Food Wars: Natural vs. Artificial Sweeteners

Natural vs. Artificial Sweeteners

Food Wars: Natural vs. Artificial Sweeteners

In this episode of Live Lean TV’s Food Wars, I put Natural vs. Artificial Sweeteners head to head to see which one belongs in your cabinet and which one belongs in your garbage.

It’s going to be a war!

Artificial sweeteners are popping up everywhere nowadays. As most people are watching their carb intake (sugar), many are quick to jump on foods that contain artificial sweeteners.

Is this a good thing?

Well, that’s why I’ve put together this Live Lean TV segment called “Food Wars”.

In the video below, I’ll analyze Natural vs. Artificial Sweeteners from a nutritional standpoint.

But I have to tell you, the winner of this sweetener edition of food wars was easy.

Watch the video below to see which sweetener came out on top!

Watch this Food Wars edition of Natural vs. Artificial Sweeteners:

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