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Get To Know Me Questions And Answers With Jessica Gouthro

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Fitness and nutrition Q&A with Jessica Gouthro

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m hosting a get to me know questions and answers interview with my beautiful co-host Jessica.

Yes, in this Live Lean TV Q&A, rather than me answering the questions, Jessica will be answering a few questions to allow you to get to know her better.

Jess will be sharing her story, including a few embarrassing moments, as well as her answers to your most asked fitness and nutrition questions.

One of these questions includes the often asked, “How Fast Can I Lose Weight?”.

I also jump into the fun with a little bit of education and a little bit of flirting.

I know Jess loves it.

Today’s Get To Know Me Questions And Answers include:

1. 0:37 How Did You Hear About Brad?
2. 1:10 What Is Your Most Embarrassing Moment?
3. 2:34 What Is Your Favorite Cheat Meal?
4. 3:07 Steady Pace Cardio or HIIT?
5. 3:49 What Is Your Favorite Body Part To Train?
6. 4:41 #1 Tip To Live Lean?
7. 5:32 How Fast Can I Lose Weight?
8. 6:20 How Many Times Do You Workout A Week?
9. 6:47 What Is Your Basic Philosophy On Nutrition?
10. 7:17 How Many Years Have You Been Training?
11. 7:33 What Was Your Body Like Before You Started Training?

So before I start the Q&A interview with Jess, let me throw it over to her first.


Get To Know Me Questions And Answers

Jessica: Hey Live Leaners, I’m going to answer some questions that are probably going to be uncomfortable for me, but I’m doing it for you, so you can get to know me better.

Question #1: How did you find out about Brad?

Jess: I was looking for ebooks about abs.

After doing a simple search, Brad came up high in the search rankings because he’s done some amazing work with his book, Awaken The Abs Within.

The Most Important Workout and Diet Tips to Get Abs

Based on that, I was checking out his work and I was impressed because it was such high quality content.

A couple of weeks later I thought I should reach out and tell him that I really like his work, and thank him.

So I sent Brad an email and that’s how it all started.

Brad: Just be honest, we all know you had a crush and were stalking me ;).

Question #2: What is your most embarrassing moment?

Jess: I signed myself up for a fitness competition, which was something way outside of my comfort zone.

Stand Out: Motivation To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

All of my friends and family were like, hey why are you doing that, you’re probably not going win.

I was like, well, maybe I could.

I just believed in myself and continued to get stronger and stronger every day by working hard so at it.

But here comes the embarrassing part.

I’m living in NewYork at the time, so I fly to California and dieted and worked so hard work at it.

The Best Way To Add Calories To Your Diet

I practiced my routine over and over again and then when I get to the competition, guess what.

I’m the only person registered in the category.

Dang it.

But I still had to go through all the motions.

This meant I had to do my routine and act like I was competing against somebody when I wasn’t.

I knew I would take first place anyway.

Then I had to accept my trophy for coming in first place, when I wasn’t even competing against anyone.

I mean I still performed, so it wasn’t like I did nothing, but whatever.

That was kind of embarrassing.

Plus, during my one arm push up, which is part of the demo, I completely flopped on my face.

1 arm sliding pushup

So yeah.

But you know what, embarrassing things happen to all of us. Then you get over it and you get stronger because of it.

I don’t regret it a bit.

Brad: yes, a one arm push up fail on stage must have been embarrassing.

One of my most embarrassing moments was getting “pantsed” while doing a pull up at school.

How To Do A PULL UP | Exercise Demonstration Video and Guide

Yep, I flashed my whole gym class “my goods”.


The next question is a good one.

Question #3: What is your favorite cheat meal?

Brad: we know my favorite cheat meal is pizza and ice cream.


Jess: when it comes to cheat meals, I like the typical stuff.

I love having pizza and beer every once in a while.

I also crave some gnarly food, but I don’t do it too often.

And that is the important part about how to stay fit.

When you have a cheat meal, enjoy it.

6 Cheat Meal Rules

Just don’t do it all the time.

As the saying goes, you become what you think about most of the time.

Brad: Who doesn’t love a girl that loves to drink beer.

I know I do.

Next question.

Question #4: If you’re doing cardio, do you do steady pace cardio or high intensity interval training?

Jess: When it comes to getting results, it’s all about the HIIT.

How To Do HIIT Cardio Correctly

When it comes to steady pace cardio, I like to go for a jog sometimes, but that’s more for entertainment purposes.

I don’t use steady pace cardio for results.

If I have to recover after a heavy leg day, I’ll jog it out to make my legs feel better.

Also, if steady pace cardio keeps you happier, improves your mood, and helps with depression, do it.

Pros And Cons Of LISS Cardio

But sharing quality time with your friends will also help with that.

However, when it comes to getting results, especially fat loss results, I hit the track and hit it hard.

In other words, hit it and quit it.

For sure, HIIT all the way.

Brad: Of course we agree on that one.

HIIT training all the way, just like you said.

Pros And Cons Of HIIT Cardio

Next question.

Question #5: What is your favorite body part to train?

Jess: I would have to go with shoulders.

I usually choose my favorite things based on what are the hardest for me.

I do this because the things that are hardest for you are going to help you grow the most.

When I first started training and doing fitness competitions, I took a good look at my physique to see where I needed to improve most.

Based on this, my shoulders needed the most work.

So I started to balance my physique and building up my shoulders was a real huge part of that.

4 Moves for Sexy Shoulders

Brad: I love that answer.

Your favorite body part to train is the body part that you need the most improvement on.

I actually do the exact same thing.

My legs used to be the body part that I needed to improve most, but now I train my legs like a beast, and it turned into my favorite body part.

best leg workout

Remember that.

Next question.

Question #6: What is your number one tip to Live Lean?

Jess: you have to fall in love with the process and journey.

It’s all about love.

You have to fall in love with how it will feel to be fit, healthy, strong, look awesome, and sexy.

All that stuff.

If you don’t fall in love with the journey, you’re not going to stick to.

It’s so hard to Live Lean when it becomes a chore.

This is when the journey becomes drudgerous.

Do you find yourself asking limiting questions such as:

  • How much longer will it take?
  • Do I really have to do this?
  • Can I do this instead?

Ultimately you try to negotiate, compromise, and exchange what needs to be done with what you feel like doing.

Unfortunately, when it comes to transforming and building positive and healthy behaviors, it’s not like that.

You do what you have to do to get sustainable results.


Once you starting seeing the results, that’s how you’ll fall in love with the journey.

Brad: Awesome.

Fall in love with being Lean.

No more negative self talk about having to go on a diet or going to the gym.

You don’t have to.

You get to.

Fall in love with the journey and everything else is going to fall into place for you.

We promise.

The next question is probably the number one question people always ask us.

Question #7: What do you tell someone when they ask: how fast can I lose weight?

Jess: I’m sorry but this one has to go.

If you’re even asking how long it’s going to take, that goes back to my last answer.

You don’t love the journey yet because you want to know when it’s going be over.

Get To Know Me Questions And Answers

This just indicates to me that you really don’t want it bad enough.

Sorry, but that’s the truth.

If you really care about your health and you want to transform, it doesn’t matter how long it takes.

Time is completely irrelevant when you’re in love with something.

Time doesn’t matter.

Brad: I love it.

That question does have to go.

It doesn’t matter how quickly you can do it.

Make it a lifestyle and it will happen.

Fall in love with the journey.

I’m not going to tell you it’s just going to take six weeks, so you just do it for six weeks, and then forget about it.

Living Lean is a lifestyle.

Question #8: How many times do you work out a week to get that sexy body you’re rocking today?

Jess: Well, obviously I just talked about how much I’m in love with working out.

So I work out pretty often.

I would say I workout almost everyday.

The Perfect Workout Schedule for Fat Loss

However, I do force myself to take days off when my body needs it.

This means I’ll usually take 1-2 off a week and work out 5-6 days a week.

Brad: You have to put in the work people.

Next question.

Question #9: What is your basic philosophy on nutrition?

Nutrition was one of the things that really attracted me to the Live Lean TV YouTube channel.

I really liked what Brad was doing with nutrition because I really agree with everything he’s saying.

5 New Rules of Live Lean Eating

It’s all about whole real food.

Brad: It’s that simple.

Eat real food.

I didn’t come up with it.

I just live it every day and so is Jess.

Once you do that you are going to see the fat just fall off.

I promise.

Question #10: How many years have you been training?

I would say I’ve been training for a at least a good decade now.

When I say training, I just mean practicing physical activity in order to get stronger.

Get To Know Me Questions And Answers

Brad: A decade?

You look like you’re about 21 years old.

Okay, last question.

Question 11: What was your body like before you really started to transform into the body you have today?

I was starting to see shape patterns that I didn’t like, such as gaining more weight around my hips and thighs.

As mentioned, I also had scrawny shoulders and a small upper body.

In fact, I could barely do a push up and I could not do a pull up to save my life.

I would just hang there and it was terrible.

I didn’t like the feeling of helplessness hanging from the bar and not being able to lift myself up.

So I did something about it.

Get your first pull up in 30 days.

I made a decision that this was what I wanted.

I wanted to feel stronger, healthier, leaner, and more toned and curvier in the right ways.

Brad: Oh yeah, giggity.

Final message from Jess

Thank you for listening to my answers to these personal and somewhat embarrassing questions.

I hope these questions and answers helps you get to know me better.

If you have any further questions, Brad and I would love to hear about it.

We always try to respond to your questions, so leave some comments down below and let us know if you like this get to know me style post.

It would also be great if you record a video response and let us know your specific answers to these questions.

Ok bye.

Brad: I think we can all say after watching you in that 44 best bodyweight exercises ever for women video post, you got the curves.

44 Best Bodyweight Exercises For Women

Awesome job Jess, and thanks for answering those questions.

We’re going to be together filming a whole bunch of videos in New York City.

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  2. Yes, squats will increase your muscle size, and yes your butt has muscle! What you are probably experiencing is fat loss at the same time as muscle increase. Be patient, it takes time to build muscle, but your shape will look better and be easier to maintain w a solid muscle base. Keep squatting!

  3. I have a question!!!! I’m trying loose weight but not in my butt.. Is that possible??? People saying that doing squats will make it bigger which is what I want .. But for me it makes it smaller.. Any tips/suggestions?

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