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4 Minutes: Fat Burning Tabata Workout [HIIT For Fat Loss]

Lose fat fast in just 4 minutes: fat burning tabata workout

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I take you through a 4 minute fat burning tabata workout.

A lot of people complain about not having enough time to workout.

Well guess what?

With this new fat burning tabata workout video series, I’m going to show you 4 minute tabata workouts that will help you incinerate the fat.

If you haven’t heard of tabata workouts yet, you’ve been missing out.

This 4 minute fat burning HIIT workout is named after a Japanese researcher named, Dr. Izumi Tabata.

Tabata workouts are quick, but intense, workouts that not only burn fat faster, but they also can help build lean muscle and increase VO2 max, cardiovascular strength.

These 4 minute tabata workouts are structured as follows:

  • 20 seconds of high intensity work
  • 10 seconds rest

The key is to go all out during the 20 second high intensity set to really elevate your heart rate and feel the burn.

After the 10 second rest, you’ll jump right back into another HIIT interval,  then you’ll repeat for a total of 8 sets.

This fat burning tabata workout only takes 4 minutes to complete!

All you need to complete it is your body and an interval timer to track the workout and rest times.

Once the 20 second high intensity interval is up, the interval timer will beep to notify you to take your 10 second rest.

Then, once your 10 second rest is up, the interval timer will beep again to tell you to start your next high intensity interval.

All that’s left to do is press the “start” button and get to work.

Lets do this!

4 Minutes: Fat Burning Tabata Workout [HIIT For Fat Loss]

Here’s how this 4 minute fat burning tabata workout is structured:

Total time:

4 minutes

Type of workout:

Tabata workout: complete 20 seconds of exercise A1, rest 10 seconds, complete 20 seconds of exercise A2, rest 10 seconds, etc. until all 4 minutes are up.

The goal of the tabata workout is to do as many reps at a high intensity, with proper form, as possible in the 20 second work period.

Also, only rest for 10 seconds between tabata exercises.

Number of sets:

Complete exercises A1-A4 in circuit format twice, for a total of 8 sets.


Click the links below for a step-by-step exercise demonstration of each exercise.

A1. Jump Lunge

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds


Coaching cues: ensure your upper body is upright and perpendicular to the ground throughout the movement without allowing your front knee to go past your toes in the lunge position. Explode up into a jump by pressing both of your feet through the ground, bringing your back foot forward and your forward foot back. Cushion your joints by landing softly back into the lunge position and repeat.

A2. Jump Squat

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds


Coaching cues: Explosively push your feet through the floor to jump as high as you can, then land softly to cushion to your joints. Immediately lower your body into another squat and repeat.

A3. Jump Burpee Push Up

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds


Coaching cues: Lower your body towards the floor in a squatting motion, while placing your hands on the floor, directly under your shoulders, and outside of your knees. Jump back with both feet to get into a standard push up position, then immediately complete the push up. Press your hands through the floor to raise back to the top of the push up and jump both feet back in and immediately jump straight into the air with your arms over your head. Land softly and repeat.

A4. Push Up

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds


Coaching cues: Ensure your hands are just outside shoulder width and directly below your shoulders. Keep your body rigid in a straight line by keeping your abs, glutes, quads, and hamstrings tight throughout the movement. Lower your body until your chest hovers just above the ground.

After you finish the first round, repeat the A1-A4 exercises 1 more time, for a total of 4 minutes.

That’s it.

In just 4 minutes, you’ll be sweating, incinerating fat, increasing heart health, and getting stronger.

Make sure you keep the momentum going and finish strong!

Plus, you’re not just burning calories DURING these 4 minutes.

These fat burning tabata workouts will help spike your metabolism to burn calories at a higher rate, for the remainder of the day.

This is called the Afterburn effect.

That’s what makes these HIIT tabata workouts such a great fat burning workout.

When should you do 4 minute tabata workouts?

You can do these 4 minute tabata workouts first thing in the morning when you get up, as it’s a great way to kickstart your day.

Or you can use it as a 4 minute workout finisher after your resistance training workout, to really spike your metabolism.

I’ll be back with more 4 minute tabata workout videos, so try to incorporate them into your daily routine, and watch your fat burn off!

How do you time the tabata workout intervals?Tabata Workout Program

As mentioned, to complete a tabata workout correctly, you need a timer that is easily accessible, doesn’t get in the way, and notifies you when your work and rest period is over.

If you don’t have a timer that fits the above criteria, give this GymBoss interval timer a try.

Simply set the timer to 20 second work intervals and 10 second rest intervals, then the Gymboss timer will beep and/or vibrate to tell you the interval is over.

This means you don’t even need to look at it!

It then continues until your 4 minute tabata workout is over.

This tool is awesome and will keep you on track!

Get the same Gymboss interval timer that I use here.

Best Tabata Exercises:

Since tabata workouts are only 4 minutes, it’s important to not only complete the workout at a high intensity, but it’s also important to choose full body exercises that incorporates multiple muscles.

These multi-joint exercises burn more calories than isolation exercises.

For example, here are some of the best tabata workout exercises:

  • burpees
  • squats
  • jump rope
  • box jumps
  • push ups
  • lunges

How do you measure progress with a tabata workout?

It’s simple.

Record the lowest amount of reps completed in any set.

During your next tabata workout, try to beat that rep count, while still focusing on proper form.

Check out another 4 Minute HIIT tabata workout.

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53 responses to “4 Minutes: Fat Burning Tabata Workout [HIIT For Fat Loss]

  1. Hi man first thx for the video but i’ve a question.. . I tried this tabata with my gymboss but.. you say 8 sets.. so do i have to set my gymboss to 8 rounds of 4min???So in total 32min?? Because 1 round is 4min right?? Btw: the first three exercises is imo not very good for the knees man.. especially when you’re a heavyweight..

  2. tried this, but settled for sprinting…only if its raining, u cant go out, otherwise u can even if its cold, just bundle up and put on 2 htats or a hat… sprinting burns fat, drains u and regulates opinion is because it reduces stress totally and gives u the feel like ur in control

  3. Hey this seems great. First i thought that it cant be that hard, its only 4 minutes after all. But actually seeing you a bit struggling here made me think it must be hard enough 😀 i love it. i hope it makes some difference to my body just by doing this

  4. Wow! You are the first youtuber ever to respond on my comment! I feel honored, haha! Thanks for your work 🙂 I can’t wait to try another of your workout!!

  5. I’m gonna try this out, but I would prefer if you didn’t edit those videos, so I could excercise while watching you (that way I don’t have to search for my papers with the printed workout of what’s coming up next and – I don’t have an interval timer! 🙂 But love it! I just subscribed yesterday (found a video of food wars!) and I have to say – I’m already a big fan! 🙂 keep going!

  6. respect to u!! just tried this work out thinking 4 min work out was nothing!! half way through i had to fight hard to keep going !! definately gonna keep this one

  7. I teach Tabata myself. Good to do someone elses workout. I enjoyed your beach workout. I live in central Canada. The problem is I cant get the sand out of my livingroom lol

  8. it will help, but i prefer you use it as a complimentary workout to your regular weight lifting workouts (or when you don’t have access to a gym…or the time)

  9. Hey, during this video, I edited it down just so you can see the exercises. In most of my new tabata workout videos, it’s all in real time so you can work out right with me. just hit play on the video.

  10. It appears that the timer is counting 10 second workout intervals through the entire video, not rests? I just watched this twice and compared it with the video timer and also with my phone timer…..

  11. Brad, Now you’re speaking my language. I love interval training. I tend to blame my hockey background for it — go all out, recover, repeat as needed.

    1. Hey Ralph, its the ultimate plyometric move to help increase lower muscle and joint strength, flexibility, speed, power, coordination, and balance. Also a killer cardio workout!

  12. Brad,
    I love and hate tabata workouts, I love the results I get from it, but hate it when I’m about halfway through it. I always include a tabata workout at the end of my weight session to finish my session. I find it really ramps up my metabolism, causing my body to continue to burn calories for hours after the session has finished.

    1. Bang on Niko. I love throwing one of these workouts in at the end of my strength training routine to really crank my metabolism into over drive. Also like them first thing in the morning to wake me up.

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