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4 At Home Cardio Exercises To Get Lean


No Equipment Fat Burning Exercises

On today’s Live Lean TV episode, Jessica and I are in New York City to show you 4 at home cardio exercises to get lean.

No equipment required.

These home cardio exercises are just a small sample of the workout styles found in my Live Lean Meltdown follow along workout video program.

Jessica is planning on teaching her clients how to do these workouts, so let’s see if this kicks her butt.

4 At Home Cardio Exercises To Get Lean

4 At Home Cardio Exercises To Get Lean

The first exercise from the first segment of the “Main Event” workout from Live Lean Meltdown is a jump rope exercise.

Although we do high knees jump rope in the actual program, if you don’t have access to a jump rope, you can substitute in high knee sprints.

Here’s a link to a purchase an awesome jump rope.

Exercise #1: High Knee Sprints

Reps: 45 seconds

Coaching cues: high knee sprints are intended to be a fast and explosive plyometric exercise. This is not a slow movement where you simply bring your feet off the ground. Focus on really driving your knees up while engaging your core. It’s very important to work at a high intensity level, so make sure you keep breathing throughout this exercise. Remember, if you’re not breathing, you’re not living, and that’s not Living Lean 😂. Keep it going.

That is just one of the exercises from the actual jump rope segment from the “Main Event” workout.

Let’s move on to the second segment of the “Main Event” workout, agility ladder training.

If you don’t have access to an agility ladder you can make one with tape, which I show you how to do in the Live Lean Meltdown program.

Here’s a link to buy the agility ladder that we use.

In the “Main Event” workout we do agility ladder lateral scissor hops, but you can also simply make a straight line with tape, or just visualize one for this exercise.

Exercise #2: Lateral Scissor Hops

Reps: 45 seconds

Coaching cues: this is an excellent lateral movement where you quickly move your feet forward and backward down the line, while pumping your arms. This will help target your arms as well. Once you reach the end of the line, reverse the movement back to the starting position. Your legs will be burning while moving laterally from side to side, since you’ll be in an isometric lunge throughout the duration of the exercise.

We have now completed 2 out of the 4 exercises.

Next exercise is from the third segment of the “Main Event” workout, which is a plyometrics combo movement.

Exercise #3: Mountain Climber to High Knee Sprint to Forward Jump Combo

Reps: 3

Coaching cues: This is a “follow the trainer” command combo exercise where you listen and follow my instructions. Start in a standing position, then drop with your chest down to the ground, then wait for my command. Once I say an exercise, you’ll complete it. For example, the exercise combo command would be: 4 mountain climbers per leg, then pump your arms and legs to complete 4 high knee sprints per leg, jump forward, turn, hit the ground, mountain climbers, high knees, jump, turn, hit the ground, and repeat.

The fourth segment of the “Main Event” workout is where we hit our core hard with various ab exercises.

Exercise #4: The Breakdancer

Coaching cues: The breakdancer exercise will work all aspects of your core. Get down on the ground and bring one leg out to the side while engaging your side obliques. Then bring your foot back, briefly stick the straight arm plank position, then bring your opposite leg to the other side. Once you get your balance, you can speed it up a little bit, but make sure you keep your core tight. I have to say that over and over again. If you’re not keeping your core tight, you’re really not working yourself as hard as you can.

There you go.

Those were 4 at home cardio exercises to get lean

Give yourself a high 5.

So how did Jessica feel after completing the “Main Event” workout from Live Lean Meltdown?

This is an awesome but hard workout, so you should feel great for finishing it.

After finishing the full “Main Event” workout from Live Lean Meltdown, Jessica said it feels more like a game, rather than a typical boring workout, because it’s fun and keeps you interested.

As Jess said, it’s a tough workout, which is why I’ve also created and included 8 exclusive Tabata workouts and “Brad Says” workouts.

These follow along workouts are designed for beginners to intermediates to advanced trainees.

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When you buy Live Lean Meltdown, all the workout videos are found on the curriculum page.

That way you will have instant access to every single one of them.

Hopefully you are going to take advantage of this offer and Live Lean with us.

Thanks for hanging out with me and Jessica in New York City.

We’ll talk to you soon.

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  1. i love jump rope as a 5 min warmup, active rest between sets, and a 10 min burn out cardio at the end of your strength training routine…essentially whenever you can fit it in!

  2. Hi Brad,

    I tried a modified version of this workout and the jump-rope work out before my martial arts class last night. Awesome! I am feeling it in my hip flexors today. I have always packed a jump-rope but It is like new due to lack of use. I think it is time to break it out during every gym routine. When do you recommend doing the jump-rope during my gym workout?

    Ps. can’t wait until Monday!

  3. it’s going to come with a 30 day schedule with LLAB built into it. Making it the ultimate Live Lean workout plan

  4. it will be instantly available all over the world. They’re all HD digital downloads…get access to them instantly with no shipping costs!

  5. I replied to one of your IG photos saying I was going to be in NYC! I’m going to be back in a few weeks though…hook up then?

  6. Hi Brad.. I have a question.. This is the routine i follow:
    I wake up in the morning and attend my college(usually skip breakfast)
    For lunch i eat pulses and vegetables
    In the evening I do running followed by tabata followed by one hour basket ball.. For my dinner i either eat fruits or have juice.. I am overweight and want to burn fat.. Am i doing it right with the diet.?
    PS: I am vegetarian

  7. Who was the idiot asking questions while you were filming??? Whoever it was, was in the way!!! UGH!!!

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