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Pull Up Babe

The Best Guide to Achieving Your First Pull Up In 30 Days!

Achieve Your First Pull Up
With Pull Up Babe!

  • 30 Day Training Guide
  • Strength Training for Pull Ups
  • Home or Gym Friendly
  • 30 Mins or Less Sessions
  • Demo Videos for Every Move
  • Nutrition for Optimal Strength
  • One Payment - Lifetime Access

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Are You Ready for Your First Pull Up?

Want to make it happen in 30 days?

Meet my 30 DAY Pull Up guide!


It’s Jessica Gouthro from Live Lean TV.

I help people all over the world get in better shape and improve their fitness.

For many women one of the highest goals on the list is to FINALLY be able to do unassisted Pull Ups.

I had THE EXACT SAME GOAL when I first started my fitness journey.

It’s incredibly frustrating to hang on to a bar and feel you have zero strength to lift yourself up.

Then trying and trying again, year after year, making no progress…waiting endlessly to see results…🙄

This is why I designed a 30 Day training guide that is actually FUN to follow, takes only about 30 minutes per session and gets you RESULTS!

The ANSWER to finally achieving your First Pull Up!

Strength Training specifically for Pull Up Strength

Most Women neglect the necessary strength training because they don’t know what to do, how much, or they are afraid of getting bulky.

With this Pull Up Babe program you’ll be focusing on gaining STRENGTH gains, not muscle mass, so you don’t need to worry about looking like an angry cobra at the end of this month.

You’ll follow me through the same exercises and workouts I use to get strong while staying LEAN and slim.

I’ll be teaching you some brand new exercises you may not have seen before and teaching you how to follow each one with clickable demo videos.

The right schedule to see results instead of frustration

Too much training = excessive soreness & possible injury.

Too little training = little progress & a lot of frustration.

The training schedule I provide for you gives you JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT of strength training and rest days to optimize your results while avoiding excessive soreness or frustration.

Nutrition Help

It’s often said that results come 80% from what you’re eating and only 20% from your training.

It’s true!

Most of us will eat food 3 to 5 times PER DAY, while our workouts only happen 3 to 5 times PER WEEK. So yes, food is going to be the most important factor in any transformation.

You’ll be guiding your results from your workouts by the nutritional choices you make at each meal time.

I show you the way with the Pull Up Babe Nutrition Guide.

A Simple Calorie and Macro guide are included to help you nail your nutrition goals.

This plan makes strength building nutrition incredibly simple for you.

It's Time to Get your FIRST PULL UP

Now Only $67

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What You Get When You Invest In Pull Up Babe

Program Guide

Complete instructions on how to follow this program. My best tips and tricks to maximize your results.

21 Unique Workouts

21 Unique Workouts to Follow over the course of 30 Days.
Clickable demo videos for each exercise and Follow-Along videos for the Warm Up and Cool Down.

Training Calendar

This schedule makes it easy for you to know when and how often you should be following these workouts and when to take a Rest Day. Organizing your training makes a world of difference and here I've done it for you.

Nutrition Guide

What should you eat to get strong and lean?
This guide lays it all out for you making your nutrition choices super simple.
A simple guide on how to portion size and hit your calorie and macro goals.

BONUS! Top 10 Protein Shake Recipes

I love a good Post-Workout-Shake, I call them PWS for short. In this bonus book I'm sharing with you my top 10 favorite quick and simple recipes to blend together after a workout.

BONUS! Supplement Guide

Supplements can be so confusing!
How are you supposed to know what to take, what actually works and what is just a waste of money?
This guide will simplify everything for you so you feel confident with your choices.

Video Coaching Demos of all Exercises

Not sure how to do the exercises? Theres a quick and simple fix for that! Click on the image of the exercise learn proper form and flow of the exercise in 30 seconds or less with the coaching demo video

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here’s exactly what you’ll need:

Inside the program you can click to purchase any of the recommended equipment.

The main difference is the individual exercise demo videos.

Most of the pull up programs you can find online do not come with near as much detail or instruction as this program.

Here you’ll find a beautiful design, more efficient workouts, video links for everything, and super helpful details.

One time payment! once you buy Pull Up Babe you’ll own it. It’s yours for life and you can refer back to it at any time.

The program is still yours to keep. You can follow it as many times as you wish.

Yes! A complete nutrition guide is included, helping you figure out your calories, macros, meal plan and yummy recipes.

I want you to feel that empowerment of your FIRST PULL UP

I want you to accomplish even your toughest fitness goals

Hire me as your Trainer for the next 30 Days!

I’ll be by your side coaching you and guiding you every step of the way.

Can’t wait to see you inside.

xoxo -Jess

It's Time to Get your First Pull Up

Now Only $67

Order Now all major credit cards accepted

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