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How To Start Getting In Shape

My personal journey of how I got started in fitness

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing how to start getting in shape and my personal journey of how I got started in fitness.

This Freestyle Friday post was inspired by a question from a Live Lean TV viewer, who asked me how I first started my journey into fitness.

Well, I wasn’t always as committed to fitness and health as I am now.

How I first started my fitness journey was quite interesting

I first started getting in shape after university.

I graduated university with business degree, and a major in marketing.

My initial vision and goal for my career was to be the next big thing in advertising.

I wanted to be a big time New York City advertising executive, who worked on big budget campaigns for company’s like Budweiser and McDonald’s.

Although I didn’t work in New York City, I did have a corporate career in marketing for 8 years.

I worked on several different brands, but eventually I realized I wasn’t satisfied.

Advertising beer and lottery tickets just wasn’t my true passion.

During that time, I was really focused on improving my self-confidence, not only at work, but also in life.

To help with this, I read a lot of self-improvement books on how to build confidence.

One of the main tips was to start working on your health and improving your physique.

That’s where my journey into fitness all started

My journey into fitness didn’t come from having obese parents.

It also wasn’t because I lost someone due to a health reason such as cardiovascular disease.

I also wasn’t obese as a kid either.

Even though I was an athlete growing, I continued to struggle with self-confidence and low self esteem.

You will never see any pictures of me with my shirt off as a kid, because in my mind, I had skinny arms and a flabby belly.

How To Start Getting In Shape

Ultimately I was just not comfortable in my own skin

This led me to go deep inside to find that internal drive of why it was important to change my body.

I call this finding your “why”.

Fortunately my career in advertising also indirectly led me to this, since advertising is all about image.

Ultimately I knew, in order to build my confidence, I needed to first change my physique.

As I started to workout and became more focused on eating properly, my passion for fitness began.

Once I started seeing the changes in my body, I remember thinking, wow, if I can do this for myself, imagine what I could do to help other people, who suffered from low self-confidence.

No offense to the advertising world, but at the time, I was selling products to people that didn’t positively impact their life.

I wanted to be selling something that actually made a difference in people’s lives

And that’s exactly what I feel like I’m doing right now.

It’s what our Live Lean TV YouTube channel is all about.

Hopefully what I’m saying on camera is helping you learn how to start getting in shape.

So that was a quick story on my “why”.

If you’re still lost on how to start getting in shape, here’s what you need to do.

How to start getting in shape

Focus on making fitness a part of your lifestyle.

Here are Live Lean TV, we’re all about making lifestyle choices, not short-term, quick fix solutions, to get ready for the beach in 6 weeks.

Don’t rely on your personal trainer or your nutritionist to do this for you.

To Live Lean, you first need to go deep, and get crystal clear on why it’s so important for you to change.

If the idea of doing something good for yourself is not a strong enough why, focus on doing it for other people.

Do it for your kids or do it for your loved ones.

A lot of time people will commit to something more consistently, if they know they’re doing it for someone else.

It’s critical for you to find your why and then consistently take action on it.

If you need help in getting clear on your why, I highly recommend you check out my book, Think And Live Lean.

Every chapter in Think And Live Lean includes action steps to get crystal clear on figuring out your why.

Think And Live Lean

Once you commit, and are consistent, the results will happen

That’s when the love of fitness begins.

You no longer think, “I have to go to the gym”, you start thinking, “I get to go to the gym.”

At first, it won’t be easy, and you will be challenged.

But remember, you can’t keep doing the same things that got you to where you are in the first place.

When it comes to building my business, I still keep this top of mind.

If you want to grow as a person, you need to get outside of your comfort zone, and do different things then the things that got you into this situation.

Consistency is everything.

So it’s now up to you

Find your why, commit to writing down your goals, then consistently take action.

When you do this, and follow a step-by-step program , it’s going to happen.

Eat real whole foods, in the right quantities, and move your body more effectively.

Do this consistently, and you’re going to change your body and health.

Plus, you’ll become another success story in our Live Lean Transformation 1,000,000 mission.

I repeat, stay consistent, that is everything.

Hopefully this post is going to inspire you this weekend, to go out and get your sweat on, and eat good
food, while enjoying your life.

Balance is key to Living Lean

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