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30 Minute Boulder Shoulder Workout Targeting Lateral And Rear Deltoids


Top 5 Exercises To Build Your Lateral And Rear Deltoids

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a 30 minute boulder shoulder workout targeting lateral and rear deltoids.

Today’s workout was filmed at Real Fitness in Los Angeles, California.

This 30 minute workout includes 5 of the best exercises to build your lateral and rear deltoids.

Anatomy Of The Shoulder

The following three deltoid muscles cover the front, side, and back of the shoulder joint:

  • Anterior deltoids: on the front of the shoulders
  • Lateral deltoids: on the side of the shoulders
  • Posterior deltoids: on the back of the shoulders

This shoulder workout focuses primarily on exercises that target two of the three heads of the deltoids, the lateral and posterior deltoids.

Why Are We Not Targeting The Anterior Deltoids?

Here’s the reason why we are not focusing on the anterior deltoids on the front of the shoulders.

The anterior deltoids are also targeted during most pushing movements, including the:

Based on receiving all of this extra work, the majority of people already have well defined anterior deltoids on the front of their shoulders.

In this shoulder workout, we want to focus primarily on strengthening, building, and defining the often neglected heads of the shoulders, the lateral and posterior deltoids.

To create the boulder shoulder look, it’s important to add another dimension by hitting the side and back of your shoulders, with a wide variety of angles and movements.

To do this, I want you to focus on these 5 shoulder exercises that mainly target the lateral and the posterior deltoids.

Let’s get started.

Boulder Shoulder Workout Information


Brad Gouthro, PTS/NWS, Host and Creator of Live Lean TV, and the #1 expert teaching people all over the world how to Live Lean 365 days a year.

Duration Of Workout

30 minutes

Workout Focus

This shoulder workout primarily targets the lateral and posterior deltoids with a muscle building stimulus.

Required Equipment

  • Dumbbells
  • Cable machine
  • Rope attachment
  • Incline bench

Calories Burned During Workout

175 calories by a 175 pound male using an Apple Watch.

Boulder Shoulder Workout Instructions

If your shoulders are a weak body part, this shoulder specialization workout can be added in to your overall weekly training program.

Select a weight that challenges the muscle based on the given rep and tempo counts.

Focus on controlling the weight by following the prescribed tempo counts.

30 Minute Boulder Shoulder Workout Targeting Lateral And Rear Deltoids

Want to build bigger, stronger, and more defined boulder shoulders?

Add these top 5 exercises to your next shoulder workout.

Click the links below for the step-by-step exercise demonstrations.

A. Head Supported Bent Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise

First shoulder exercise is the head supported bent over dumbbell lateral raise.

  • Reps: 10 reps
  • Sets: 3
  • Tempo: 2011
  • Rest: 40 seconds

Coaching cues:

  1. To avoid any cheating or momentum, put your forehead on a bench.
  2. This will help you really isolate the rear deltoids on this exercise.
  3. Make sure you take a wide arc with your arms, and really focus on feeling the tension in the back of your shoulders.

B. Standing Dumbbell Poliquin Lateral Raise

The second shoulder exercise is the standing dumbbell poliquin lateral raise.

  • Reps: 10 reps
  • Sets: 3
  • Tempo: 2011
  • Rest: 40 seconds

Coaching cues:

  1. This is a little bit different than the normal standing dumbbell lateral raise that you may see or have tried in the gym.
  2. To start the movement, you’ll complete a hammer curl.
  3. Then you will complete the lateral raise by moving your bent elbows away from the body, then extending your arms out to the side.
  4. Then slowly lower the dumbbells on the way down.
  5. This slow eccentric lowering of the dumbbells is really going to hit your lateral deltoids.

C. Standing Cable Upright Row With Rope

The third shoulder exercise is the standing cable upright row with rope attached to a low pulley.

  • Reps: 10 reps
  • Sets: 3
  • Tempo: 3011
  • Rest: 40 seconds

Coaching cues:

  1. You could also complete the upright row using a barbell.
  2. I like to switch it up every once in a while with hand placements.
  3. That’s why I also like using the rope to really target the deltoids.

D. Neutral Grip Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

The fourth shoulder exercise is the neutral grip seated dumbbell shoulder press.

  • Reps: 10 reps
  • Sets: 3
  • Tempo: 3010
  • Rest: 40 seconds

Coaching cues:

  1. We’re using a neutral grip for this exercise, as I find it can be easier on the shoulders for many people.
  2. Make sure you really feel the shoulders working by slowing the eccentric lowering of the weight.
  3. I want you controlling the weight rather than just letting the weights drop fast.
  4. Remember, you control the weights, the weights don’t control you.

E. Seated Rope Face Pull

The final shoulder exercise is the seated rope face pull.

  • Reps: 10 reps
  • Sets: 3
  • Tempo: 3011
  • Rest: 40 seconds

Coaching cues:

  1. You don’t see many people at the gym doing these, but it’s a great exercise to hit the rear deltoids.
  2. Sit down and attached a rope to a seated cable row machine.
  3. Pull the rope to your face and really squeeze your shoulder blades together.
  4. This will really hit your rear deltoids.

There you go guys.

I Hope You Enjoyed This Boulder Shoulder Workout

Add these lateral and rear deltoid exercises to your next shoulder workout and start your journey to create your boulder shoulders.

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Stayed tuned and keep Living Lean.

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