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30 Min Follow Along Home Booty Workout

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I want you to try a workout from my new 9 week Booty Transformation guide.

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing one of the workouts from my Build a Butt 2.0 program.

If you’ve been wondering….

“What are the workouts like?”

“What kind of exercises are involved?”

“Will I like it?”

This is the perfect way to find out.

This workout is called “BAM BOOTY” and it’s from Phase 2 of the 9 week training schedule.

Build a Butt 2.0 training and nutrition program

Here’s today’s workout sheet:

Workout sheets are provided for every workout in the program.

This workout is just 1 of the 12 unique booty training sessions included in Build a Butt 2.0’s 9 week training schedule.

You’ll be training with me, rep by rep to learn the workouts and all the important coaching cues to get the best results.

This program is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time and doesn’t want to invest a lot of money in personal training or gym membership.

I love training at the gym too, but as a new mom (my kids are 1 and 3.5 at the time of creating this), I sometimes need home-training alternatives in order to stick to my training schedule.

This program gives you the freedom to train anywhere you want.

There is ZERO equipment used other than a chair or bench.

Start your booty transformation.

I’d love to be your trainer and guide you to amazing results.

You can see the results from my clients were awesome! Each one of them has a tighter, firmer, and smoother booty than they did before the program. They were each thrilled with the experience and with the results.

Get your booty transformation started with Build a Butt 2.0


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