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Make Your Boring Meal Plan Delicious

How to Make a Boring Meal Plan more Delicious

If you automatically associate “healthy food” with “boring food” it’s time for a mental make-over!

There’s no rule that just because something is healthy and macro-friendly that it needs to taste bland

We want to teach you to be more creative with your healthy food

You can eat delicious and satisfying meals all year round. This is what we call “living lean”

As you know, we recommend meal planning and prepping your food ahead of time.

But just because you’re following a well organized meal plan doesn’t mean it has to taste the same every day!

A lot of people make the mistake of preparing the same meals in the same way day after day… leading to diet boredom!

For example, a typical bodybuilder breakfast is usually something like plain oatmeal and plain scrambled egg whites or boiled eggs..

A typical Weight Loss breakfast might be something like a bowl of high fiber cereal with skim milk.

If you continue to eat one of these “healthy” yet boring meals every single morning without any change of flavor or texture then of course you’re going to get bored with healthy eating and eventually cave in for that donut or giant stack of pancakes and give up on getting lean and healthy.

Ditch the high-carb or all-carb breakfast options

The breakfast we recommend and enjoy is what we call the “PFF Breakfast” [which stands for Protein, Fiber & Fat]

This may look more complicated or time consuming to make for breakfast but it’s really a one-skillet meal and takes less than 5 minutes to put together

PFF breakfast TLL

(example with omelette style eggs, ground turkey, broccoli, red bell pepper, avocado and macadamia nuts)

We usually cook our meats the night before for dinner and use the leftovers to make this delicious breakfast.

The reason we call it the “PFF Breakfast” instead of the “Egg, Chicken & Almond breakfast” or something like that is because we want to emphasize the opportunity to change and swap out different protein sources, different fibers and different fats.

With lots of variety in your diet you’ll stay interested and be doing your body a healthy favor by providing the best assortment of micronutrients.

The best way to get more variety in your diet is to follow recipes you haven’t tried before.

On our Team site we provide a brand new recipe every week and we now have over 200 recipes available, all using healthy live lean approved ingredients, and all designed with the goal of living lean.

We hope you will join us, become a member, and discover all the healthy food you can and should be enjoying on your journey to live lean.

Thanks for watching this episode and KEEP, living lean!


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I love you guys and keep Living Lean.

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