Behind The Scenes Of The Live Lean Meltdown DVD Filming


Live Sexy Lean

The “Main Event Workout” From Live Lean Meltdown – Available March 18!

Hey Live Leaners,

On today’s Live Lean TV episode, I’m taking you behind the scenes of the filming of the Live Lean Meltdown “Main Event” workout. This is the grand daddy workout of all the 9 HD Digital DVD home workouts, found in Live Lean Meltdown.

Watch the video and get introduced to the other models, camera crew, and sound technicians.


You’ll also get a sneak peek into the actual “Main Event” workout that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

I mean, lets be honest…

Why would you drive to the gym to walk on the treadmill for 90 mins when…

…you could have waaaay more fun

…burn waaaay more fat.

….and do it all in waaaay less time!

Live Lean Meltdown Workout DVD

Live Lean Meltdown available for sale on Monday, March 18!

For a limited time, it’ll also be 40% off!!

But You’re Not Just Going To Get 1 Workout (even though that one workout is AWESOME)

On the download page, you’ll also get access to a total of 10 HD Digital DVD videos including:
  • 32 Min “Main Event” Workout ’“ Disc #1
  • 4 Min “Start Getting Lean” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #2
  • 4 Min “Ripped Core” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #3
  • 4 Min “Explosive Gains” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #4
  • 4 Min “Shredded In 4” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #5
  • 4 Min “Toned & Ready” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #6
  • 4 Min “Beach Body” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #7
  • 5 Min “Brad Says” Fat Can’t Live Here Workout ’“ Disc #8
  • 5 Min “Brad Says” Sweat Is Your Fat Crying Workout ’“ Disc #9
  • Bonus Disc: “How To Make Your Own $2 Agility Ladder In Just 2 Mins” – Disc #10

It’s all Available on March 18 at a limited time 40% OFF Discount

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– If so, which is your favorite?


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The Afterburn Effect Workout



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0 responses to “Behind The Scenes Of The Live Lean Meltdown DVD Filming

  1. why do you say limit dairy from your live lean report? whats the thing with dairy? isnt milk or cheese a good protein source?

  2. I haven’t seen any answers to the question you requested info about in your blog! I am near the end of my 60 day Insanity DVD workout session, and love these intense workouts. It also really emphasized to me the importance of fueling yourself properly to maximize results – I didn’t necessarily do the greatest at that. I have also enjoyed some Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper and Jackie Warner videos, but as I have learned more about total body conditioning, I realize that many of these focus on “mirror” muscles and not necessarily a total body workout. I also enjoy piecing together a workout from
    I’m looking into ordering your program and am wondering if there is any equipment required, and run time?
    One other comment – so glad to see you have a girl with a normal pony tail doing the workout – the way 99.5% of us look while working out!!

    1. Hi Kara, i like to train people via short, but intense workout. the main workout is around 30 mins and the complimentary workouts are only 5 and 4 mins of all out intensity. get ready to sweat!

  3. Hey, I came out with my Live Lean Afterburn 12 Week Workout program in December…It’s all strength/resistant training for my lifting days. Check it out!

  4. Hey, I came out with my Live Lean Afterburn 12 Week Workout program in December…It’s all strength/resistant training for my lifting days. Check it out!

  5. Brad, not being a hater dude but you didn’t get those muscles training body weight, no doubt it helped, don’t get me wrong but you should tell people what resistance/weighted exercises your doing/ id too. Anyway man, good work as always, look forward to the final version

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