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18 Intense Tire and Sledgehammer Exercises

Tire and sledgehammer workout and GNC Beyond Raw review

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m showing you 18 intense tire and sledgehammer exercises that are perfect for when you have one of those angry days.

Yes, I’m referring to one of those days where you just want to break something.

So rather than keeping that anger built up inside, grab a sledgehammer and take it out on a tractor tire.

It’s time to get raw with these 18 tire and sledgehammer exercises.

This isn’t going to be pretty.

Note: at the end of this post, I’m reviewing 3 of the supplements from the GNC Beyond Raw product line.


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18 intense tire and sledgehammer exercises:

  1. Tire deadlift and slam
  2. Tire bent over row
  3. Sledgehammer tire swing
  4. Sit up on tire
  5. Tire jump
  6. Sledgehammer bulgarian split squat on tire
  7. Decline Tire plyometric push up
  8. Prisoner fast feet tire toe taps
  9. Tire deadlift
  10. Forward tire hop through
  11. Lateral tire heisman
  12. Alternating tire oblique sit up
  13. Overhead sledgehammer bulgarian split squat on tire
  14. Single leg decline tire push up
  15. Decline tire spiderman push up
  16. Forward to backward tire hops
  17. Overhead Long arm tire crunch
  18. Around the world tire jump

Bonus sledgehammer and tire exercise: side to side tire sledgehammer swings

Do you think you can do a sledgehammer and tire workout like that without being properly fueled?

Keep it raw.

18 Intense Sledgehammer and Tire Exercises

GNC Beyond Raw review

With a product line called “Beyond Raw”, I was very interested to put these GNC supplements to the test.

If you’ve been a subscriber of my Live Lean TV YouTube channel, you know I’m all about training hard and eating clean whole foods.

As you saw in the 18 Intense Tire and Sledgehammer Exercises video, these supplements didn’t inspire me to make a safe and pretty workout.

The Beyond Raw Re-Built Mass Gainer, Refine Ultra Thermogenic, and the Ravage Pre Workout made me go with a more RAW approach.

GNC BEYOND RAW Workout Video

I said screw the dumbbells and barbells.

Lets get dirty with my tractor tire, sledgehammer, and of course the best piece of equipment you can have, your body.

GNC Beyond Raw supplements: are they worth the hype?


Did these GNC Beyond Raw supplements give me the energy, the strength, and power to get through this RAW workout?

Well first of all, let me point out that supplements are just that, supplements.

You’ll never obtain your dream physique and health, without following a consistent diet of whole foods.


Top this off with an intense, well designed resistance training program and a cardio workout program, and you are close.

But we’re not done.

Add in sufficient rest, and then sprinkle that with supplements.

Think of it this way.

Supplements are not intended to be the magic bullet. They are meant to compliment and provide an extra boost to your results.

With that said, GNC Beyond Raw supplements may help you with that, if they fit your specific goals.

Lets discuss in more detail.

GNC Beyond Raw Re-Built Mass Review


Should you be taking GNC Beyond Raw Re-Built Mass?

Great question, but it depends on your goals.

Re-built Mass is a super weight gainer supplement.

Each serving is packed with 850 calories, including a whooping 60 grams of an advanced protein complex.

This Re-built Mass protein complex includes a blend of fast and slow releasing proteins including:

  • whey protein concentrate
  • calcium caseinate
  • whey protein hydrolysate
  • micellar casein
  • whey protein isolate

GNC Beyond Raw Re-Built Mass Pros:

If you’re a slow gainer ectomorph, with a primary goal of packing on muscle size, strength, and power, this mass gainer could work for you.

It’s 3 full scoops per serving, which also contains muscle building creatine, BCAAs, and energy boosting Beta Alanine and Arginine.

Re-Built Mass also contains fast acting carbohydrate sources via waxy maize and maltodextrin.

This means you not only get a great source of muscle building protein after your workout, but you’ll also send those amino acids into the muscle cells more efficiently, via these fast digesting, simple sugars.

No need to add a separate sugar source to your post workout shake.

Simply add to water and you’re ready to recover, repair, and grow before your next workout.

I’ve tried the Vanilla Cake Batter and Chocolate Brownie flavors and they taste really good. .

GNC Beyond Raw Re-Built Mass Cons:

This one’s obvious, and really shouldn’t be called a con if your goal is to gain size.

I’m referring to the 850 calories per serving.

If your goal is fat loss, of course this may be more calories than you need.

I’d recommend you stick with a protein powder that is lower in carbohydrates and fat, like this one.

Use coupon code: LiveLeanTV25 for a discount.

However if your goal is muscle building, and these 850 calories are still over your calories requirements, either cut back on the 3 scoop serving size or stick with a whey protein isolate.

Also, even though your goal is to gain size, if you want to do it with the best ingredients possible, I suggest you check out this weight gainer from Rivalus called the Clean Gainer.

It contains more whole foods than most typical weight gainer supplements.

Although the Rivalus Clean Gainer is not as calorie dense as the Beyond Raw Re-Built Mass, I’d say it’s a better quality source of calories.

Last thing.

Even though it is 3 scoops per serving, it actually does mix pretty well in a shaker cup.

However, to get the most consistent texture, use a blender.

Click here to grab a tub of GNC Beyond Raw Re-Built

GNC Beyond Raw Refine Review


Next up, should you be taking GNC Beyond Raw Refine?

Once again, it depends on your goals.

GNC Beyond Raw Refine is a thermogenic.

A thermogenic supplement is designed to help you burn fat more efficiently, by improving your endurance, thus enhancing your performance.

GNC Beyond Raw Refine Pros:

Thermogenic supplements are not a magic pill.

You need to also put in the work by following a proper diet and workout program.

However, if you have all this in check, but are looking for a short-term boost of energy to push yourself even harder in the gym, this thermogenic may help.

But, remember supplements are just the sprinkles on top.

This bad boy contains a blend of natural herbs intended to spike your stamina, including:

  • fenugreek seed extract
  • ginger root extract
  • grape seed extract
  • caffeine anhydrous

In other words, it’s pretty potent.

Each 3 capsule serving size contains approximately 200mg of caffeine.

It also contains nitric oxide to help you feel the rush and the pump.


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I know I did.

Get ready to pop those veins!

GNC Beyond Raw Refine Cons:

What makes this supplement beneficial, can also make it a con.

If you’re already drinking a lot of caffeine, a serving of GNC Beyond Raw Refine may put you over the limit.

Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage of 3 capsules, 30-60 minutes before exercise.

I repeat, this stuff is potent!

A few years ago, I experimented with thermogenic pills for a few months as I liked the energy boost.

However after I stopped taking them, I felt a crash in energy and increased headaches, as it seemed my body became reliant on them.

After this experience, I stopped taking them for good.

Bottom line, if you have a limited supplement budget, a thermogenic should not be a priority.

Eat real food, in the right quantities, train hard and smart, and recover.

That’s the magic sauce.

Update: it looks like GNC Beyond Raw Refine is no longer sold.

GNC Beyond Raw Refine Ravage


Should you be taking GNC Beyond Raw Ravage?

You should already know the answer to this.

It depends.

GNC Beyond Raw Ravage is just like the name suggests.

It’s a potent pre-workout supplement.

GNC Beyond Raw Ravage Pros:

You’re going to feel it.

I’ve tried other pre-workouts before, and ultimately felt nothing.

This stuff will hit you as it’s highly concentrated and powerful.

If you don’t feel like working out, this stuff will quickly give you a surge of energy to kick your butt.

I also felt a heightened sense of endurance when I took this.

In other words, I feel like I can workout forever!

This pre workout supplement is only 15 calories and contains an anabolic muscle primer mixture, beta-alanine, and a vasodilatation amplifier to really give you the pumps!

This was actually my favorite of these 3 GNC Beyond RAW supplements.

GNC Beyond Raw Ravage Cons:

Again, it’s potent.

If you’re new to pre workout supplements, you may want to start with a 1/2 scoop.

As a newbie, this may limit the jitters.

Also, since it contains caffeine, try to take it earlier in the day if you experience restless nights.

Lastly, I’m not a fan of the fact that the GNC Beyond Raw Ravage is sweetened with artificial sweeteners.

If you’re looking for a pre workout supplement that is sweetened naturally with stevia, check out the one I currently use.

Use coupon code: LiveLeanTV for a discount.

Update: it looks like GNC Beyond Raw Ravage is no longer sold and has been replaced with GNC Beyond Raw LIT.

Bottom Line: GNC Beyond Raw Supplement Review

Are GNC Beyond Raw’s supplements right for you?

It really all depends on your goals.

My goal is to maintain my current lean physique, therefore the GNC Beyond Raw Re-Built Mass is not in my everyday supplementation.

Especially since the ingredients are not the healthiest.

However, I would be open to occasionally using a clean weight gainer like this one, if I know I’m going to miss meals during travel.

When it comes to pre workout, I prefer pre workout supplements without artificial sweeteners.

Since the GNC Beyond Raw Ravage is sweetened with artificial sweeteners, I’d drink it occasionally, but it would not be my every day pre workout choice.

And finally, as mentioned from my previous experiences with thermogenics, the GNC Beyond Raw Refine would also not be an everyday supplement in my routine.

Overall, there are higher quality, healthier supplement options on the market.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, the GNC Beyond Raw supplement line is a cheaper option.

Again, it all comes down to your goals and what’s most important to you.

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Also leave a comment below to let me know which supplements you take and make sure you subscribe to our Live Lean TV YouTube channel.

Don’t forget to check out my other workout videos here.

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  1. I really like GNC products, especially re-build mass gainer. It tastes awesome and mixes well. Thanks for recording the video, Brad.

  2. Inspiring workout! Do you know if beyond raw protein is from non gmo whey or undenatured in any way? It’s practically the first supplement I have used and I want to be sure it’s truly a good product for me.

  3. Wow. That tire never stood a chance. I’ve never taken a supplement before, but I’m always interested in what is out there… not to take, but what they provide. Call it curiosity I guess. I like the line about supplements not being the “magic bullet.” It’s nice to see someone describe them as a compliment. Great share and rock star video!

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