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Chest Workout And Delicious Wild Salmon Recipe


Day In The Life Of A Fit New Dad | Live Lean Life Ep. 029

On today’s vlog episode of Live Lean TV, I show you my chest workout and a delicious wild salmon recipe.

This is one of the healthy and delicious meals we’ve been eating this week from our Sunbasket meal kit delivery.

In Live Lean Life Vlog Ep. 029 I share:

While Jessica was at the gym getting her booty gains, I was on babysitting duty with Kyla and Bruno.


Although most people would think I’m the real meathead of the family, Kyla knows it’s not her daddy, it’s her momma.

That’s why we love her so much.

Sunbasket Meal Kit Unboxing

While I was playing with Kyla, we heard a knock on the door.

I was so happy to see it was another package from Sunbasket.

We love receiving Sunbasket meal kits delivered right to our front door.

Here are the Sunbasket meals we are eating this week:

  • Salmon With Roasted New Potatoes And Green Beans
  • Spicy Thai-Style Beef With Broccoli
  • Burmese Chicken Aloo With Japanese Sweet Potato

I’m going to make some of that food when I get back from the gym.

I think we’re going to make the salmon recipe tonight, since I love making wild salmon.

I have a feeling this Salmon With Roasted New Potatoes And Green Beans recipe is going to be delicious.

However, before I show you how we make that recipe, I’m going to head down to the gym for a chest workout, once Jessica is finished her workout.

Unfortunately we can’t workout at the same time since one of us has to take care of the baby.

Chest Workout At The Gym

30 Minute Chest Workout At The Gym For Men Live Lean TV

Here is the 30 Minute Chest Workout At The Gym To Build Muscle Mass.

After the workout, Jess, Kyla and I played the jumping game with Bruno.

Kyla was laughing the entire time.

After that, it was time to make dinner.

Salmon With Roasted New Potatoes And Green Beans Recipe

Salmon With Roasted New Potatoes And Green Beans Live Lean TV

To see the full Salmon With Roasted New Potatoes And Green Beans recipe, check out the post: How To Make A Delicious Salmon Recipe For Dinner.

Did somebody order salmon for dinner?

This looked amazing and, based on our empty plates, tasted even better.

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Kyla says she can’t wait to eat real food like this from Sunbasket.

Check out this Sunbasket Steak With Roasted Sweet Potatoes Recipe.

Sunbasket Meal Kit Review Live Lean TV


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