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5 Reasons You Think Weight Training makes you Bulky

What to do if you think you’re getting bulky

A lot of people refrain from weight training from fear of getting bulky. Is this fear legit?

5 Reasons You Think Weight Training makes you Bulky

I totally understand the fear of getting bulky from weight training because I used to have that fear too. It wasn’t until gaining real life experience and seeing the results that I finally overcame those fears and discovered the truth about what happens when you lift weights.

Here are 5 of the most common reasons you think weight training makes you bulky.

  1. You work hard in the weight room but completely ignore your nutrition. Eating whatever and however much you want without paying attention to needs. etc..
  2. In the past you’ve started programs, completed 1 or 2 weeks, your metabolism started to raise so you started eating more than your calorie needs (even if clean/healthy).
  3. Every time you lift weights you think you “earn” a cheat meal or double sized portions. If this happens 4+ times per week it can get out of hand and cause weight gain.
  4. You’re drinking more water because weight training makes you thirstier & your body pumps some of that into your muscles and skin so your body is learning how to absorb the extra hydration making you temporarily look bloated. It takes a couple of weeks for your body to learn to absorb the extra hydration so be aware not to judge your results too soon before your body has time to adjust to the changes.
  5. You have no real evidence or experience. You believe this to be true because of rumors or gossip you hear and/or irrational fear of change. Don’t judge it till you try it. Real life experience is the only way to see what really happens when you follow a weight training program.

Here’s what to do if you notice yourself bulking after a few weeks on a weight training program.

If you begin a strength training program and notice your pants are tighter – you have to address both muscle and body fat – it’s likely the body fat sitting on top of muscle that’s causing you to feel “bulky”, and not the muscle itself.

It can take months or maybe even years to put on a few pounds of muscle, whereas fat and water bloat can be gained super quickly, within days and or weeks.

It usually takes a minimum of 4 to 12 weeks to truly see the results from a strength training or body transformation program, so don’t be too quick to judge your results.

These are your 2 Steps to avoid bulk:

  1. Address your nutrition. Make sure you’re not eating in a surplus (track your nutrition for a few days to find out if you might be in an accidental surplus)
  2. Give your program at LEAST 4 weeks before jumping to conclusions about whether it makes you bulky or not. I guarantee by following our programs and dialing in your nutrition you’ll see awesome results.

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