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How To Do Sprints at Home & 3 Best Indoor Alternatives

Use these methods to achieve an incredible fat burning workout.

I had 100 meter sprints on my workout program the other day, but since I could not go to the gym or the track (during quarantine from COVID-19) I had to figure out an alternative method.

Here’s what I did:

I went to the street out in front of my house and measured 100 meters (328 feet). I marked the start and end points with sidewalk chalk.

Here are the 3 Best Indoor Alernatives:

  1. High Knees Sprint in Place
  2. Step Hops on 6 or 12 inch step stool
  3. Power Jumps

Each of these exercises can be made beginner by moving more slowly and pausing between reps, or made advanced by speeding up and working as hard and fast as you can.

If using one of the indoor options I recommend using a time goal instead of a distance goal. Work hard for 20 seconds then recover for 60 seconds.

Any one of these options will give you an amazing fat burning workout.

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