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7 Pull Up Substitutes [Without a Pull Up Bar]

Have you ever come across Pull Ups in your workout plan and either….

  1. Not been able to do Pull Ups?
  2. Not had access to a Pull Up Bar?

Today’s video is going to show you 7 of my favorite Pull Up substitutes that you can use at Home without a Pull Up bar to replace Pull Ups and/or help you get stronger to eventually do regular Pull Ups.

pull up bar door frame


  1. Towel Slide Floor Pulls
  2. Superman “W” Pulls
  3. Kneeling Band Pull Down
  4. Single Arm Band Pulldown
  5. Door Band Pull Down
  6. Single Arm Door Band Pull Down
  7. Table Pull Ups

Watch the video to learn proper form and techniques for each of these exercises.

These 7 exercises can be used in place of Pull Ups in any of our workout programs. You can also use all of them to help strengthen and tone your back muscles and help you get closer to doing real Pull Ups.

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