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About Jessica

I feel a responsibility to help women and people all over the world discover how to take control of their shape, let go of insecurities, and step into their power – I want to teach women to live like a Boss. Eliminate fear, cowardice and weakness. Be strong, courageous and become an action-taker.

My Journey to Live Lean:

I struggled with my weight pretty early on in life. I was very self conscious and felt so uncomfortable with the way I looked

I was very lucky to have an athletic influence from my family, but I did not become interested in physical activity until age 15 when I joined high school sports.

The influence from my coaches who believed in me was a huge life-changer and dramatically influenced the rest of my path. I’ve had many many coaches since then and strongly believe in the power of influence from a trusted source.

I became a fitness and physique competitor around age 22, in an attempt to create a sense of motivation that I didn’t quite have internally. It certainly worked! Knowing I was getting on stage in a bikini helped me work my buns off, literally, and get into the best shape of my life. Unfortunately, I struggled to maintain that shape & lost it in the “off-season”.

It seemed everyone around me was saying that an off-season was necessary and that you just couldn’t maintain abs all year round.

This meant being off from eating healthy, off from working out, and also feeling off from being my best .. I was not liking that.

I knew there had to be another way, a more sustainable path to optimal fitness and holistic well-being. I remember thinking “I wish I could stay fit all the time”

Meeting Brad was divine intervention because finally I connected with someone who DID believe it was possible to be at peak condition, physically, mentally and emotionally 365 days a year. He was the first person I ever met that believed it WAS possible.

I know it is my duty to inspire and motivate others who may not yet believe in themselves, or believe in the reality of feeling and looking great ALL the time.

I’m thrilled to help guide the Live Lean Nation as we change the world and become healthy strong and sustainably lean together.

To stay motivated, it takes a village. Now with Team Live Lean and the Live Lean Nation, we have created that sense of community that keeps everybody going strong. Live Lean 365 baby!

The results from my physical transformation:

When I first started getting serious about fitness I approached it in all the wrong ways. I became a cardio queen, focusing only on amount of calories burned rather than the overall picture or toning my muscles. If I ate a 250 calorie power bar, I’d hop on the treadmill and burn that equal amount. lol.

Finally after many frustrating attempts at bulking and cutting, on-season & off-season, losing weight and then gaining it back, I finally learned to focus on sustainable fitness.

By choosing healthy meals and learning how to cook natural foods in delicious ways and also learning how to train effectively without burning out I’ve been able to maintain the physique I always wanted: slim, sculpted and strong.


Jessica Gouthro is a Fitness & Nutrition expert with over twelve years of experience. She and her husband Brad Gouthro run a thriving online community offering affordable workout and meal plans to members each month.

Jessica’s philosophy is to maintain fitness and strength through commitment, dedication, enjoyable workouts and a deliciously healthy diet. This is how it becomes possible to stay in peak condition 365 days a year.


Height: 5’6″
Weight: 125 lbs
BF %: 15%-17%
D.O.B: April 8th, 1985
Birthplace: California USA
Age Started Training: around 22 years old

Living Lean since: 2013


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