My Diet

A Typical Brad Gouthro Grocery Order

Click this link to download a printable PDF of my grocery list.

Here’s a picture and video of the foods I purchase on a weekly basis. The image below covers about 3/4 of the foods I consume every week as I already had a good supply of vegetables. The video below covers everything in more detail.

You’ll notice a few commonalities with my diet:

  • Whole foods (one ingredient on the label)
  • High Protein
  • Healthy Essential Fats
  • Unrefined, low glycemic complex carbohydrates
  • Organic
  • Lots of vegetables
  • No processed, refined, and sugary packaged food and drinks

Click this link to download a printable PDF of my grocery list.

Brad Gouthro’s Typical Day’s Meal Plan

Calorie Intake: 2,665 calories

Protein Intake: 267g (40%)

Carbohydrate Intake: 200g (30%)

Fat Intake: 89g (30%)

Click here for a larger image of my Typical Day’s Meal Plan seen below:

Meal Plan Software_Brad Meal_Planner

Get Your Own Meal Plan Software

Here is a video demonstration on how simple the Brad Gouthro Fitness Meal Planner Software (seen above) is to use. As discussed in the video, this software will help you set nutrition goals and monitor your nutrition intake everyday to ensure you’re hitting your goals.

Only $15 (taxes inc).
Instant Download
Please ensure you have Microsoft Excel before buying.



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