The Key To Burn Fat From Home In 26, 5, or 4 Mins #LLTV


Live Lean Meltdown Digital DVD Series – Now 40% Off (3 Days Only)

Hey Live Leaners,

You know the one thing I never understood’¦

Why people drive to the gym, to walk on the treadmill!!

Sound familiar?

Once again, this is another conventional fitness workout that gets average results. And when I say average’¦keep in mind, the average population is overweight.

It’s time to get unconventional. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone’¦you know the zone’¦way over there’¦where all the results and your dreams can be achieved!

Everything I do regarding fitness and nutrition is unconventional, but that’s what’s required to live lean.

So I want you to get unconventional. I want you to start DOUBLING your fat loss results in less than 26 mins, 5 mins, and even 4 mins’¦from the comfort of your own home.

Live Lean Meltdown DVD Case and DVD Discs

Live Lean Meltdown is a Digital DVD Series. This means you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to download with NO Shipping Costs! No physical products will be mailed.

Trust me, it’s the most fun you can have in your living room. especially if you workout in your underwear like i do!

That’s right’¦I’m talking about Live Lean Meltdown. The 10 High Def Digital DVD at home, no equipment workout to ignite the after burn effect and help you live lean faster!

Check out the professionally produced “Main Event” 26 min workout and see how much FUN me, Hoops, and Rachel have’¦

…or  the “Fat Can’t Live Here” Brad Says 5 min workout…

…and one of my favs’¦”Shredded In 4″ tabata workouts.

And if you’re a beginner, in the Main Event workout you can follow Rachel as she regresses all the moves for beginners, and there’s even a 4 min beginner workout as well.

All 10 digital dvds are available to you instantly to download and start living lean today. No waiting, and no shipping costs.

Live Lean Meltdown Workout DVD

You’ll also get a 12 week workout schedule, telling you exactly which workout to do on which day.

And check this out’¦if you already purchased my 12 week Live Lean Afterburn in gym workout, I’ve created a hybrid workout schedule to combine both workouts for maximum and crazy fast results (you’re going to need to pick out a nice doorway pull up bar and get ready to feel the pain (from the comfort of home).

But if you didn’t pick up Live Lean Afterburn yet, when you buy Live Lean Meltdown, you’ll be taken to a secret page to also get Live Lean Afterburn for 40% off.

That 40% discount is only exclusive to Live Lean Meltdown buyers.

And’¦ for 3 days only, starting today’¦

Live Lean Meltdown is also 40% off. 

So don’t wait, make sure you take action by clicking here and lets start living lean together!

Live Lean Meltdown DVD Case and DVD Discs

Live Lean Meltdown is a Digital DVD Series. This means you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to download with NO Shipping Costs! No physical products will be mailed.

But You’re Not Just Going To Get 1 Workout (even though that one workout is AWESOME)

On the download page, you’ll also get access to a total of 10 HD Digital DVD videos including:
  • 32 Min “Main Event” Workout ’“ Disc #1
  • 4 Min “Start Getting Lean” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #2
  • 4 Min “Ripped Core” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #3
  • 4 Min “Explosive Gains” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #4
  • 4 Min “Shredded In 4” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #5
  • 4 Min “Toned & Ready” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #6
  • 4 Min “Beach Body” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #7
  • 5 Min “Brad Says” Fat Can’t Live Here Workout ’“ Disc #8
  • 5 Min “Brad Says” Sweat Is Your Fat Crying Workout ’“ Disc #9
  • Bonus Disc: “How To Make Your Own $2 Agility Ladder In Just 2 Mins” – Disc #10

It’s all Available on March 18 at a limited time, 3 Day Only, 40% OFF Discount

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Questions For You:

– Do you prefer to workout from home or at the gym?

– Do you like working out to DVDs?


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Brad Gouthro is the founder of Live Lean TV, a media company focused on helping men and women “Live Lean” 365 days a year. Brad’s programs and content have helped millions of people all over the world learn how to get in shape, and more importantly, sustain it for life.

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  11. stick to proteins from meat, chicken, eggs, turkey, and fish. check out my Live Lean Afterburn workout plan or our online custom coaching plans on my website

  12. @Brad Gouthro im trying to get fit for summer so thats like 2 or 3 months from so im trying to get a 6 or 8pack trying to get a nice body i bench 275 im only 15 im 6’ what are good protiens for me to use ima hooper an football player just started how many sit ups & push ups should i do & how many miles should i do a day & can you set me up a good workout plan & foodplan thanks

  13. Bought Live Lean Meltdown on Tuesday and have been following your schedule. Wow – those 360 pushups on Thursday kicked my butt! 😉 I was sore the next day, but in a good way. Excited to do the Main Event in a few minutes!! Here I go…

    Thanks for all the great workouts, Brad!!

  14. Brad – I would rather have the physical DVDs. Is there a way to purchase them, or is this only available for digital download?

  15. Hey Brad. I love your videos and really trust your method. I was wondering if the Meltdown series comes with instructions of how to incorporate the workouts into a weekly/monthly fitness plan.

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