Beginner Workout via Awaken The Abs Within Program [Video]

Beginner Workout via Awaken The Abs Within Program

Full Body Weight Beginner Workout (via Awaken The Abs Within)

In my internationally selling fitness and nutrition book, Awaken The Abs Within, I include 30 week’s worth of workouts.

The program starts with beginner workouts that mostly include body weight exercises.

Here’s a sample beginner workout from week 1 (page 143)

Jumping Jacks x 30 sec

High Knees x 30 sec

DB Squat & Press x 30 sec

Pushups x 30 sec

Forward Lunges x 30 sec

Dips x 30 sec

Crunches x 30 sec

1 min Break

Repeat 1 more time.

Beginner Workout Video from Week 1 – Awaken The Abs Within

The 30 weeks of workouts progressively get more difficult every week. By the time you hit week 30, you’ll be doing heavier multi-joint compound exercises and complexes.

Get ready to lose belly fat and get LEAN & SEXY with this beginner workout!

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