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Flatten Your Lower Abs With 3 Essential Moves [perfect for beginners]

How can you flatten your lower abs?

Lower ab training can be tricky. these muscles are small and sometimes difficult to feel.

In today’s video we show you 3 essential moves for beginners to get those lower abs flat.

1) Bridge Pelvic Tilts | 10 reps

In a bridge position, relax your pelvis to create a hip crease.

Take a deep inhale, then on the exhale tighten your abs to shorten the distance between your pelvis and belly button.

Focus on tightening and contracting that small area in the front of your body.

Do about 10 reps, with the pace of your breath, then rest.

2) Tummy Vacuum | 10 reps

Laying flat on your back place a tennis ball or any light object on your belly button.

Take a deep breath in, expanding your ab muscles, then on the exhale, tighten and contract them to form a hard wall-like surface.

Continue expansion and contraction, following the pace of your breath for about 10 reps.

To progress the challenge of this exercise you can flip over onto all fours or plank position and continue the same idea of expansion and contraction of the abs, these times fighting against gravity.

3) Basic Plank | 15+ seconds hold

Start with your elbows on the ground in line under your shoulders.

Drop your knees to the ground and lift your feet and ankles behind you.

Your body should be in a straight line from shoulders to hips.

Lift your tummy muscles up against gravity, without lifting your hips or rib cage.

Tighten your ab muscles hard then begin to breath and hold that position.

A good goal for a beginner is 15 to 20 seconds. As you become stronger and more advanced you can aim for 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds or even a few minutes, BUT only with good form. If your form becomes saggy or you are unable to maintain tight abs then come down to rest and start again fresh.

Please watch the video above to see these 3 moves (and their progressions) in action.

Give these 3 moves a try and start incorporating them into your training sessions regularly.

You will get the best results with your lower abs by following a complete workout and nutrition plan.

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