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Supplements That Replace Healthy Eating?

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If you dislike eating veggies and other superfoods is there a way around it?

Okay, I’m gonna be real with you guys.. Healthy eating is paramount to Living Lean! There is no substitute for feeding your body with quality nutritious food. BUT…there are supplements that can provide you with a sort of “nutritional insurance” and some added bonus nutrients that you can’t otherwise get from food.

Even if your diet is perfectly healthy.. which let’s be real, nobody’s diet is.. you will STILL be missing out on the nutrients from some of these hard to find, hard to dose superfood ingredients.

I struggle to fit superfoods into my own diet because they are tricky to dose, tricky to make taste good, and to eat all of them every day would be too much work!

I also struggle to eat healthy when I’m on the go, so I tend to rely on supplements like these when healthy eating is not an option.


I visited the Organifi headquarters to ask some questions, taste some samples and see what’s up.


Here’s what I learned:

The easiest way to get the proper dosages and all the benefits from superfoods is to take them in powder form. You can simply mix this powder with water, almond milk, or any beverage of your choice and you’re getting perfectly portioned superfood doses with hardly any effort.

Seriously! This is futuristic nutrition! – You can now get your greens and superfood nutrients from a powder! It’s never been easier.

You still need to eat no matter what! But these supplements can help make you healthier, give you more energy and mental clarity, and improve your results with ease.


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Enjoy the energy, health and vitality!


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