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How Do You Safely Get Vitamin D From Sunlight?


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What Are Our Favorite Movies? | #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 013

On episode 013 of the #AskLiveLeanTV show, we’re answering 9 of your questions, including how do you safely get Vitamin D from sunlight?

Welcome back to another episode of #AskLiveLeanTV.

This is the show where we take your questions and answer them in-depth on camera.


We’ve been having a blast doing this show.

To date we have had over 50,000 listens to this podcast.

Awesome job, however there’s always a but.

I went on a little rant about this on Snapchat.

Please Rate And Review The Podcast

Even though we have a lot of people listening on Apple Podcasts, I noticed we have way less podcast reviews.

After I went on my Snapchat, more people took action and left a podcast review.

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With that said, let’s jump right into the show.

At the time of filming, we were nine months pregnant and only had three or four more weeks left.

Everywhere Jessica goes, people think she is about to pop.

That means we have the hospital bag packed and the baby car seat is ready to go.

We are ready to get this baby out and start the next phase of our life.

Jessica is also excited and ready to get her abs back.

All right let’s go.

We are answering 9 questions on today’s episode.

Here Are Today’s 9 Viewer Questions

  1. How do you make a workout easier for overweight beginners?
  2. What is your best nutrition tip?
  3. What are your 8 essential kitchen items and home gym equipment for beginners?
  4. What are your favorite movies?
  5. Any tips to lose the last few pounds?
  6. Can you explain Paleo?
  7. Which training type is better for getting shredded?
  8. What are your thoughts on sunscreen?
  9. How did you become experts in fitness?

Question #1: How Do You Make A Workout Easier For Overweight Beginners?

@jro_sanders on Instagram asks:

I’m over 300 pounds, but I’m lucky that I have no health issues (i.e. no diabetes, etc). I’m now just starting to have joint discomfort and am getting desperate as it’s been a 20+ year war. I have PCOS, so weight loss is extremely difficult and my story is a long one.


I am very tempted to join Team Live Lean, but I’m worried that I’m too heavy for the exercises you might recommend. When you are a certain size, a lot of stuff is intimidating. I currently swim, do the elliptical, and lift weights. My question is, am I beyond you being able to help? Can you share your best tips on how to make a workout easier for overweight beginners? I admire both of you so much and love following you on social media. You have great chemistry and delivery. Keep up the great work.

How To Make A Workout Easier For Overweight Beginners Live Lean TV

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Question #2: What Is Your Best Nutrition Tip?

Tiff @TheFemGeek on Twitter asks:

I just started working out, so I’m mainly training on the bike at home. Would your daily meal plans be good for me? What is your best nutrition tip?

Our Simplified Best Nutrition Tip Is ______ Live Lean TV

Check out the full post: Our Simplified Best Nutrition Tip Is ______

Question #3: What Are Your 8 Essential Kitchen Items And Home Gym Equipment For Beginners?

Karla Gaytan @karlagaytan42 on Twitter asks:

What tools do you recommend we invest in to aid in a Live Lean lifestyle? For example, a food scale, activity tracker, etc.? What are your 8 essential kitchen items and home gym equipment for beginners?

8 Essential Kitchen Items And Home Gym Equipment For Beginners Live Lean TV

Check out the full post: 8 Essential Kitchen Items And Home Gym Equipment For Beginners

Question #4: What Are Your Favorite Movies?

@jro_sanders on Instagram asks:

On a non-fitness note: favorite movies? 😀


While we were answering your previous question, we got really deep into trying to motivate you, by saying:

  • “Girl, you can do it”.
  • “You’re no different than anybody else.”
  • “You have to start somewhere.”

Then it’s a hard transition into, what are your favorite movies? 😂

We love these questions though.

This show is not just all about fitness and health.

To keep it interesting, we want to answer a broad range of questions, since it allows you to get to know us better.

It also makes things more interesting for us, since we can talk about other things besides fitness and health.

To us, fitness is not an obsessive all or nothing lifestyle.

Jessica and I live a full and dynamic great life, that doesn’t just include eating healthy and going to the gym.

For example, we ate pizza last night.

We just finished watching all the Jurassic Park movies.

Last night we watched Jurassic World from 2015.

Even though I used to love dinosaurs growing up, both of us would not list the Jurassic Park movies as our favorites.

One of my favorite movies would be “Pursuit Of Happiness” with Will Smith.

It has such a great message.

One of my favorite romantic comedy movies, that I’ve seen a lot, is “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey.

I have a little bit of a man crush on Matthew McConaughey.

Jessica thinks it’s cute that a rom-com is one of my favorites.

The “American Pie” movie series is also one of my favorites.

Although I also love movies where they blow up stuff, I wouldn’t say any of them are my favorite.

I would watch dude flicks all the time, but we don’t because Jessica doesn’t like them.

Jessica says this is one of the reasons why she loves me.

“I Am Legend” is also good, but it’s not my favorite.

I like all Will Smith movies.

Jessica said her favorite movie is “Despicable Me”.

She said she watched it 30 times.

She loves the minions.

There you go.

Question #5: Any Tips To Lose The Last Few Pounds?

@thegentlemanmma145 on Instagram asks:

Hey Brad and Jess! I’ve been having trouble trying to lean down. I eat clean, I’m in a deficit, I lift weights, and I do MMA training, but I can’t seem to get away from the 14% body fat range. My weight goes up and down a lot. I really want to get to 10% body fat by the end of July. Do you have any tips to lose those last few pounds of stubborn fat? I know they’re the hardest to get rid of, so I’d appreciate any tips and feedback. Thanks guys!

Why You Can Live Lean TV't Lose Those Last Few Pounds Of Stubborn Fat

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Question #6: Can You Explain Paleo?

@ciscoballs on Twitter asks:

Can you explain paleo? I know the rules, but can you explain why the paleo diet does not include oats, beans, and dairy? Can oats, beans and dairy still be very healthy?

Why The Paleo Diet Does Not Include Oats, Beans, And Dairy Live Lean TV

Check out the full post: Why The Paleo Diet Does Not Include Oats, Beans, And Dairy

Question #7: Which Training Type Is Better For Getting Shredded?

Eddie Vedder @muffin2loose on Twitter asks:

Which is best for getting shredded? Lifting heavy and running 3-5 miles, or circuit training like CrossFit and sprint training? What is the best workout to get shredded?

What Is The Best Workout To Get Shredded? Live Lean TV

Check out the full post: What Is The Best Workout To Get Shredded?

Question #8: What Are Your Thoughts On Sunscreen?

MohAli @FreeSudani on Twitter asks:

What are your thoughts on sunscreen? How do you safely get Vitamin D from sunlight?

I did a video a little while back called Avoid These Toxic Skincare Ingredients.

Toxic Skincare Ingredients Live Lean TV

In this post, I give you a list of the parabens and xenoestrogens you should look out for.

Unfortunately many of the popular sunscreens include these parabens and xenoestrogens in their ingredients list.

I personally don’t use sunscreens that include parabens and xenoestrogens.

For me, I like to go in the sun for 15-20 minutes without sunscreen, since vitamin D is made in the skin when it’s exposed to the sunlight.

After that, I’ll go back inside.

If I am staying outside longer than that, I’ll then add a healthy paraben free organic sunscreen to avoid sunburn.

The best natural sunscreen is to moderate or reduce the amount of sun exposure you have at one time.

You can reduce sun exposure by:

  • Using an umbrella
  • Going in the shade
  • Cover up by putting a hat on

This will allow you to exposure yourself to sunlight in little amounts instead of being in the sun for five hours at a time.

If you’re concerned with the chemicals, look for an organic sunscreen.

However, if you are used to conventional sunscreens that are smooth and easy to rub into your skin, be aware.

In the past, I’ve tried to use organic sunscreens that were sticky and hard to rub into my skin.

I remember the sunscreen turning my face into a white creamy ghost.

Since I don’t have a good brand to recommend at this time, you’ll have to do your research on finding a good organic sunscreen.

Also, don’t forget to wear a hat.

Jessica wears a hat a lot when she goes out into the sun.

Especially when she takes our dog Bruno for hour long walks every day.

Question #9: How Did You Become Experts In Fitness?

@LilianaSuriel1 on Twitter asks:

How did you and Jess become experts in fitness? How did you start your fitness journey as personal trainers? What resources did you use? Thanks.

How We Started Our Fitness Journey As Personal Trainers Live Lean TV

Check out the full post: How We Started Our Fitness Journey As Personal Trainers

That’s Another Episode Of The #AskLiveLeanTV Show

Thank you for hanging out with us on another episode.

We are pumped that you continue to join us week after week, and the questions are still flowing in.

Even though we love you, we will love you even more by heading over to Apple Podcasts and hit us up with a star rating and a review.

Once again, this will help us grow and share these episode with others.

Along with our Live Lean TV YouTube channel, we also want to take this podcast to the next level.

Help us out.

Question Of The Day

Today’s question of the day is:

  • What are your favorite podcasts that you listen to?
  • List your top three podcasts.

We want to read them down in the comments below.

It’s totally okay if we are one of them.

Especially if we are number one.

We’ll see you at the next episode.

Keep Living Lean.

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