5 Sneaky Sources of Sugar that Pack On the Belly Fat


Replace These Belly Fat Busting Sugar Bombs With These Healthy Low Sugar Substitutes

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing 5 sneaky sources of sugar that you need to avoid if you ever want to burn off your stubborn belly fat.

A few months ago I filmed an episode called 3 Common Hidden Sugar Bombs, where I shared the shocking truth about how much hidden sugar was in the foods we eat everyday. Today, I want to expand on those 3 hidden sugar bombs with 5 more sneaky sources of sugar that pack on the belly fat.

According to the American Heart Association…

The maximum amount of added sugar men should eat is 37.5 grams or about 9 teaspoons of sugar a day. For women, it’s 25 grams or about 6 teaspoons a day.

Well guess what? In just one can of soda, you will easily blow out your sugar max for the day.

sugar in coca cola

On average, Americans are consuming about 88 grams of sugar a day.

For guys, that’s an extra 200 calories a day. Combined over a year that could add up to an extra 21 pounds of body fat.

I want you to…

Avoid these 5 Sneaky Sources of Sugar that Pack on the Belly Fat:

Brad Gouthro

#1. Jelly:

You’re probably adding at least 1 tbsp of a jelly to your bread. This contains 12g of sugar or 3 tsp.

Belly Fat Destroying Substitution:

If you’re still eating bread, replace the jelly with coconut oil or spread some avocado on top with a dash of sea salt or garlic powder. Zero sugar and it’s delicious.

#2. Whole Wheat (or white) Bread:

Most people eat 2 slices of bread rather than the “serving size” of one slice as indicated on the label. This doubles the sugar content of up to 12g of sugar or 3 tsp. Plus, as mentioned earlier, when you add the jelly on top of two slices, you can quickly take in 36 grams of sugar which is 9 tsp.

Belly Fat Destroying Substitution:

If you’re going to eat bread, go with Ezekial bread. It’s made with natural ingredients, no sugar, and is a complete protein.

#3. Salad Dressing:

I’m sure many of you are reaching for the “low fat” variety of salad dressing at the grocery store. May sound like a healthier option, but it’s not. When food marketers remove fat from the food, they must add something back in, which in most cases is sugar. Typically in the quantity of just over 2 tsp or 11 grams.

Belly Fat Destroying Substitution:

Skip the salad dressing aisle, and stick to homemade salad dressings comprised of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon, and spices. No sugar neccesary.

#4. Oatmeal:

Always read the ingredients list. Many flavored packets of oatmeal contain added sugar upwards of 2-3 tsp which essentially turns your bowl of oatmeal into a dessert.

Belly Fat Destroying Substitution:

If you eat oatmeal and need to sweeten it, add some fruit, protein powder, nuts, and cinnamon.

#5. Frozen dinners

Once again, look out for the “low fat” frozen dinner varieties since when the fat is removed, the sugary sauces are added in for flavor. Some of these “things” contain upwards of 24g of sugar or 6 tsp per serving.

Belly Fat Destroying Substitution:

Skip the frozen dinners for lunch by cooking extra for dinner and bringing the leftovers in tupperware the next day. This is why it’s so important to have a meal plan as cooking in bulk is a game changer when it comes to Living Lean.

Make These Simple Belly Fat Destroying Substitutions to get a Lean and Healthy Body.

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