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Booty Lifting 30 Minute Stairs Workout

All you need is 30 minutes time and a set of stairs!

Get inspired to lift your booty with this 30 minute stairs workout

Booty Lifting 30 Minute Stairs Workout

This booty lifting stairs workout will take your bum to the next level! 🙂

Watch the video to see how to perform with proper form on all exercises. This can be made low-impact by excluding the jumps on both variations of squats and just stepping instead. Beginners or people with knee injuries can also use partial range of motion instead of full depth.

Here’s the workout:
Warm Up: 5 laps Single Steps – should take approx 5 minutes
Circuit of 7 Booty Lifting Moves: Do 2x up and down the stairs of each move – should take approx 2-3 mins each, with 30 sec rest periods at the bottom of the stairs between completing 2x of each move. You should be able to finish the entire circuit in about 15-20 minutes, leaving time for cool down and stretching.


I like to skip a step, so jump over one step and land on the one above. You can also choose to do every step or every 3rd step if you prefer. Make sure you land softly to protect your knee joints and do your best to keep the weight in your heels so you work your booty more than your legs. Make sure to use your arms as well & keep your core engaged.


These Side lunge ups are great for inner and outer thighs. I face the side and skip 2 steps, putting all the weight into the top foot and pressing down into the heel to lift up.


Side Lunge downs are a great eccentric exercise that allows gravity to add the resistance. Face one side and step down skipping two steps and keeping all of your weight on the top leg. Make sure to lean your body towards the top of the stairs.


Start by facing one side and step your outside leg across to the first step then step up the next step with your other foot. Continue crossing all the way up hitting each step once. Come down with a cross step as well for the recovery


Similar to the cross steps but this time your ankles will NOT cross and you’ll hit each step with both feet.


Skip 2 steps and take a big step onto the 3rd step, shift your body weight forward and press your heel down into the step to lift up. You can do extra laps of these if you like, I did about 5 laps.


Run up the stairs with single steps and when you get to the top begin your Jump Squat Down by hopping down one step with a wide stance and bending your knees to a 90 degree or deeper bend. Jump down each step, no skipping any and make sure to maintain muscle tension by staying in your squat position the whole way down.

Cool Down: Finish with another 5 laps of single steps at a slow pace for your cool down and your workout is complete!
Stretch and foam roll at home immediately after for best recovery.

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