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How To Get Calcium Without Drinking Milk

Non dairy paleo foods high in calcium

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing how to get calcium without drinking milk, as well as, non dairy paleo foods high in calcium.

This is another post from our #TBT Q&A series.

These are questions from our #LLTV Q&A series, that we filmed for our Live Lean TV YouTube channel back in 2012.

So first, I’m going to share my answer to this question from 2012.

Then I’ll answer the same question again, with my thoughts today.

Before we start, let me ask you this question:

In the comments section below, tell me what is calcium good for?

If you’re like most people, you probably said calcium is good for healthy strong bones, and can help prevent osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is real, but does that mean drinking dairy milk is the only way to get healthy strong bones?

Well, let’s first flashback to 2012 and find out my thoughts.

Here is today’s viewer question:

Hanna93 on YouTube asks: I’m thinking of going paleo, but I’m worried about not getting enough calcium without dairy in my diet. Do you take supplements or are there other non-dairy foods that are high in calcium?

Great question.

One of the first questions people have when they are thinking about going paleo is, calcium.

The Paleo Diet

In other words, since there is no dairy in the paleo diet, where do people get their calcium from?

First of all, most people think the only way to have strong bones is by consuming a lot of calcium.

This is not necessarily true.

Yes, calcium does help you have strong bones, but there is another important mineral called magnesium.

Magnesium and calcium work synergistically together, so when you consume a lot of magnesium, your dependence on calcium goes down.

Which foods are high in magnesium?

Green leafy vegetables.

This is important because the Paleo diet is high in vegetables, protein, and healthy fat.

This means your magnesium levels should be very high when you’re following the Paleo diet, therefore you probably don’t have to worry about not getting calcium from dairy products.

There are many people getting great results on the Paleo diet, who have strong bones, and are not breaking their arm from a karate chop.

It just doesn’t happen that way.

You can take a calcium supplement for peace of mind if you like, but I don’t supplement with calcium, I don’t eat dairy, and I’ve never had a broken bone in my life.

Lifting weights will also help you have strong bones.

Now here’s my answer 7 years later

When it comes to having strong healthy bones, calcium is important, but it is not the all star mineral, most people think.

The all star mineral for strong healthy bones is a proper balance and mix of 5 different vitamins and minerals.

By consuming a diet rich in these 5 different vitamins and minerals, it increases the absorption and retention of calcium.

5 essential vitamins and minerals (not named calcium)

These 5 essential vitamins minerals, in addition to calcium, help build strong and healthy bones.

  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K

When all these vitamins and minerals are present, and sodium intake is moderated, the absorption and retention of calcium goes up.

Dairy foods are not required to get enough calcium

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So the goal shouldn’t be to consume dairy milk and other dairy foods just because they are high in calcium.

If bone health is your goal, focus on a balance of all of these vitamins and minerals, and moderate your sodium levels by reducing consumption of processed foods.

Plus, don’t get me wrong.

It’s still important to consume enough calcium in your diet via these non-dairy paleo foods.

Non-dairy Paleo foods high in calcium:

#1. Cold water fish

#2. Seafood

7 Best Shellfish For Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

#3. Green vegetables

#4. Tahini and sesame seeds

#5. Oranges

Bottom line on how to get calcium without drinking milk

Like most nutrients, it’s not necessarily how much calcium you consume, it’s how much you absorb and retain.

Having a balanced diet rich in these 5 vitamins and minerals helps increase the absorption and retention of calcium.

You’ll get that from eating all the foods we recommend, in all of our cooking videos, recipes, and weekly meal plans at

Team Live Lean

This, in combination with a properly structured resistance training program, is key too strong and healthy bones.

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Thanks for watching and keep Living Lean.


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