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How To Create Brown Fat Cells To Burn More Body Fat

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The next time you complain about your body fat, make sure you direct your anger towards the white fat cells and share some love with the brown fat cells.

It’s true, when most people hear the word “body fat”, they usually think jiggly arms, belly rolls, and love handles.

However, today I want to give you a better understanding of your fat cells, as well as a specific type of fat cell that plays a key role in your health, and may actually help you burn more body fat.

In other words…

All body fat is not bad.

In fact, having the right amount of body fat is critical in:

  • Providing the necessary insulation to keep you warm during the cold months
  • Helps fuel your body when at rest
  • Can be used as an energy source during exercise
  • And is important for hormonal health

However, it’s the stored, excessive body fat that is unhealthy and should be a priority for people to lose.

So lets jump into this.

The human body creates two different kinds of fat cells:

  • Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT), which we’ll refer to as brown fat cells
  • White Adipose Tissue (WAT), which we’ll refer to as white fat cells

Here are the major differences between white fat cells and brown fat cells:

White Fat Cells

White fat cells create the unwanted excessive body fat that you love to hate.

White fat cells create:

  • Jiggly arm fat
  • Belly rolls
  • Love handles

White fat cells have also been linked to numerous health conditions, including diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Brown Fat Cells

Brown fat cells do the opposite.

In fact…

Brown fat cells are often referred to the “good type” of fat because they may actually help you burn more body fat.

You may be asking, how can a brown fat cell burn more body fat?

Well research shows brown fat cells can be 15 times more metabolically active than white fat cells and may even help the body absorb more sugar, thus lowering blood sugar levels.

This means they actually may help with fat loss and burning calories.

Brown fat cells are also loaded with mitochondria, which act like motors to provide extra heat to the body by burning body fat and creating thermogenesis.

This simply means you can burn hundreds of more calories per day.

Compare that to white fat cells, which contain very little mitochondria.

Now here’s the thing.

Most people tend to have low levels of brown fat cells.

And then their are others who seem to be blessed with more active versions or have higher levels of brown fat cells.

You know these people.

They’re the ones who seem to be able eat anything they want, and never gain body fat.

So if this is getting a little too technical, just remember this:

  • White Adipose Tissue (WAT) fat cells = THE BAD GUYS
  • Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) fat cells = THE GOOD GUYS

Now, if you’ve got this far, you’re probably wondering…

How do I create more brown fat cells in my body?

The formula is simple.

To create more brown fat cells in your body: consistently follow a well structured, high quality workout program and eat healthier.

Doesn’t everything health related always come back to that?

By consistently working out and eating a healthy diet, your body can convert white fat cells into brown fat cells.

Consistent workouts and healthy eating also generates a more active thermogenic system in your body, which in turn can help generate more brown fat cells.

Researchers are currently trying to find ways to develop and reproduce more brown fat cells in the body to help fight obesity and diabetes.

Bottom Line:

This is just another way your body rewards you for consistently following the right kind of workouts and eating the right types of foods.

Treat your body right, and it’ll show you the rewards.

There you go Live Lean Nation.

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