[Sneek Peek] 4 “Live Lean Meltdown” At Home Cardio Exercises To Get Lean


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Get Lean By Doing These 4 At Home Cardio Exercises

Hey Live Leaners,

On today’s Live Lean TV episode, Jessica and I wanted to show you a few of the at home cardio exercises you’ll be doing when you pick up a copy of my upcoming Live Lean Meltdown digital workout DVD.

As you know, last December I worked with an incredibly talented production company on producing this home workout program that will help you live lean faster.

I’m so excited to finally say, all the editing, music, and graphics are finished!

On March 18, the fat will be burning off, the muscles will be pumped, and thousands of people will be starting or progressing in their journey to Live Lean.

Live Lean Meltdown Workout DVD

Live Lean Meltdown available for sale on Monday, March 18!

For a limited time, it’ll also be 40% off!!

But You’re Not Just Going To Get 1 Workout (even though that one workout is AWESOME)

On the download page, you’ll also get access to a total of 10 HD Digital DVD videos including:
  • 32 Min “Main Event” Workout ’“ Disc #1
  • 4 Min “Start Getting Lean” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #2
  • 4 Min “Ripped Core” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #3
  • 4 Min “Explosive Gains” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #4
  • 4 Min “Shredded In 4” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #5
  • 4 Min “Toned & Ready” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #6
  • 4 Min “Beach Body” Tabata Workout ’“ Disc #7
  • 5 Min “Brad Says” Fat Can’t Live Here Workout ’“ Disc #8
  • 5 Min “Brad Says” Sweat Is Your Fat Crying Workout ’“ Disc #9
  • Bonus Disc: “How To Make Your Own $2 Agility Ladder In Just 2 Mins” – Disc #10

It’s all Available on March 18 at a limited time 40% OFF Discount

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In the comment section below, be sure to let me know if you like following at home workout DVDs, and if so, which are your favorite.

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Questions For You:

– Do you like following at home workout DVDs?

– If so, which is your favorite?


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The Afterburn Effect Workout



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0 responses to “[Sneek Peek] 4 “Live Lean Meltdown” At Home Cardio Exercises To Get Lean

  1. i love jump rope as a 5 min warmup, active rest between sets, and a 10 min burn out cardio at the end of your strength training routine…essentially whenever you can fit it in!

  2. Hi Brad,

    I tried a modified version of this workout and the jump-rope work out before my martial arts class last night. Awesome! I am feeling it in my hip flexors today. I have always packed a jump-rope but It is like new due to lack of use. I think it is time to break it out during every gym routine. When do you recommend doing the jump-rope during my gym workout?

    Ps. can’t wait until Monday!

  3. it’s going to come with a 30 day schedule with LLAB built into it. Making it the ultimate Live Lean workout plan

  4. it will be instantly available all over the world. They’re all HD digital downloads…get access to them instantly with no shipping costs!

  5. I replied to one of your IG photos saying I was going to be in NYC! I’m going to be back in a few weeks though…hook up then?

  6. Hi Brad.. I have a question.. This is the routine i follow:
    I wake up in the morning and attend my college(usually skip breakfast)
    For lunch i eat pulses and vegetables
    In the evening I do running followed by tabata followed by one hour basket ball.. For my dinner i either eat fruits or have juice.. I am overweight and want to burn fat.. Am i doing it right with the diet.?
    PS: I am vegetarian

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