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3 Types Of Foods You Should Never Eat

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Avoid These Foods To Live Lean

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m talking about the 3 types of foods you should never eat.

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that all nutrition, fitness, and health coaches will never 100% agree on what foods make up the optimal diet.

Based on this, who’s 100% right?

We are.

I’m kidding.

What Is The Perfect Diet?

Unfortunately, there is not one diet that is 100% right for everyone.

The Journey To My Healthy Diet Routine

The reason is simple.

All our bodies are different.

For instance, meet John and Ron:

  • John will respond well to eating foods A, B, and C.
  • However, Ron responds best to eating foods D, E, and F.

The point is, there is not one perfect diet for everyone.

It’s up to you to test different foods on your body, and see what you react to best.

The Obvious Foods You Should Never Eat

With that said, I could simply list 3 foods that everyone already knows they should not eat.

Avoid These 7 Common Foods Containing Trans Fats

These obvious foods you should not eat include pretty much all foods containing trans fat, including:

  • deep fried foods
  • cakes and cookies

However, I want to get a little more insightful with you in this video post, since it’s my goal to help you foster a better relationship with food.

Remember, food is not the enemy.

Let’s go.

3 Types Of Foods You Should Never Eat

Here are 3 nutrition principles, to help you figure out for yourself, the specific foods you personally should never eat, based on your own body.

#1. “Bet You Can’t Just Eat One” Trigger Foods

These “bet you can’t just eat one” foods are also known as trigger foods.

You know those foods right?

You try to be good by having just one bite, but then the hunger hormones and chemicals start pumping through your body.

This makes you go back for more, and more, and more.

The trigger foods that come to mind for me, include potato chips and ice cream.

It’s hard for me to have just one dill pickle flavored potato chip, and then stop.

After having a small serving of potato chips, I’ll put them back in the cabinet, but then I’ll keep thinking about them, so I’ll go back and eat more.

In other words, you feel like you’re never satisfied, and can never fill yourself up, until you eat the entire bag or carton.

Then it hits you 15 minutes later, and you feel like a pile of s*%t.

If this sounds familiar, avoid that trigger food.

#2. Foods That Cause Allergies Or Food Insensitivities

The next foods you should never eat are foods that you’re allergic too or have food insensitivities too.

Many people have negative reactions when certain foods enter their body.

These minor negative reactions can cause:

Or it can be more serious via allergic reactions.

If you notice you’re feeling off after eating certain foods, try removing them from your diet for a period of time, then see how you feel.

Many people call this the elimination diet.

For me, I figured out when I have dairy, my belly bloats and expands like a pregnant lady with 6 pack abs.

It’s crazy.

Ask your doctor about taking an IGG or IGE test to measure for food allergies and food intolerances.

#3. Foods That You Don’t Like

Now this doesn’t mean you should never eat any vegetables.

This simply means if you don’t like broccoli, even after experimenting with various cooking options and herbs, spices, and seasonings, don’t eat it.

By forcing yourself to eat something that you absolutely hate, you are reinforcing negative feelings towards vegetables as a whole.

This also places a negative experience towards eating healthy.

You’ll never stick to a long-term healthy way of eating if your idea of that includes forcing down broccoli every day.

Find another vegetable that you like to eat and move on.

However, before giving up on a healthy food, just make sure you’ve tried various cooking methods and spices before banishing it from your diet.

A great way to learn how to make all healthy food taste great, is by investing in a cookbook, such as my Eat Clean Live Lean Cookbook.

I can’t tell you how much learning how to cook has changed my body and life.

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Team Live Lean

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28 responses to “3 Types Of Foods You Should Never Eat

  1. Dammm. number 3 makes sense. My friend tried to force himself to like a few
    veggies and he couldn’t, so he quit all veggs besides carrots smh.

  2. God, chocolate is one of those cannot just eat one foods. Interestingly, I
    dont have the same problem with hot chocolate (in water). Sweet bread is
    the other.. That stuff its just too damn good. And pizza….. Chips (I find
    I eat less of the SPICY chips. The kick is satisfying quickly)… Fried
    rice….White rice…. Pasta….. Macaronni and cheese… FRENCH FRIES….
    Bad Bad Bad binge foods.

  3. Love it true no matter how much you tell everyone everyone wants
    YOUR secret…haha the secret is STAY Consistent and learn YOUR body!
    Thanks for sharing as always xoxo

  4. That is nice to hear. I always hear people saying what diet you on? I
    just eat clean and lean. It took a bit, but I just tried all kinds of
    veggies and mix it up all the time. I actually like some foods now that I
    never could have ate before. Growing up I could not stand sweet potatoes.
    Now they are a staple and I love them. It’s just a matter of finding
    healthy, clean foods that you can eat and cook easy enough and go with it.
    I am not a fan of a specific diet. Specific diets give limitations and
    that makes it even harder for people to sustain as a lifestyle. Plus there
    are benefits to other healthy foods that you miss out on. Variety is key.
    Plus when you have to eat out, it is a lot easier finding something, than
    always having to find a vegan option for example at a place that does not
    have that option. Keep it simple. Thanks for the vid.

  5. Any nut is my trigger food… Which sucks because my body doesn’t handle
    carbs well so I do high fat low carb.

  6. I can’t assume a lot of dairy, but I am slowly eliminating all of my
    trigger foods by allowing myself to eat them as much as I want so I will
    get bored of them. Luckily, I love fruits and vegetables and other healthy
    stuff so no problem.

  7. Thanks for the info and inspiration Brad! I want to look like I’m flexing
    when I’m not just like you haha seriously your muscles are bursting out of
    your shirt! Good job!

  8. He’s right:there isnt a “perfect diet”. But I know which is the best diet.
    ITS THE ONE YOU”LL STICK TOO!!! Pick a diet, any diet, that you feel you
    can more easily maintain. Then if you do, you’ll be amazed at the results!

  9. I can’t eat anything with MSG in it. It keeps me awake all night! Nothing
    tastes good enough to lose sleep over. Plus MSG is bad for you anyway, so,
    win-win by avoiding it!

  10. The thing I like about lower carb/higher fat is that it really keeps me
    from getting cravings. When I am done eating, I’m done. I don’t keep
    eating and eating.

  11. I absolutely detest beetroot juice. But I drink it because it makes me run
    faster an further….

  12. Buena información, una observación mas en relación a comidas que generan
    gases o alergias; seria comer demasiado de cualquier comida. Saludos

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