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Best Bench Substitutes for Home Workouts [NO BENCH]


How Do You Workout With No Bench?

Have you ever opened up your training program to see Incline bench exercises and a bunch of things that require the use of a workout bench?

If you do not own an adjustable bench at Home you may have thought you’d have to just skip that exercise and move on.

Good news: Any exercise that uses a bench can also be done without the bench. You just need to know a few pro tips to ensure you do them safely and effectively.

Here are my 3 favorite bench alternatives and why:


1: The Floor

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No matter where you are, you always have the floor. I understand one of the biggest frustrations of working out on the floor is the limited range of motion. A simple remedy for this is to fold up a few towels and place them under you shoulders and head. You can also use yoga blocks for the same purpose.

Pro tip for using the floor: lay down a towel or yoga mat to make it more comfortable. Make sure to lift your weights up before you lay down.

2: A Chair

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Before I bought my home workout bench I always used a chair as my favorite bench substitute. Place your head and shoulders on it for bench press, lower you hips to turn it into an incline press, or put your feet on the chair in a bridge position for decline exercises. The possibilities are endless and chairs can be such handy workout tools.

Pro tip for using chairs: Make sure the chair or chairs are very sturdy and can hold your weight, won’t slide around, or wiggle as you do your reps.

3: A Swiss Ball

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A swiss ball is an affordable piece of home workout equipment (usually between $20 – $30 USD), and it has so many uses. It also adds another element of instability that can be fun and challenging for you workouts.

Pro tip for using a Swiss ball: Start with a lighter weight than you would with a bench. If you feel stable after your first set you can increase the weight.

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