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4 Common Beginner Workout Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Beginner Gym Mistakes That Make You Fail At Achieving Faster Results

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing 4 common beginner workout mistakes you must avoid, for faster results.

During the first few weeks of January, we all know many new faces enter the gym.

Unfortunately, we also know many of these same people never re-appear at the gym, after these first few weeks are over.

Most people quit because they don’t see results fast enough.

More than likely, they’re failing because they’re making one, if not all four of these common beginner workout mistakes.

4 Common Beginner Workout Mistakes You Must Avoid

I said it once, I’ll say it again.

I want this to be the year of Living Lean for each and everyone of you.

Live Lean Transformation 1,000,000 Mission

So in order to do this, you must avoid these beginner workout mistakes, that I’ve been seeing in the gym, during the first week of the new year.

Are you also making these common beginner workout mistakes?

Let’s find out.

Beginner Workout Mistake #1: Drinking Sports Drinks Not Water

Typically you see a lot of people walking into the gym with a bottle in their hand.

Unfortunately, a lot of beginners don’t have a bottle of water in their hand, they have a sports drink.

This is not ideal, since sports drinks can be filled with upwards of 50 grams of sugar.

On top of this, when they leave the gym floor at the end of their workout, many times these sports drink guzzlers are not even sweating.

The main reason for drinking sport drinks is to help replenish your body with sugar and electrolytes after your workout, if you really kicked your butt in the gym.

These sports drinks are mainly designed for athletes who sweat a lot during and after a workout.

However, for the majority of people, especially beginners who are looking to lose weight, you don’t need a sports drinks to recover.

It’s best to stick with drinking water.

By drinking a sugar filled sports drinks, you’re just consuming more empty calories, that will slow your weight loss results.

Let’s move on to beginner workout mistake #2.

Beginner Workout Mistake #2: Excessive Cardio

Are you walking into the gym, then going directly to the treadmill or elliptical machine?

This is fine if you are:

HIIT Cardio Workout Routine For The Treadmill

It’s also fine if you’re currently obese and are completing a low intensity steady state (LISS) cardio workout.

However, if you’re not obese, and just doing cardio at a slow and continuous pace, while maintaining a steady heart rate, without breaking a sweat, stop.

This often causes extreme boredom, which leads to people quitting the gym before they can even see any results.

No More Of That Foolishness

To get ideal results, in the fastest time possible, we need you to focus on building lean muscle to burn more calories throughout the day.

You can accomplish this by stepping onto the training floor and start lifting weights.

If you’re going to be on a cardio machine, and are not obese, I want you following a high intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio workout style.

Pros And Cons Of HIIT Cardio

Here’s an example of a HIIT cardio style workout:

  • high intensity interval: 30 seconds
  • low intensity interval: 60 seconds

To do HIIT cardio correctly, you would elevate your heart rate with a higher intensity run or jog for approximately 30 seconds, followed by 60 seconds of a slow walk to allow your heart rate to lower back down.

You’d then repeat for a set number of intervals.

Let’s move on to beginner workout mistake #3.

Beginner Workout Mistake #3: You Are Not Following A Workout Program

Do you find you walk into the gym and just look around because you don’t know where to start or what to do?

Or you see the preacher curl machine is open, so you think to yourself, I want to grow my arms, so you go do ez bar preacher curls.

Essentially you’re just doing what you feel like doing in the moment.

Do this sound familiar?

This means there is no strategy, what so ever, behind the workout, since you don’t have a workout program to follow that is periodized to your specific goals.

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes you can make the gym.

If you’re looking to get serious and achieve awesome results in the shortest time possible, make sure you have a workout program before you go into the gym.

We can help you with that when you join Team Live Lean.

What Is Team Live Lean?

Let’s move on to the fourth beginner workout mistake.

Beginner Workout Mistake #4: Lifting With Ego, Not With Your Brain

For this one, I’m going to combine the following two lifting tips to focus on:

  • time under tension
  • full range of motion

How often do you see people in the gym doing bicep curls where they’re just using as much momentum as they can to lift the weights up.

They are not in control of lifting and lowering the weight.

In other words, they don’t lift with intension or focus on time under tension.

What Does Time Under Tension Mean?

what does tempo mean in working out

Time under tension simply means keeping the contraction on the targeted muscle for a specific time period.

This helps ensure all the muscle fibers are properly recruited when lifting the weight (i.e. the concentric lift) and lowering the weight (i.e. the eccentric lift), under control.

Keep in mind, the longer you keep the muscle under tension, the more muscle you will build.

Also, by lifting with full range of motion, you’ll hit the different parts of the strength curve, which will help you build more muscle.

Regardless if you’re doing a barbell back squat, a barbell flat bench press, or a chin up, make sure you take every exercise through the full range of motion.

Don’t try to be a hero by lifting a weight that you can’t properly lower under control.

Take your ego and check it at the door.

Always select a heavy enough weight that:

  • will challenge you
  • you can lifting proper form
  • you can lift with a full range of motion while focusing on extending the under time under tension

If all of this stuff is new to you, get yourself workout program built by someone who knows what they are doing.

This will teach you how to lift by following the proper time under tension.

You can get those monthly workout programs and join other members that are getting great results at Team Live Lean.

Join Team Live Lean

Team Live Lean

If you’re looking for a way to avoid these 4 common beginner workout mistakes, it’s time to join Team Live Lean.

As a member, you’ll get a new workout program every month, along with weekly meals plans with step-by-step cooking videos for every single recipe.

You’ll also join our private accountability group with other members of the Live Lean community.

It’s all there inside Team Live Lean, so we hope you check it out.

We want to make sure this is your year of Living Lean.

Go join here.

Let’s do it.


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