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How To Do HIIT Sprints at Home with No Equipment

You don’t need a treadmill, and you can even do it indoor with very little space.

Sprints are a great way to get in top cardio shape and stay lean all year round.

If you’ve been following me for a while then you already know how I feel about cardio. lol.

I despise the “slow boring long-duration cardio”. It’s been many years since I last went for a slow steady jog.

Sprints and other HIIT workouts are my favorite way to stay in top cardio shape and stay lean all year around with an athletic sporty physique.

The main benefit for me: It doesn’t take very long, and even though it’s hard work, it’s also exhilarating.

If you have never done sprints before, then watch this video to see how to begin.

The warm up is a really important step, especially if you haven’t sprinted before. Make sure your muscles are warm and ready before you attempt maximum speeds.

If you are following our Team Live Lean plans then you may have already done this workout. It’s the workout of the day for Day 29 in the October 2020 TRANSFORMER training guide.

We publish a new workout plan every month and always include sprints and other HIIT workouts like this at least once per week.

Watch how I do this workout:

The Cool Down is essential too. Taking that couple of minutes at the end of your workout to stretch out, foam roll and relax your muscles will promote faster recovery and help with your overall consistency following the rest of the plan.

I follow our Team Live Lean training plans, using the Home Versions.

Follow the same workouts I’m following:




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Question For You:

  • Have you ever done a sprint workout like this at home?

Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below.

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