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A Time Saving Hack: 5-Hour ENERGY® with Protein Review @5hourenergy #myprotein5hour

5-Hour ENERGY With Protein Review

Product Review: New 5-Hour ENERGY® with Protein from Walmart

Before I share my initial feedback on the new 5-Hour ENERGY® with Protein, I want to touch on a related subject.


Time is often called one of our most valuable assets.

I 100% agree.

One of my goals this year was to improve my time management both inside and outside of work (especially as we’re preparing for the arrival of our new baby girl).

Brad Gouthro Jessica Gouthro pregnant

Here are 3 of my Time Saving Hacks:

#1. Hire it Out

As an entrepreneur, I finally committed to hiring a team to manage the day-to-day tasks of my business.

Scary, yes.

But when you sit down and figure out what your time is truly worth, it makes it a lot easier to hire out tasks that cost you less that it would cost you to do yourself.

Plus, this now allows me to focus on creating more content and value for you.

#2. Intermittent Fasting

Yes, I’ve started intermittent fasting again.

Besides the health benefits of intermittent fasting, I also love the idea of saving time on cooking less, eating less meals, and let’s be honest, having less dishes to clean.

#3. Time Your Workouts

A Time Saving Hack: 5-Hour ENERGY® with Protein Review @5hourenergy #myprotein5hour

Even when it comes to my workouts, I’m dialed in from a time perspective.

First of all, I avoid the crazy Los Angeles traffic as much as possible by using the app, Waze.

I also have the pdfs of my workout programs saved in my iBooks on my iPhone. This means there’s no guesswork of what exercises to do, how many sets, etc.

I simply open up the pdf on my iphone and crush the workout.

In and out within 50-60 minutes.

So now that I’ve given you a few hacks to save you time…

You should have no excuses why you can’t fit exercise into your busy lifestyle.

One of the best ways to start your day off right is to workout in the morning.

Not only does this positive habit set you up to conquer the day, it also ensures nothing can get in your way if you work out later.

When I recommend this…

The #1 Reason People Say They Don’t Like Working Out In The Morning Is Because…

They don’t have the energy.

I also hear them say they don’t have enough time to eat before their workout and prefer not to workout on an empty stomach for fear of burning into their muscle.


But what if I told you I have a quick, all-in-one, solution for you to try every once in a while?

You know I love caffeine…

I recommend most people take some form of caffeine before their workouts.

Not only does caffeine energize you and take your workouts to the next level, it’s also been shown to help release stored body fat to be burned more effectively during workouts.

Win. Win.

You also know I love protein…

Protein not only helps build muscle, if your goal is muscle building, it can also help protect your muscles from breaking down during intense workouts.

Now you could drink a coffee in the morning for the caffeine, but if you’re in a rush, the coffee is often still too hot to drink even by the time you arrive at the gym.

Plus it doesn’t have any protein in it.

You could also blend up a protein shake, but that also takes time and is messy with the blending.

If you’re really looking for a quick, all-in-one, Protein and Caffeine option, check out…

The New 5-Hour ENERGY® with Protein

5-Hour Energy with Protein Review

The other day I was super busy running errands so my workout got pushed later in the day (yes, I know).

I’ll be honest.

I felt like skipping the workout and going home to Netflix, and maybe chill.

But that’s not me.

I quickly talked myself out of it, and stopped into Walmart to fuel up with a protein bar and energy drink.

That’s when I spotted 2 new whey/vegetable isolate protein dietary supplements from the makers of 5-Hour ENERGY®.

5-Hour Energy with Protein

As a lover of protein and caffeine…I thought this was a match made in heaven, especially before my workout.

But first, I quickly checked the label to see what kind of protein it was.

Unfortunately a lot of companies that add protein to their products cheap out and add a lower quality soy protein.

So I was pretty pumped to see it was a mixture of whey protein and potato protein in the amount of 21g.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.11.56 PM

Anything between 20-40 grams of protein per serving is great for me.

Next I looked at the ingredients to see what it was sweetened with.

5-Hour Energy with Protein Review

Although I was hoping to see it naturally sweetened with stevia, I’m glad it was sweetened with sucralose rather than pure sugar or some of the other artificial sweeteners on the market.

Next up was the caffeine amount.

I was happy to see both options were right around 200 mg of caffeine. That’s the money spot for me.

In particular, the 5-Hour ENERGY® with Protein comes in Regular Strength (200 mg caffeine) and Extra Strength (230 mg caffeine).

They also include a blend of other energy boosting B vitamins and minerals.

Plus, the 100 calories are mostly from the protein, which I’m totally cool with.

At a price of just $3.47 for the 5-hour ENERGY® Protein Regular Strength and $3.68 for the 5-hour ENERGY® Protein Extra Strength, I was in.

I threw one of each in my cart and checked out

5-Hour Energy with Protein

I had planned a tough kettlebell workout, so I knew I needed a little extra energy boost.

As I was pulling out of the Walmart parking lot, I cracked open the 5-Hour ENERGY® Protein Extra Strength, and chugged it back.

5-Hour Energy with Protein

To be honest, it was a little sweet for my liking, but overall a decent berry tasting flavor.

Within minutes, I arrived at the gym, and the caffeine started to kick in.

You know that moment when your pre-workout kicks in!

I quickly filled up my water jug and started my Kettlebell workout.

Here was the breakdown of my Kettlebell workout

My Kettlebell Workout

I repeated the circuit 3 times for a total of 30 minutes.

I crushed it.

I felt super productive. Super accomplished. And was ready to go home and fuel up with some food.

Bottom Line

5-Hour Energy With Protein

At times, you’re going to be in situations like mine, and you’ll feel like skipping your workout.

When these rare occasions occur, I always prefer to chug back a shot like a 5-Hour ENERGY® with Protein, rather than skipping the workout.

As the saying goes, you never get home from a workout and think…

Man I wish I didn’t do that workout. – Said by nobody, ever

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of 5-hour Energy. The opinions and text are all mine.

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