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Best Glute Training Tips To Grow Your Booty Naturally

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Best Tips For A Higher, Rounder, Tighter, And Lifted Booty

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I have a fun interview with Jessica Gouthro, a.k.a. the “Booty Build A Butt Queen”, where she shares her best glute training tips to grow your booty naturally, with just exercise.

Let’s do it.

Who Is Jessica Gouthro?

If you’re new to Live Lean TV, Jessica Gouthro is a certified fitness professional, a mom of two young kids, and a head turner.

She’s also my wife.

Brad Gouthro Jessica Rumbaugh

Sure she has beautiful brown eyes, a stunning smile, and legs for days, but let’s keep it real.

All the guys and girls turn their heads because of her butt.

Jessica’s goal is to cut through all the conventional B.S. and spread the truth about the correct way for women to build a butt.

This interview with Jessica will, without a doubt, open your eyes to all the wrong things you’re currently doing, and inspire you to follow the correct path to build the butt of your dreams, faster.

The “Queen Of Butts” Shares Her Booty Training Secrets

Brad: Jessica, welcome.

Let’s make the first question a fun one.

In your opinion, which celebrity has the best butt?

Jessica: I’d have to say I give my celebrity Build A Butt award to either Jennifer Lopez or Jessica Biel.

They’re both fierce women who obviously aren’t afraid to work hard and get sweaty during their workouts.

Their results obviously show for themselves, so nice work ladies.

Brad: Agreed, nice buns ladies.

There’s just something about ladies with great butts, whose name starts with “J” 😂.

Ok, moving on.

What are the top 3 mistakes most women make when it comes to building a butt?

Jessica: This is an easy one.

Glute Training Mistake #1:

Most women do not use enough weight when they’re training.

Most times, women are afraid to get bulky, so they keep the weights light.

5 Reasons You Think Weight Training makes you Bulky

Let me set the record straight once and for all ladies.

You will not get bulky when lifting heavy weights during your workout.

Your body just does not produce enough testosterone to bulk up like a beast.

If you see women at the gym who look that way, they’re highly likely getting the help from steroids.

Glute Training Mistake #2:

Women are usually afraid to work all the way to failure during their workouts.

They’ll give up midway through the set because their mind gives up before their body has reached its maximum workload capacity.

In other words, they’re staying in their comfort zone by trying to keep everything easy.

When you stay in your comfort zone, you’re limiting growth in all areas of life, especially in your glute training.

The real results and booty transformations happen when you get outside of your comfort zone.

Glute Training Mistake #3:

The third glute training mistake occurs when a lot of women shy away from the more difficult exercises that “hurt”.

Of course, these are the glute training exercises the will provide you with the biggest bang for your buck.

I promise you, who ever your look up to when it comes to having a great butt, they didn’t get it without doing theses difficult exercises.

For example, women who are afraid to do barbell back squats, barbell deadlifts, and dumbbell walking lunges, are more likely to be comfortable with doing easier exercises, such as glute cable kickbacks or booty band exercises.

The more difficult exercises that I mentioned earlier, i.e. the squats, lunges, and deadlifts, are the exercises that are going to give you more bang for your buck.

So when it comes to glute training, spend more of your time doing the proven glute exercises, even though they’re harder.

These are the glute training exercises that are going to show you the most results. 

Speaking of those “difficult” exercises, if you could pick just 2 moves to build a J-Lo or Jessica Biel booty, which 2 would you recommend, and why?

Jessica: Haha, how about squats and more squats.

I’m serious.

Nothing will incorporate all the major muscle fibers of the butt and legs better than squats.

I find that most women with a flat booty are afraid to get in the squat rack.

Show me a person with a round lifted butt and, yes you guessed it, I’ll show you a person who has fallen in love with squats.

Now I know the thought of a barbell in the squat rack is intimidating, but there are so many different versions of squats.


So you can start slowly and build up.

Then once you get stronger, you’ll build that confidence to get in the squat rack.

I really feel like that is going to make the majority of difference for you and your glutes.

Brad: Great advice.

I’ve said it before, there is nothing sexier that turns my head quicker, than seeing a female in the squat rack.

Damn that’s good 😂.

How do you respond to women who say having a butt is all about genetics? In other words, you either have it or you don’t?

Jessica: That is definitely not true.

I honestly feel like my genetics are not necessarily there for having a great voluptuous butt.

I would also say, look at all the female athletes around the world.

They all have great, tight, toned, and lifted butts but it would be literally impossible for them to all have the same great genetics.

There is not one genetic butt code.

Anyone can earn and develop a great butt.

You just need a lot of hard work, discipline, and a great glute training workout program.

Brad: Alright, let’s keep this going.

What is the 1 thing you see women doing in the gym, that in reality, is a big waste of their time and effort?

Jessica: The first one that comes to mind are isolation machines, such as the adductor and abductor machine.

Also, spending too much time on cardio and not enough time on strength building exercises.

It’s not that isolation exercises are bad, but they’re just not necessary until after you’ve done the primary stuff first.

I feel like a lot of women will just go straight to those isolation exercises before doing any sort of compound exercises first.

If I were your trainer, I would have you doing isolation exercises just a small percentage of your time, then spending most of your time on the bigger compound exercises, such as squats.

Ultimately, a lot of women spend too much time on the little stuff and are lacking passion and effort with their glute training.

They’re using weight that is too light, because they think the goal should be higher reps.

Unfortunately, this leads to the sets not being hard or intense enough to create change in their glutes.

Say No To Sloppy Cardio

Another thing that women do in the gym, that I find is a major waste of time, is spending way too much time on cardio, specifically sloppy cardio.

When I say sloppy, I’m referring to people keeping themselves propped up by using their arms.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 12.11.30 PM

It’s very sloppy and takes away so much of the resistance and butt building potential.  

It’s a waste and such a shame

Don’t just spend over an hour on the stairmaster or treadmill, thinking that the answer to a nicer booty is going to be fat loss.

In reality, most women need to build muscle in the glutes to really see the shape and development that they want.

I would recommend getting off of the cardio machines, especially if you’re doing it in a sloppy way, and getting into strength training.

It doesn’t always need to be with weights, but it definitely needs to be the right exercises.

Brad: So true, get what you give.

I like it.

Here’s my last question for you.

Can cardio help build a butt? If so, what type of cardio do you recommend?

Jessica: Yes absolutely, cardio can help build your butt.

However, it definitely needs to be the right type of cardio, not the slow boring kind that so many women are doing.

You need to bump up the intensity and get out of your comfort zone.

The best type of cardio for your butt are stair workouts or sprints.

Booty Lifting 30 Minute Stairs Workout

Fast paced exercises where the knee reaches a 90 degree bend.

This helps emphasize, activate, and stretches the glutes, rather than just placing stress on the knees.

You have to use those glutes if you want them to salute 😉

So keep your cardio short and intense, and make sure your legs are actually working in full range of motion.

Not little baby steps.

Never sloppy, slow and boring.

You have to go all the way.

Brad: Thank you so much for sharing all of your best glute training tips with the Live Lean Nation.

You’re a beauty Jessica, I love you.

Jessica: You’re not too bad yourself Brad.

I love our Live Lean Transformation 1,000,000 Mission and seeing all the Live Leaners transforming their lives.

It’s been incredible to see the booties transforming right in front of us.

It’s just the best feeling in the world when someone shows me their results from following my glute training programs.

Every time it’s a higher, tighter, rounder, and more lifted beautiful booty.

So that right there is proof that my best glute training tips work.

Bottom line

If you put care and effort into your glute workouts, they will love you back.

You truly will get what you give.

Train your bums Live Leaners.

Start Your Booty Transformation Now With One Of Our Glute Training Programs

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Jessica has taken her 15+ years of experience in the fitness industry and rolled it all into her glute training programs.

We have 3 great booty training program options that you can follow.

Glute Training Program #1: Original Build A Butt (BAB)

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All three are great programs and I’ve completed them all.

So whether you want to use equipment or not use equipment, there is a glute training program option for you.

They’re all awesome, so you will really see a dramatic booty transformation, regardless of which program you follow.

If you’re ready to start your booty training journey, we’re giving you a 30% off discount coupon code that is exclusive for those of you who checked out this post.

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If you have any questions about which of those glute training programs is the right fit for you, you can let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for hanging out with us and keep saluting those glutes baby.

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