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Top 4 Books To Read For Self Improvement and Nutrition

Must Read Books For Self Improvement and Nutrition

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing 4 of my top books to read for self improvement and nutrition.

These books have helped keep me motivated throughout everything that life has thrown at me lately.

If there is only one thing I remember from attending lectures in college, it was this.

During my final international business class of my senior year, my professor was wishing us all good luck when she dropped these words of wisdom:

“Even if you forget everything we taught you in college, don’t forget this:

I can’t believe out of 4 years of college, the one thing that has really stuck with me was that!

But what a goldmine of advice it was for me.

To this day, I have been a huge reader.


Most of my books are all related to self-development such as fitness, nutrition, and mindset.

Remember, Living Lean is not just about eating the right kind of foods and moving your body. It’s also about fueling your mind with the right kind of information to get your mind right.

One of my favorite motivational personalities is Tony Robbins.

I’ve seen him speak live twice and what a rush those events were.

One of the main concepts I took from him is CANI.

“CANI” stands for continuous and never-ending improvement.

These 4 books have helped provide the framework for the healthy and positive outlook that I always aim to take in life.

I don’t watch a lot of TV, other than one or two of my favorite shows and sports.

So at night, if I’m not talking to you guys on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, I’m usually reading a book.

Before I share the 4 books that I’m currently reading, let me ask you this.

Have you read my book yet: Think And Live Lean?

Top 4 Books To Read For Self Improvement and Nutrition

4 books to read for self improvement and nutrition:

#1. When Everything Changes, Change Everything:

This book, When Everything Changes, Change Everything, was recommended to me by one my viewers, after sharing my video on the personal struggles that I’m currently going through.

The concept of the book talks about regardless of where you are at in life, changes, whether good or bad, are inevitable.

If you’re not willing to accept changes, you’re bound to create a life below your potential.

Whatever changes happen in your life, it’s important to embrace them, and work with them to improve.

So if you’re currently going through any struggles in your life right now, whether it’s a downsizing of your job, a break up with your partner, or family issues, this book can show you how to take that change and turn it into a positive.

That’s the essence of what this book is about.

Check out When Everything Changes, Change Everything here.

I’m a quarter of the way through it, and it’s been an awesome read so far.

I highly recommend it as one of the books to read for self improvement.

#2. As You Think:

The next book, As You Think, is probably one of my all-time favorites.

The original book was written by James Allen, but the updated version that I’ve read is written by Mark Allen.

Since the original was published back in the 1800s, a lot of the words used became outdated, so the updated version uses today’s modern language.

This book is all about getting your mind right via your thoughts and words.

The way you think, and the thoughts you express, are what you will attract into your life.

May sound a little “out there”, but after reading it, it makes total sense.

It’s a quick and easy read as the book only has approximately 100 pages.

I highly recommend it as one of the books to read for self improvement.

Check out As You Think here.

#3. The Paleo Solution and The Paleo Diet Cookbook:

Next up, we have our nutrition books.

The current nutrition books that I’m reading now are about the paleo diet.

One of the paleo books is called, The Paleo Diet Cookbook.

I’ve been going through some of the recipes and have been making them on my own.

I’ve also been learning the science behind the paleo diet in a book called, The Paleo Solution Diet.

The book details the science of why it makes sense for humans to eat paleo.

Based on the guidelines of the paleo diet, I’d say with my current diet in 2012, I’m probably 95% compliant with eating paleo.

To get to 100% compliant, I’d have to eliminate some of the carbohydrates that I eat, such as grains from oats, as well as, quinoa.

Other than that, I’m pretty much following the paleo diet.

From a nutrition standpoint, I also agree with everything that the author, Rob Wolf, says in the book.

I know some of you may be following the paleo diet as well, as it has made a lot of headlines from people getting amazing results from it.

So in 2012, I’m first getting more educated on the paleo diet before I start talking to you guys about it.

I highly recommend it as one of the books to read for self improvement and nutrition.

Check out The Paleo Solution Diet here.

#4. The Success Principles

I just received this book called, The Success Principles, from Jack Canfield.

success principles

I’ve read it before, but I wanted to have my own copy to keep on my bookshelf.

Jack Canfield is the author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.

The Success Principles is probably one of my top 3 all-time books.

It’s a long book, but it is loaded with principles that everyone should implement, to live a successful life and give back to others.

I highly recommend it as one of the books to read for self improvement.

Check out The Success Principles here.

There are your 4 books to read for self improvement and nutrition

These are just a few of the books to read for self improvement that I love to fuel my mind.

I always talk about food being the fuel to drive your body and energy.

It’s also very important to fuel your mind with books.

Books are also a great way to keep you motivated, to keep you positive, and keep you focused on living the life that you desire.

I love all this stuff.

But don’t just read books to feel good for a minute, and then forget it.

Make sure you implement what you read!

Promise me you’ll do this?

I hope you enjoyed this Freestyle Friday video on my top 4 books to read for self improvement and nutrition.

Comment below with the books you are reading

I read a ton of books, so i’m always looking for more recommendations.

I’ll be back with another Freestyle Friday episode, so if there’s anything you want me to cover, leave that in the comments section below as well.

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11 responses to “Top 4 Books To Read For Self Improvement and Nutrition

  1. All of these sounds like great reads. I am ALWAYS reading books to improve mind, body and soul. I usually have a fiction and non-fiction plus a nutrition/cookbook going ALL at the same time.

    A few of my favs are:
    1) It’s Not About the Bike – Lance Armstrong. This is a book that will make you feel happy and thankful for your health
    2) 3 Weeks with My Brother – by Nicholas Sparks. A true documentary about a 3 week trek around the world that he (NS) took with his brother. Actually, ANYTHING by Nicholas Sparks is a fab of mine 😉 I’m such a chick that way…lol
    3) Drop Dead Healthy – by AJ Jacobs. This is my next read. I just received it at a blog event I went to that AJ spoke at. It is his 3rd book. The first 2 were The Year of Living Biblically (amazing story) and The Know-It-All.
    4) Wheat Belly – by Dr William Davis. About the science and negativity behind gluten and wheat

    Now I have to go to the library and request a couple you have recommended… Especially Success Principles. It sounds like something I would like. Thanks!

  2. Good book suggestions, thanks! I’m reading mostly business books right now but I have quite a few health books that I need to get around to reading too.

    My friend is a Paleo weight loss coach and I’m intrigued by the diet (except I don’t eat meat other than fish). She has a meal plan that I blogged about. There is a lemon pepper fish recipe that I made of hers that was so awesome.

    I really am struggling when it comes to nutrition but I’m working on it.

    1. Yeah I’m about 50% through the Paleo Solution and I have to admit, I’m very intrigued. Although I’m about 90-95% paleo compliant right now…getting the oats and whey protein powder out of my diet is the last step.

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