUT make me focus on form & posture & core. 🙂

  4. Standing, absolutely! Works MAJOR muscle groups AND strengthens the core. As for feeling it in your back – like you said, make sure you’re not injured/have an underlying problem. Then it’s time to focus on the core. Strong core = stronger back.

  5. Hello sir… I’m just wondering what exercise is good to lose belly fats that is suitable fr teenagers.. thank you…

    ive also message you…. 🙂

  6. I have bulged disks in my lower back so I do standing squats with light weight and a full range of motion (butt to the floor) and use the seated press to work heavy.

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