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Belly Pooch Flattening Follow-Along Home Workout

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Flatten the Belly Pooch!

If you’ve enjoyed my tips about how to train your lower abs and flatten your belly pooch then you’re going to love this follow-along home workout

I’m going to lead you through a 10 min home workout that requires no equipment at all.

You might want an exercise mat or soft carpet underneath you to pad your spine.

I’m going to lead you through a 10 minute workout using no equipment at all, just your body.

Let’s do this!

Belly Pooch Flattening Follow-Along Home Workout:

Click play on the video and follow me through each exercise working for 40 seconds with focus and concentration on your lower ab muscles.

Take 20 second recovery breaks between exercises (as the video will guide you to do).

We’ll be doing a total of 10 unique exercises – no repeats.

Here are the exercises:

  1. Half Seated Leg Circles (switch directions at the halfway point)
  2. Reverse Plank Leg Raises (alternating sides)
  3. Half Seated Reverse Crunch
  4. Lying Leg Raise
  5. Knee Roll Ups
  6. Alternating Heel Drops
  7. Bicycle Legs
  8. Flutter Kicks
  9. Plank Vacuum (in low plank position)
  10. Plank Walk In Tucks (in high plank position)

That’s it! This 10 minute lower ab workout is intense and very effective.

Key factors for success:

  1. Focus on the contractions of your lower ab muscles, concentrate, and breath deep throughout all movements. You should be feeling the fatigue in your lower abs, if not, modify the moves until you do, try bending your knees on some exercises or using a shorter range of motion, going slower, or whatever you need to do to feel it in your lower abs.
  2. Don’t do this workout every single day, your abs need recovery time to get stronger. Do this 2-3x per week and be consistent with it, 2-3x per week over several weeks to really see a difference.
  3. Also do total body training and HIIT cardio to lose fat all over your body, including in the lower ab area. This is not a fat burning workout, it’s a muscle toning and strengthening workout. To reveal the toned muscles in your abs you’ll need to get lean which is achieved through full body training and nutrition.

The best place for you to find full body training plans is our membership group:

Remember, what you eat is the number one influencer that will make your belly flat and toned.

To learn more about nutrition and what I eat to keep my belly tight and lean check out my nutrition course: Live Lean Way 28 Day Nutrition Course. Open enrollment is from May 8th 2018 to June 5th 2018

Share this workout with friends and make sure to bookmark it to do it again and again over several weeks to see a noticeable difference in your lower abs.

xo  -Jess


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