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The Secret To A Total Body Transformation


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Motivational Minute Ep. 006

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a motivational minute talk on the secret to a total body transformation.

This is episode 006 from my Motivational Minute video series.

One of the biggest issues with our culture today is, we are entitled.


We’re entitled to think that we deserve to be healthy, yet our actions don’t back up our words.

Let’s be real, if you’re not happy with what you see in the mirror, you blame it on something or someone else.


I say, screw that.

The secret to a total body transformation first starts with the person in the mirror.

You have to start your transformation by first making the mindset shift that you have take 100% responsibility for that person in the mirror, and the choices that you have made to bring you to where you are today.

Your Actions Speak Louder Than Words

You decided to put that junk food in your mouth.

You decided to watch 5 hours of TV a day.

If you want to change, first take a look at yourself, and make the damn change.

It’s not on your partner, it’s not on your parents, it’s not on the government, and it’s not even on your personal trainer.

Think about this for a second.

You Are In Control

Ultimately your health is no one else’s responsibility, but your own.

I know that this may sound harsh, and it’s probably not easy for a lot of you to take.

However, unfortunately most of us have been conditioned to blame something else for all of our problems in life.

But guess what?

We all have baggage.

So stop playing the role of the victim, stop making excuses, and stop blaming external factors for why you’re not getting the results you want.

With any transformation, the real problem starts and ends with you.

Starting this very second, forget all the reasons why you think you can’t do it.

Give Up Making Excuses

You have to give all that up, and begin believing that you have the power to change, and become the person that you desire to be, by first taking responsibility.

Once you realize that the choices you made in your life have created what you see in the mirror, then you can start building the belief, that you also have the power to start making better choices to transform into the body that you’ve always dreamed of.

Also, let’s not forget, we need to maintain this body forever.

So here is the question that remains.

Are you willing to look in the mirror today, and take 100% responsibility for what you see?

Remember, 99% of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses.

So give up all of your excuses and start owning it.

It’s on you.

Think about that.

That’s the first step to your total body transformation.

Hopefully you will take me up on this challenge.


Let’s do this.

Here’s Your Next Step: Think And Live Lean

Think And Live Lean

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