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Our Favorite Fitness Self Help Books

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Best Books To Change Your Health, Life, And Mindset

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we share our favorite fitness self help books to change your life and mindset.

This was a question from #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 011.

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Here’s today’s viewer question:

Liliana Suriel on YouTube asks: what are some of the best health and fitness related books you have read? Please share your favorite fitness self help books. Also, include any other favorite books. I am an avid reader! Thanks for all you do.

Well there is one little book out there called, Think And Live Lean, that some author, who you may know, wrote a little while ago 😉.

Think and Live Lean

So if you haven’t checked out Think And Live Lean yet, it’s a book I wrote about the mindset of fitness and health.

This book basically includes all the steps I took to get started on my journey, by first adopting the Live Lean mindset.

The lack of having the Live Lean mindset is why the majority of people fluctuate, and bounce back and forth, with their diets and workouts.

Live Lean Mindset

They’ll go down in weight, then they’ll quickly go back up in weight.

Ultimately this leaves people with the feeling that they’ll never be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The reason why most people can’t maintain a healthy lifestyle is because they don’t have their mind right yet.

And this has nothing to do with being smart.

It’s just most people do not think of their health and fitness in a way that is sustainable.

When it comes to dieting and working out, most people’s mindset is usually based around a fast short-term goal, rather than a long-term lifestyle change.

Living Lean Is All About Turning Daily Habits Into Lifelong Behaviors

In Think And Live Lean, I talk about 6 secrets to live the lean lifestyle.

So go check out the book or audiobook here.

Think And Live Lean

To date, Think And Live Lean has had so many great reviews.

A few of Jessica’s online coaching clients are reading it and they talk about the switch that has gone off in their head.

Oh my, I’ve never thought of my health and fitness in this way before.

It has been amazing to see the mindset transformations of these clients.

Before I wrote Think And Live Lean, I would always talk about mindset a little bit.

The Mindset Of Losing Weight And Keeping It Off

However, it wasn’t until I released the book, that there was a clear mindset shift happening in people’s heads.

This Mindset Shift Is So Important To Living Lean

The word shift and flow works well to describe it.

Once you have this mindset shift, Living Lean just becomes easier, more natural, and normal.

In other words, maintaining your health no longer becomes a fight and struggle.

You simply get into the flow where you no longer have to force yourself to go to the gym or eat salad.

Obviously, this is why Think And Live Lean is one of our favorite fitness self help books to recommend.

So if you haven’t had this mindset shift yet, we highly recommend you follow the steps in Think And Live Lean.

Jessica’s Other Favorite Fitness Self Help Books

I make fun of Jessica for being such a “bro” deep down in side, based on her muscle building and shredded nutrition “bro books”.

Arnold The Education Of A Bodybuilder by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Sliced by Bill Reynolds and Negrita Jayde

Rock Hard Nutrition by Robert Kennedy

Brad’s Favorite Self Help Business Related Books

I love reading, but most of the books I’m currently reading are business related or self development books.

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think And Live Lean talked about my journey using the principles from the book, Think And Grow Rich.

I shared so many personal stories of how I basically applied those principles to the fitness world, and used them to change my mindset towards my health and career.

Think And Grow Rich is one of the books that put me on the path that I am on right now.

The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer

#AskGaryVee by Gary Vaynerchuk

Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk

School Of Greatness by Lewis Howes

Why We Don’t Read A Lot Of Fitness Related Books Anymore

Here’s the reason why we don’t read a ton of health and fitness related books anymore.

Every author has their own crazy, differing opinions to influence you on your nutrition and fitness.

For example, one author is all about going vegan, while another recommends going low to no fat.

What it really comes down to is testing and finding what works best for your specific body and lifestyle.

We Prefer To Spend Our Time Reading Personal Success Books

Based on our current journey, we prefer to read books on personal success and self development books.

What’s really important is finding the desire and need to be successful for yourself.

It’s all about finding that personal drive and fire that lights you up and makes you want to take action towards your goals.

Personally, those are the kind of books that we like to read more so than books on how to eat and workout.

Hopefully that makes sense.

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Check out this video post on my Top 4 Books To Read For Self Improvement And Nutrition.

Top 4 Books To Read For Self Improvement and Nutrition


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