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Do We Drink Soda Or Eat Candy On Our Cheat Days?

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#AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 002: Alcohol, Snacks, Supplements, Carb Cycling

On episode 002 of the #AskLiveLeanTV show, we’re answering 9 of your questions, including do we drink soda or eat candy on our cheat days?

If you’re new to #AskLiveLeanTV, this is the show where we answer your questions on video, when you post them to our @LiveLeanTV social media channels, using #AskLiveLeanTV:

Tip: the best place to post your question is on Twitter.

Let’s jump right into it.

Here Are Today’s 9 Viewer Questions

  1. What do we do when we’re not filming, working out, or cooking?
  2. What snacks are healthy to bring while traveling on a plane?
  3. What supplements do we take?
  4. How do you eat healthy while on vacation?
  5. Should you carb cycle or just count macros?
  6. What type of alcohol do we drink?
  7. Do we drink soda or eat candy on our cheat days?
  8. What’s the difference between blending greens versus taking a greens powder?
  9. How can I eat healthy at home when my mom cooks all the meals?

Question #1: What Do We Do When We’re Not Filming, Working Out, Or Cooking?

@CiscoBalls on Twitter asks:

“We have all seen your human side. We trust. What do you do when you aren’t filming, working out, and cooking?”

First of all, shout out to you for being a member of Team Live Lean.

We love our members, so keep being awesome.

Since you see a lot of content from us in the kitchen cooking and working out, it probably seems like that’s all we do.

However, it’s not.

In fact, we don’t want you to have that perception of us.

We put that content out there because that’s what our brand is about.

However, it doesn’t mean that’s all we’re doing.

Working out and cooking is actually just a small percentage of what we do throughout the day.

First of all, we’re running a business.

We’re Entrepreneurs Running A Media Company

This means we work a lot, with much of that time, in front of the computer.

Similar to most office workers, we are also in front of the computer at least six to eight hours a day.

Even though it may look like we’re always outside working out, cooking, and doing all kinds of healthy activities, that’s not the our reality.

That’s just the small clips that you see.

Keep in mind, most videos you watch from us is under five minutes.

This means you’re just seeing little snippets, rather than our whole day’s worth of activities.

Do You Want To See More Lifestyle Vlogs On Live Lean TV?

Similar to the vlogs we posted on our BGTV YouTube channel, we are thinking about putting out more daily vlogs on our Live Lean TV YouTube channel.

We were posting vlogs every day, for almost a year on BGTV, showing more highlights of our activities throughout the day.

However, we’re not going to come out with 24 hour video channel showing our full day, since video of us typing on the computer is boring.

The point is, we are thinking about coming out with more daily lifestyle vlogs, on our Live Lean TV YouTube channel, to show the other side of our life, that’s not just all about fitness.

If you want to see that, let us know in the comments below.

Fitness Does Not Consume Our Life

Here’s the main thing we want to get across.

We don’t want you to get the wrong impression of thinking that in order to Live Lean, you have to spend a 100% of your time working out and cooking.

We know that’s not realistic, even for us.

Therefore, we want to give you the truth, and show you all sides of life, including the struggles that we go through having a family, and how hard it is to run a business.

A lot of our time is spent planning, traveling, and doing family activities.

Other Things We Enjoy Doing

If I had to summarize what I enjoy doing outside of working out and cooking, it’s still related to fitness.

I love being athletic and playing sports.

Jessica loves more girly things, including makeup, getting manicures, and massages.

I’ll also throw my man card on the table and say I love massages.

Massages are a great way to recover your muscles after hard workouts.

If anybody ever wants to buy me a gift, buy me massages gift cards.

Hopefully that clarifies our approach to Living Lean.

Ultimately, we don’t want you to get the wrong impression that all we do is work out and cook food.

Our life is not consumed like that.

Question #2: What Snacks Are Healthy To Bring While Traveling On A Plane?

@FemkePointl on Twitter asks:

“What are the best healthy airplane travel snack ideas when traveling by plane for 24 hours? Also, what are good options for food at airports?”

5 Best Healthy Airplane Travel Snack Ideas

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Question #3: 3 Best Supplements To Take Daily All Year Round?

@Milanisakilla on Snapchat asks:

“Do you take supplements, if you do, which ones? For example, what are the 3 best supplements to take daily all year round?

3 best supplements to take daily all year round

Check out the full post: 3 Best Supplements To Take Daily All Year Round?

Question #4: How Do You Eat Healthy While On Vacation?

@Rennat17 on Snapchat asks:

“How do you eat healthy on vacation? I’ve went on multiple trips recently and it’s hard to stay Living Lean.”

You Do NOT Have To Eat Healthy On Vacation

Check out the full post: You Do NOT Have To Eat Healthy On Vacation

Question #5: Should You Carb Cycle Or Just Count Macros?

@santos116 on Twitter asks:

“Should you follow carb cycling or just count macros and keep it steady at 40% protein, 20% carbohydrates, and 40% fat?”

Carb Cycling or Counting Macros And Keeping Them Steady All Week

Check out the full post: Carb Cycling or Counting Macros?

Question #6: What Type Of Alcohol Do We Drink?

Ricker2000 on Snapchat asks:

“When you go out with friends to the bar, what do you drink so you don’t lose your abs?”

Best Abs Friendly Alcohol

Check out the full post: Best Abs Friendly Alcohol

Question #7: Do We Drink Soda Or Eat Candy On Our Cheat Days?

@CiscoBalls Snapchat asks:

“Do you guys ever have candy or soda? I remember a second channel video, from your BGTV videos, where you say that you’ve lost the taste for soda. I’m the same way for most sweets. I’m just wondering if you incorporate unhealthy desserts as cheat meals throughout the year?

Note: We keep going back to his questions because he’s always talking and engaging with us on social media.

Yes, occasionally we do eat unhealthy desserts.

Jessica loves Thanksgiving pie at my mom’s house.

However, when it comes to drinking soda, I could care less.

We don’t enjoy soda because we find it tastes too sweet, like syrup.

When it comes to carbonated drinks, Jessica likes sparkling water, with a little fruit, such as a squeeze of lemon or lime.

I don’t like most carbonated drinks, however the only carbonation drink that I do like is sugar free energy drinks, like Rockstar.

Even though the artificial sweeteners and chemicals are not any better than the sugar, I always get the sugar free energy drinks, since I find the sugar is way too much for me.

It always leaves a sugary film on my teeth.

As you know, I’m not a fan of artificial sweeteners.

The only sweetener I like to use is stevia.

We Do Have Occasional Sweet Cravings

Even though we don’t have really big sweet cravings, we do have a sweet tooth at times.

We’ve been making this homemade protein popsicle recipe, and we love to making baked goods like these healthy protein chocolate chip cookies from my Eat Clean Live Lean Cookbook.

However, the difference is, all these recipes contain healthy ingredients.

We don’t want you to think we never eat sweets, because we definitely have as much of a sweet tooth as the next person.

However, we just choose healthier choices, most of the time.

Question #8: What’s The Difference Between Blending Greens Versus Taking A Greens Powder?

@ciscoballs says from snapchat: 

“The greens powder that you drink in the morning, what is the difference between that and just blending (not juicing)?

Check out the full post: Juicing vs Blending vs Greens Powder Supplement

Question #9: How Can I Eat Healthy At Home When my Mom Cooks All The Meals?

@FemkePointl on twitter ask:

“How can I get healthy while I still live at home. My mom cooks since I go to college, therefore I don’t have much time.”

Use this 1 tip LLTV thumbnail

Check out the full post: How To Eat Healthy When You Live With Your Parents

There you go.

That Was Episode Number 2 Of Our #AskLiveLeanTV Show

Now it’s time for you to engage with us by answering today’s question of the day in the comment section below.

Since I asked a manly sports question during last week’s episode, Jessica gets to ask this week’s question.

She wants to know, what is your favorite hobby, other than working out and cooking, that makes you human?

You heard what ours were, so tell us what yours are below.

Thank you so much for engaging with us.

Ask us all your #AskLiveLeanTV questions on Twitter.

Then we’ll answer them on camera.

That’s how this show works.

Please make sure you share us with your friends and come back for another episode.

Thanks for watching and keep Living Lean.

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