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4 Minute HIIT Tabata Workout (Fat Burning Workout)


Fat Burning Workout: 4 Minute HIIT Tabata Workout

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I show you a great way to kickstart your metabolism, and get a quick, fat burning workout, via this 4 minute HIIT Tabata Workout.

Try this fat burning tabata workout first thing in the morning to wake your sleepy body up, or as a workout finisher after your resistance training workout.

These HIIT tabata workouts only take 4 minutes to complete.

All you need to complete this tabata workout is your jump rope and interval timer.

By now, hopefully you’ve picked up your interval timer, if not, be unique and get a funky color one like mine.

Here’s how today’s fat burning HIIT tabata workout is structured.

4 Minute HIIT Tabata Workout (Fat Burning Workout)

Here’s how this 4 minute HIIT Tabata Workout is structured:

Total time:

4 minutes

Type of workout:

Tabata workout: complete 20 seconds of exercise A1, rest 10 seconds, complete 20 seconds of exercise A2, rest 10 seconds, etc. until all 4 minutes are up.

The goal of the tabata workout is to do as many reps at a high intensity, with proper form, as possible in the 20 second work period.

Also, only rest for 10 seconds between tabata exercises.

Number of sets:

Complete exercises A1-A4 in circuit format twice, for a total of 8 sets.


Click the links below for a step-by-step exercise demonstration of each exercise.

Tabata Exercises:

A1. High Knees Jump Rope

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds

High Knees Jump Rope

A2. Spiderman Push Up

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds


Coaching cues: Bring your knees to your elbows as you descend into a push up. You’re going to feel this!

A3. Side To Side Hops

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds

Side To Side Hops

Coaching cues: Land softly to cushion your joints.

A4. Mountain Climbers

Reps: 20 seconds

Rest: 10 seconds


After you finish the first round, complete another round for a total of 8 sets.

That’s it.

Remember: Only rest for 10 seconds between exercises to really keep your heart rate elevated. The entire tabata workout is only 4 minutes, so finish strong.

Hopefully you enjoyed it and are feeling amazing after that quick HIIT tabata workout!

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  1. i’ve been doing some tabata’s. most though are one exercise for each of the 4 minutes. would you do yours that way too? or would you do the 4 exercises twice each in the 4 minute time from, 4 times?

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