Food Or Fitness: Which Is More Important?


What Do You Guys Think Is More Important To Living Lean?

Live Lean Nation,

Just arrived in beautiful San Diego! So what was the first thing Jess and I did? Spin class? Say whaaaaa?

Of course this wasn’t my decision as I’d much rather go to a dirty gym, lift heavy objects, and then put them back on the floor.


Jess’ friend is a spin class instructor and asked us to be honorary guests’¦SO’¦we sat our booties on the seat and started peddling.

On the way home, Jess and I started talking about what was more important to living lean’¦food or fitness? As we were talking, I was like, damn’¦this is a good Live Lean TV episode topic.

So we rolled the camera and just had a conversation. Check it out.

Let me know if you enjoyed this raw, conversational style video. And of course, let me know which do you think is more important to living lean…



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1. Which do you think is more important to living lean. Food or fitness? 


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0 responses to “Food Or Fitness: Which Is More Important?

  1. Definitely like this style of video. Seems very natural like you’re one of
    the homies, playa! But, I do have an 18 year old son who eats crap like
    McDonalds and pizza almost everyday but plays sports like crazy as well.
    He’s super trim and in great shape.

  2. Food because eating clean will result in a person being lean. Lean protein,
    green leafy vegetables and a fruit or two on a regular basis is all you
    need. Along with going to sleep at the right time because insulin levels
    have to be stable before you go to sleep otherwise the body will be in a
    fat storing mode…

  3. Eating clean is more effective when it comes to losing weight, but as you
    guys said having both factors in your life is better health-wise, but –
    speaking from experience – healthy diet equals weight loss. This is coming
    from someone who lost a lot of weight with just eliminating a few bad
    choices from her diet, I’m trying to incorporate exercise now, but I’ve
    gotten far enough without it.

  4. i beleve that you are what you eat but nutritionally speaking if you
    consume the right quantity of carbs fats and protein and at the same time
    you make a caloric deficiency you can lower your body fat. but that is only
    my opinion and it may be wrong. although both of them are important.

  5. Really interesting topic. I have tried both. I am seeing better results by
    doing high intensity exercise and not focussing too much on healthy eating.
    Before I used to do medium intensity and be more strict with what I ate,
    and it didnt work as well, in terms of getting lean and the body shape I’m
    looking for. So glad I found your channel!! You have some great tips!

  6. what about me, i’d chose fitness. It’s like lifestyle, and superclean
    eating can’t give me all these advantages

  7. Nice impromptu vid, guys! Loved it. Incidentally, from a holistic nutritionist’s perspective, there’s no gray area. The proper fuel not only makes that body and workout possible, but keeps it in peak health from the inside out. The quality of food (or lack of) you put in now, has strong bearing on the health or breakdown of that machine later on. You can only outrun a poor food choices for so long. Thanks for all the great exercise motivation!

  8. Food is key. Exercise will not stop sugars from inflaming your arteries and then being patched with high cholesterol.

    The video recorded in the moving car was lame. Like you’re so trendy and so busy, you can’t sit at an outdoor picnic table for 5 minutes to make a video?

  9. Nutrition is definitely more important for staying lean. I know a lot of people who exercise a lot and don’t seem to be able to shed weight. I know their diets are to blame. However, I also don’t believe that most people know how to eat healthy.

  10. Food is more important whether working out or not. A poor diet will always
    catch up to you quicker. Weight watchers, jenny craig, etc all proven the
    power food. The elite body builders have also proven the power of food.
    Someone who dont exercise but totally eat healthy will have a more
    healthier body than someone who workout every day but have a poor diet.

  11. Eating clean is more important. This had been one of my main downfalls when
    it came to getting and staying lean. I would workout really hard and then
    tell myself its OK to eat whatever. No matter how hard i worked out my
    midsection alwaya looked flabby. It has taken many years to finally break
    that bad habit. Eating clean is the way to go.

  12. Both are very important and both have health benefits, including cancer
    prevention, but, that being said, out of the two, food wins, specially in
    the long run! Pun intended!

    Brad, I think your videos, (including the break) Are amazing, I follow you
    on every piece of media out there, keep it up!! Would love to live near CA
    but I only go there when I travel occasionally, it would be awesome to work
    out one day! As per teh video format I think it would be great as long as
    you both give more detailed insights in a more profound debate, you guys
    look like a great couple who could do that with out it turning into a big
    dispute or anything! Lol keep up the great work man!!

  13. As a former fat person I know you cannot compensate for a bad diet (and I
    mean really bad diet). As many coaches tell you it is about a balance
    between food and exercise, but I do think that when you only put crap into
    your body you cannot perform to your best ability.

  14. i think a person who only eat clean and healthy food in the right amount
    will me leaner as a person who workout allay but only eat crap 😀

    i can speak from my point of view, after i eat and workout like Brad teach
    us to live lean i realize that healthy food is the main point !

  15. Food, because unless your a professional athlete, you can’t out train your
    intake. As for the videos, I like the mix of both styles. Entertaining and

  16. Yo Brad, Shawn here. I do like this style of video. It’s like a glimpse
    into your day to day life and very down to earth personable stuff. These
    are the videos that I know I like watching, catchy title too!

  17. Food is way more important than exercise. Once upon a time I only ate
    healthy and did not exercise and I lost weight, another time in my life I
    exercised and did not eat as healthy and I got fit but did not really lose
    weight. So now I do both.

  18. This is a tough one! I honestly could not choose for myself. I hate the way
    I feel when I eat bad foods, but I hate the way I feel when I dont work
    out. And I LOVE working out. But then again a lot people only eat healthy
    and dont work out because they dont like working out (they be crazy). But
    then theres people like Rich Froning who love working out and work out
    constantly but eat crap. And still be a freaking beast. So very tough
    question… haha. But like you guys said. A balance of both is the best. If
    you don’t have chocolate and bread once in a while your not human. 😉

  19. Hey man new subscriber to you awesome channel great informative vids
    anyways Im neutral so I would say both but also I think this is a weird
    video compared to your others which would go better with bgtv and not this
    but on the other hand it was a good change so ya just putting in my
    opinions anyways keep up the bids and change more lives

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