Crush Your Body Fat Via Street Racing (Live Lean Style) #LLTV

Get Your Sprints In. No Excuses (Even On The Streets Of San Diego).

On this episode of Live Lean TV, I’m hitting the streets of San Diego for some street racing! No, I’m not channelling my inner Fast & The Furious aspirations’¦I’m talking about using my own 2 wheels to get in a quick anaerobic workout to torch fat and build lean, athletic, and functional muscle.

Our bodies are programmed to excel at brief but intense bursts of speed. Remember, there was a time when EVERYONE needed this speed to sprint away from saber-tooth tigers!

So ask yourself this…

Q: Why aren’t you sprinting?

Typical Answers:

“I don’t have access to a track.” (You don’t need a track. All you need are two feet.)

“I’m too out of shape.” (Ok, lets build up to it. Start by reading this post about how to progress to sprinting in 8 weeks or less.)

“It’s too cold out.” (Do it at a gym on a treadmill.)

“I don’t have a gym membership.” (Do it at home. Run in a spot for your sprint. Done.)

Any excuse you give’¦I’m pretty sure I can find a legitimate answer of how you can still use the powerful tool of sprinting to get you LIVING LEAN faster.

Excuses are poison. The thousands of people who are living lean are immune to poison. I want you to start being immune TODAY. Make the decision right now to be awesome!

In the comment section below tell me’¦how many times per week do you sprint?

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Sprint Interval Workouts

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1. How many sprint sessions are you doing a week?

2. Do you prefer to sprint indoors or outdoors?


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