6 Cardio Exercises To Torch Fat Fast #LLTV


Torch Fat Fast With This Athletic Style Cardio Workout

Live Lean Nation,

On today’s Live Lean TV episode, I’m showing you 6 of my favorite “non-traditional” cardio exercises to torch fat fast. You know I’m anti-cardio machine when it comes to fat burning cardio workouts, so this cardio workout is no different. Follow along and I’ll have you training and feeling like an athlete in no-time!

Fat Torching Cardio Workout

Cardio Exercises:

A1. Quick Toe Taps x 30 sec

A2. Side To Side Toe Taps x 30 sec

A3. Straddle Toe Taps x 30 sec

A4. In & Out Toe Taps x 30 sec

A5. One Leg Toe Taps x 30 sec

A6. One Leg Side To Side Toe Taps x 30 sec


10 sec between each exercise within the circuit.

3 min between each circuit.


Repeat for a total of 3 circuits.


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    talons in the night. mine is strengh and lust and power.

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  3. hey Brad,
    This looks so much like burst trainings AThleanX that i have tried of Jeff
    Cavaliere and Hell you don’t need more than 10 minutes 😀 !!!!

  4. Hey Brad, I love workout out DVDs. My favorite are p90x, and your live lean meltdown series. I hope one day you put together a full workout program on DVD. Like your afterburn program,for at home. I have all the dumbells, and other equipment. I like trying to keep up with the people in the DVD. I think that pushes me to work harder than if I was at the gym by myself. Can you do the afterburn program at home if you have dumbells, bar and plates,medicine balls, and pull-up bar? Thanks

  5. sup brad how you doin, im just curious how many sets of this should i do
    because im adding to my cardio routine. Is this workout count as a H.I.I.T
    training? By the way, awesome videos Brad, i am using some of your cardio
    routine and it is going great!!!!!

  6. Awesome video! I do some cool exercises and give away a few nutrition tips
    on my youtube channel for anyone willing to get in shape and build some
    lean muscle! feel free to check it out 🙂

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