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6 Reasons Why You Need To Eat Fat To Lose Weight

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Add More Fat To Your Diet To Burn Fat Faster

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing 6 reasons why you need to eat fat to lose weight.

Do you still think eating fat will make you fat?

That’s so 1995.

Let’s talk about dietary fat and why it’s essential to Live Lean 365 days a year.

Here are the 6 reasons why you need to eat fat to lose fat faster.

#1. Eating Fat Earlier In The Day Helps Reduce Your Carbohydrate Cravings

When you consume more fat earlier in the day, you’ll be amazed at how you’ll crave less carbohydrates throughout the day, especially at night time.

This dietary change to eat more healthy sources of fat has helped me make tremendous results.

Give it a try and watch the reduction in your belt size.

#2. Eating Fat Helps Stabilize Your Blood Sugar, Thus Causing Less Cravings

Fat helps reduce the speed at which food leaves the stomach, and helps stabilize blood sugar levels.

Remember, the more stabilized your blood sugar levels are throughout the day, the less cravings you’ll have, especially at night.

#3. Eating Fat Helps Optimize Your Fat Burning Hormones

Fats are essential for optimal hormonal production in your body, especially when it comes to naturally increasing testosterone.

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally For Men

Remember, when your hormones are optimized, your body’s fat burning switch will be turned on.

In other words, you’ll be a fat burning machine.

Let’s keep rolling to reason number four.

#4. Eating Fat Is Very Satiating

Eating fat, just like protein, is very satiating.

This means it will keep you feeling fuller for longer periods of time.

This is the opposite of what happens after you eat refined carbohydrates.

Eating refined carbohydrates can increase your appetite, while eating fat can help reduce your appetite.

Since your appetite is reduced, you’ll be less likely to reach for that sugary bowl of M&M’s or that bag of potato chips at night.

These sugary refined carbohydrates are the real contributors to that ugly stubborn fat.

Not dietary fat.

#5. Eating Fats High In Omega 3s Are Optimal To Burn Fat, Build Muscle, And More

Fats high in omega 3s, especially those found in a high quality fish oil, will help you:

  • burn fat
  • build muscle
  • leads to healthier skin
  • healthier hair

Ultimately, omega 3s will helps make you look a lot younger 😉.

Omega 3s, have also been proven to increase your brain health and give you more energy.

Think about it.

The smarter and more energetic you are, the less likely you’ll binge on crappy food.

Go get yourself some omega 3 fish oil here.

Let’s move on to the last reason why you need to eat fat to lose weight.

#6. CLA Can Help Increase Your Metabolism

CLA is a certain type of fat found in grass fed beef.

It can increase your metabolism to burn even more body fat throughout the day.

In other words, eat steak lose body fat.

Count me in.

Bottom Line: Fat Is Your Friend To Live Lean

Those were 6 reasons why you need to eat fat to lose weight.

Dietary fats are your ab’s friend, and your body fat’s foe.

So it’s time to stop fearing fat in your diet.

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12 responses to “6 Reasons Why You Need To Eat Fat To Lose Weight

  1. I am new to your channel( 10 hours ago) and already watched 20 of your
    videos, great job, they are awesome. I had 3 or 4 questions, I wanted to
    lose weight( I am 230pounds and want to lose 40 pounds) so i started last
    week with walking(4 miles) and doing cardio(elliptical for 40
    min/400-500calories) but im starting doing lifting this week. im going with
    1400 calories/day and i use my fittnesspal app to stay on top of the diet
    aspect and i went to couple stores and just wondered around and bought
    ISO100 protein powder and a good multi vitamin but i will go get fish oil
    and start trying some of your work outs and drink a lots of water( I am
    learning from your videos 🙂 )
    my actual questions were
    1) is L carnitine helpful for losing weight or help for the work outs
    2) i am not a breakfast person and i have tried it but i usually miss it
    so i am wondering if i can replace it with milf/1banana/1scoop of protein
    3) what is your opinion for zero calories or low calories pan spray vs
    using butter?
    Thank you

  2. Brad, is this all for real? I’m trying to get to my old weight of 207
    pounds and use your tips to get back to my weight that i’m in now which is
    160. If this works, then you are a god.

  3. So what macros do You recommend while cutting using IF?

    I have a good results with 50/30/20 Carbs/Protein/Fats , 40/40/20 works too.

    Let’s just keep in mind that I’m not eating CLEAN food all the
    time(IIFYM+IF 18/6)

    I don’t think I will get same or better results if I would get more fats.

  4. I miss your old intro music… duh nah nah nah… duh nah nah nah, duh nah
    nah nah, nah nah nah nah nah nah!

  5. Brad, unrelated to this video but what are your thoughts on crossfit and
    Scott Sonnon’s tacfit? Bryan ,South Africa

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