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How To Do A 1 Arm Sliding Push Up


1 Arm Sliding Push Up Exercise Demonstration:

Live Lean Nation, on today’s exercise demonstration, I’m showing you how to do a 1 arm sliding pushup.

The 1 arm sliding pushup is an excellent pushup progression towards completing the 1 arm pushup.

1 Arm Sliding Pushup: Targeted Muscles:

This advanced pushup variation requires a lot of core, chest, and tricep strength.

How To Do A 1 Arm Sliding Pushup:

Watch the 1 arm sliding pushup exercise demonstration video above.

To perform the 1 arm sliding pushup:
1. Start by placing a 1 or 2 small towels on the floor.
2. Place the sliding hand on the towel and start in the pushup position with your hands directly below your shoulders.
3. While keeping your core tight, slide your hand as far in front of you as you can while bending your other elbow to lower your body close to the floor.
4. Slide your hand back to the starting position while pushing up with your other arm.
5. Place the other hand on the towel and repeat.

1 Arm Sliding Pushup MODIFICATION: Staggered Pushups

If the 1 arm sliding pushup is too difficult, progress up to it by completing Staggered Pushups.

1. Have one hand a foot a head of the other and complete the pushup.

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