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Amazon Fresh Grocery Haul | Secret Cheat Meal Hacks


How We Fit Eating Pizza In Our Diet | Live Lean Life Ep. 051

On today’s vlog episode of Live Lean TV, I’m showing you our Amazon Fresh grocery haul and the secret to enjoying cheat meals, without gaining weight over time.

In Live Lean Life Vlog Ep. 051 I share:

Amazon Fresh Grocery Haul

We just received our grocery delivery from Amazon Fresh.

Now that we don’t have a car anymore, rather than going to Costco for groceries, we’ve been doing online grocery deliveries from Amazon Fresh.


In addition to using Amazon Fresh, we also have a grocery store across the street.

Let’s unpack everything so I can show you what we ordered in this Amazon Fresh grocery haul:

  • 2 zucchini squash
  • Scotch Brite scrubbing scour pads
  • 3 apples
  • 1 mango
  • 5 red onions
  • Glad ForceFlex garbage bags
  • Garden Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Multivitamin for Jessica
  • Bag of garden salad
  • Organic baby spring mix lettuce
  • 1 cauliflower
  • Bag of brussels sprouts
  • Bag of mandarin oranges
  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Chicken breast fillets
  • Chicken tenders

There you go.

That’s just a small little Amazon Fresh grocery haul that Jessica put together.

It wasn’t a lot of food, but I think I’m starting to like Amazon Fresh.

Amazon Fresh Delivery Service Review

To use Amazon Fresh, you simply place your order online, then your groceries get delivered right to your front step.

Amazon even uses cooler bags for all the food items that need to stay chilled.

When using Amazon Fresh, another one of the cool features is it keeps track of what you’ve ordered.

This means you can simply log into your account and click reorder, to reorder everything again.

Technology these days is amazing.

We love using a grocery delivery service because our time is super valuable to us.

We want to focus on spending our time with the kids, growing our business, and helping you out.

If we can take away spending hours in the grocery store, it’s worth it to us.

I’ll have to dig a little bit deeper to check out the pricing, but I think the Amazon Fresh prices are very similar to Costco.

That’s our Amazon Fresh grocery haul.

7 Exercises Ideas: Chest, Back, Legs, Triceps, And Biceps

Here are 7 exercise ideas that I filmed for our Live Lean TV exercise database this week.

  1. Isometric Incline Push Up
  2. Resistance Band Push Ups
  3. Resistance Band Seated Row
  4. Resistance Band Squat To Side Leg Lift
  5. Standing Tricep Dumbbell Kickback
  6. Dumbbell Spider Curl
  7. EZ Bar Spider Curl

Pizza Cheat Night

It’s pizza cheat night at the Gouthro household.

Yes, it’s Domino’s again.

Unfortunately, we have a hard time finding pizza in downtown San Diego that’s as good as Domino’s Brooklyn style pizza.

Since we’re about to be naughty, Jessica made me a fancy and super healthy protein matcha green tea latte, made with:

It’s actually really good.

No added sugar.

The protein powder in the matcha green tea latte helps balance the cheat meal.

In this post, I shared why I like to load up with nutrients via a greens drink, when I’m eating pizza.

Best Super Greens Powder I Live Lean TV've Used Everyday From 2020 - 2021

Since there are so many anti-nutrients in pizza, I like to combine a greens drink, in this case a protein matcha green tea latte, with pizza.

The Secret To Enjoying Cheat Meals Without Gaining Weight Over Time

Jessica received a good question about cheat meals this week.

Someone asked: “If your cheat meal is 1,000 calories, how does that not add up to fat gain at the end of the year?”.


In other words, how do we have cheat meals without gaining weight over time.

Here’s the secret.

We’re not having all of our regular daily meals, in addition to a pizza.

This is our dinner.

This means the pizza replaces at least two or three of our meals during the day.

For example, it’s 6pm, so we won’t have anything to eat after the pizza.

In other words, we’re going to be done eating for the day, so won’t eat an additional dinner.

If I had a bigger serving size of pizza in the early afternoon, at 3pm or 4pm, a lot of the time I won’t eat for the rest of the day, because I’m so full.

I also drink a lot of water after eating pizza, which keeps me full as well.

This means, even with a cheat meal, my calories do not get really high, because I’m just replacing 1-2 of my other meals in the day, with pizza.

In other words, we are basically consuming our normal daily calories, but we’re just eating different foods.

How Many Calories Should I Eat A Day? Live Lean TV

This means you get to enjoy the foods you eat.

That’s what it’s all about peeps.

What Do We Feed Our Kids?

So far, Kyla has been amazing when it comes to eating food.

She’s only 9 months old, but she eats what we eat.

If we’re eating a salad with meat, rather than getting upset with us, she eats a salad too, because she loves meat.

She is not picky at all.

It’s a beautiful thing.

We’re teaching our kids that Living Lean is not all about eating healthy food, restricting, and dieting, it’s about having balance.

You put the work in, you eat healthy the majority of the time, and then you can enjoy life by eating some snacks and pizza.

With that said, it’s time for me to stop talking and start eating, because it looks like Jessica and Kyla are going to eat all this pizza without me.

In fact, Jessica may have been lying, but she said Kyla ate 3 whole pieces of pizza by herself.

Bruno was also wanting a piece too.

I need to go get another slice of pizza and start making my gains.


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