The “Queen Of Butts” Shares Her Secrets (Part 1)

jessica rumbaugh interview
Certified fitness professional Jessica Rumbaugh is a head turner. Sure she has beautiful brown eyes, a stunning smile, and legs for days…but lets be real…all the guys (and girls) turn their heads because of her butt. As the creator of the Build A Butt 12 week workout program, Jessica’s goal is to cut through all the conventional B.S. and spread the truth about the correct way for women to build a butt. My two part interview with Jessica will without a doubt open your eyes to all the wrong things you’re currently doing, and inspire you to follow the correct path to build your dream butt FASTER!

– Brad

Brad: Ok lets make the first question a fun one. In your opinion, which celebrity has the best butt?


I’d have to say I give the celebrity Build A Butt award to Jennifer Lopez or Jessica Beil. They’re both fierce women who obviously aren’t afraid to work hard and get sweaty during their workouts. The results obviously show for themselves. Nice work ladies.

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Brad: Agreed, nice buns ladies. There’s just something about ladies with great butts whose name starts with “J”. Ok, moving on, what are the top 3 mistakes most women make when it comes to building a butt?


This is an easy one.

#1: Most women DO NOT use enough weight. Let me set the record straight once and for all ladies…you WILL NOT get bulky when lifting heavy weights. Your body just does not produce enough testosterone to get beastly. And any women that you see at the gym that looks beastly…they’re probably getting “helped”.

#2: For some reason most women DO NOT work all the way to failure. They give up in the mind before their body has reached it’s maximum. In other words, they’re staying in their comfort zone. We all know when you stay in your comfort zone, you’re limiting growth (in all areas of life). The real winners understand the RESULTS come on the other side of your comfort zone.

#3: My #3 has to do with a lot of women who shy away from the more difficult exercises that “hurt”. Of course these exercises also provide you with the biggest bang for your buck. I promise you, who ever your look up to when it comes to having a great butt, they didn’t get it without doing the “difficult” exercises.

Brad: Excellent. Speaking of these “difficult” exercises, if you could pick just 2 moves to build a J-Lo or Jessica Biel booty, which 2 would you recommend, and why?


Haha…how about squats…

& more squats.

I’m serious. Nothing will incorporate all the major muscle fibers of the butt and legs better than SQUATS. Show me a person with a flat butt and I’ll show you a person who is scared of the squat rack. Show me a person with a round lifted butt and…yep you guessed it…I’ll show you a person who has fallen in love with squats.

And I know the thought of barbell squats in the rack sounds intimidating, but don’t forget…there are many different versions of squats. Start slow and progress up.


Brad: Great advice. I’ve said it before, there is nothing sexier that turns my head quicker, than seeing a female in the squat rack. DAMN THAT’S GOOD. Ok, so how do you respond to women who say having a butt is all about genetics (i.e. you either have it or you don’t)?


Puh-lease! That’s definitely NOT true.

I say look at all the female athletes. They all have great butts but there it would literally impossible for them to all have great genetics.

There is no genetic butt code. Anyone can earn a great butt! You just need a lot of hard work, discipline, and a great workout program!

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1. What tips are you going to implement into your next workout?

2. In your opinion, which celebrity has the best butt?

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  1. I receive compliments on my rear end …I’m working on making it better. I recently purchased a barbell and a few plates. Squats, squats and more squats… I come. Thank you.

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