Benefits of Probiotics

Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotic Supplement Review: Taylor MD Formulations

If you’re suffering from the following…

  • Frequent stomach aches
  • Bad gas
  • Bloating

…you may be experiencing problems with your digestive system.

Proper digestion of food is of critical importance when it comes to your overall health.

Think about it…

What’s the point of eating healthy food if your body doesn’t actually absorb the nutrients?

Fortunately there is a solution to poor digestion. They’re called…


Probiotics are friendly bacteria living inside your digestive system. In fact, the average human has trillions of these helpful microorganisms.

These tiny microorganisms are often found in fermented raw foods and play numerous roles in the body.

Probiotics help improve:

  • Digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Improves immunity (80% of immune system is found in the gut)
  • Fights infections and inflammation
  • Improves lactose intolerance
  • …and a whole lot more.

Popular forms of probiotics include Bifidus, Lactobacilli, and L. casei.

Unfortunately poor food and lifestyle choices along with ongoing usage of antibiotics can often kill off these helpful bacteria.

If you’re suffering from any of the issues listed above or consistently take antibiotics, I recommend you look into supplementing with probiotics to help bring your count back up.

Taylor MD Formulations Review: Flora Repair Kit

Taylor MD Formulations Review

A few weeks ago I decided to incorporate Taylor MD Formulations: Flora Repair Probiotic Kit into my morning supplementation routine.

This kit includes:


  • Enzyme Restore 
    • This supplement contains the essential enzymes to help your body digest and metabolize the food you eat. Often times when we cook food, the heat may destroy the natural enzymes found within the food. Or if you’re eating processed foods, the enzymes have already been destroyed. The lack of enzymes may be what’s causing your indigestion or gas. It’s recommended to take 1 Enzyme Restore capsule with water before every meal.
  • Paradix
    • This supplement contains various plant and herbal extracts to help increase the healthy microbial processes in the intestines and rid the body of unhealthy microorganisms. In essence, it’s formulated to improve GI and gut health. It’s recommended to take 2 Paradix capsules with meals twice a day.  


  • Flora Repair Probiotic 50 Billion, 30 Billion, 20 Billion, 10 Billion
    • The Flora Repair Probiotic Kit contains 4 different flora repair probiotic versions. Each version contains 13 different strains of microorganisms.
    • As part of the kit, it’s recommended to start taking 4 Flora Repair Probiotic 50 Billion capsules with breakfast. After finishing the bottle of 50 Billion, move on to take 3 Flora Repair Probiotic 30 Billion capsules with breakfast. Once the 30 Billion bottle is empty, move on to the bottle of 20 Billion (2 capsules). Then, yes you guessed it, once the 20 Billion bottle is finished, take 1 Flora Repair Probiotic 10 Billion capsule with breakfast. 


  • Green Med RX Powder Formula
    • This delicious greens powder not only contains vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, probiotics, and phytonutrients to alkalize your body, it also contains 10g of glutamine. Glutamine is an amino acid that may help maintain and restore normal gut microvilli function. I really like this greens powder because it tastes great, unlike many other greens powders that you have to plug your nose and force it down.
  • Flora Repair Support
    • This supplement contains fiber and fructooligosaccharide, a pre-biotic nutrient, which may support GI health. It may support the maintenance of the gastrointestinal flora health while promoting bacterial fermentation that produces short chain fatty acids.

I add both the Greens Powder and the Flora Repair powder to a blender with water and drink it with my breakfast and the other capsules.


Taylor MD Formulations: Flora Repair Probiotic Kit Schedule

If all this seems like a lot to remember, don’t worry. I was happy to see my delivery also came with a Flora Repair Probiotic Kit Schedule.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 7.56.49 PM

Bottom Line: Taylor MD Formulations: Flora Repair Probiotic Kit Review

Although I’m still in the middle of completing the Flora Repair Probiotic Kit, I’ve really been enjoying the process. Not only do I feel like my digestion has improved, I also feel like my abdominal region is tightening up with the reduction in bloating. Plus I really do like the taste of the greens drink in the morning. Also, starting your day with a healthy green supplement like this sets you up to make healthier decisions throughout the day.


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Highly recommend you add enzymes, probiotics, greens, and fiber to your supplement regiment.

Also, here’s a list of other Taylor MD Formulation products in case you’re interested in another supplement.

What Foods Contain Probiotics?

Aged Cheese – choose cheeses that are aged such as aged cheddar, blue cheese, and hard aged cheese. (10 billion organisms per serving)

Kefir – This liquid form of fermented milk is close to yogurt but in a more liquidy state (2-3 billion organisms per serving)

Kombucha – You may not have heard of this before but it’s a fermented tea.

Miso, Natto, Tempeh – Yes these are forms of soy but they are FERMENTED so they’re okay to consume in limited qualities. Always avoid processed soy protein, soy milk, and soybean oil.

Sauerkraut – If the sauerkraut is pasteurized it’s useless as they would have killed the bacteria. Go with unpasteurized or make your own.

Yogurt – when choosing your brand of yogurt, make sure it’s indicated on the label that it includes live bacterial cultures. Stay away from any brand with added sugar or artificial flavors. Always choose the plain flavor and then add your own berries and natural sweeteners like stevia or honey.

You can also consume foods that are considered probiotics

These prebiotic foods help stimulate the production of probiotics in your system. Foods high in soluble fiber such as fruits and vegetables, oats and oat bran, and inulin all provide your body with prebiotics.

Ensure you include the above probiotic-rich and prebiotic foods and supplements in your daily diet to improve your digestion, immunity, and overall health.

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