Beginner Workout Circuit [Full Body Home Workout]


Full Body At Home Beginner Workout Circuit

In today’s episode, I take you down to my studio for a quick beginner workout circuit from my Awaken The Abs Within program.

This beginner workout circuit is from one of the first four weeks of the beginner section of the program.

The program starts with beginner workouts that mostly include bodyweight exercises that can be completed at home.

If you aren’t a member of a gym, or are just beginning at the gym, this is a great beginner workout to follow before moving on to the intermediate and advanced workouts in the full 30 week program.

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training is a great training style for fat loss as it keeps you constantly moving, from exercise to exercise, with minimal breaks.

This is different than the traditional lift, rest, lift training style.

This makes circuit training a great aerobic workout while also helping you build muscle and get stronger.

Can I do this workout at home?


Since everyone can’t afford a gym membership, you can do this fat loss beginner workout circuit at home.

If you don’t have a pair of dumbbells, here’s a link to buy a cheap pair of dumbbells for under $20.

You could also use a bag of flour, a paint can, or water bottles as resistance.

There are 30 weeks of workouts, in the full Awaken The Abs Within program, that get progressively more difficult every week.

This at home beginner workout circuit will help boost your metabolism, burn fat, and build lean muscle tissue.

By the time you hit week 30, you’ll be doing heavier, multi-joint compound exercises and complexes.

Lets get into it.

Beginner Workout Circuit

Week 1: Beginner Workout Circuit

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds.

Complete this workout as a circuit.

Finish one 30 second set of an exercise and then immediately move on to the next exercise, with no rest between exercises.

Take a 1 minute break after completing each circuit.

Complete a total of 3 circuits.


A1. Jumping Jacks x 30 sec

A2. High Knee Taps x 30 sec

A3. Dumbbell Squat & Press x 30 sec

A4. Push Up x 30 sec

A5. Forward Lunge x 30 sec

A6. Bench Dip x 30 sec

A7. Crunch x 30 sec


  • No rest between exercises
  • 1 minute rest after completing the circuit


Repeat circuit 2 more times for a total of 3 circuits.

Get ready to lose belly fat and get LEAN & SEXY with this beginner workout circuit!

If you want to get all 30 week’s worth of workouts, check out the full Awaken The Abs Within program.

Here’s a sample of some of the 6 pack abs exercises and a full body barbell and dumbbell complex workout from the program.

Dumbbell Complex Workout

If you think the only way to lose belly fat and get six pack abs is from:

  • hours of boring cardio everyday
  • 1000s of back breaking crunches everyday
  • low calorie starvation diets

You’ve been lied to!

Awaken The Abs Within

By following the Awaken The Abs Within program, you WILL NOT be put on a starvation diet or stuck doing hours of cardio every day!

You will actually enjoy your workouts, you’ll love the food, and you can still live life to the fullest.

It’s all about balance, and that’s what you’ll learn.

Check out the fill program here.


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