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8 Simple Exercise Progressions That Builds Strong Glutes

The Simple Exercise That Builds Strong Glutes: Hip Thrusts:

Live Lean Nation, on today’s episode I’m sharing 8 simple exercises that builds stronger glutes.

The buns…
The booty…
The backside…
The badunkadonk…

Yep, we’re talking glutes today.

In particular, I’m going to show you simple exercises to activate and fire up some of the most powerful muscles and calorie torchers in your body…

Your butt…

So you can maximize muscle gain and burn more body fat.

So what do I mean by activate?

Well think of it this way.

More than likely, you sit on your butt all day at the office, in the car, and at home on the couch.
This pretty much flips your butt switch to turn off.

Now most people think deadlifts and squats are key to build stronger glutes.

And that is correct…IF

Your glutes are actually firing and contracting during those compound movements.

But in a lot of cases your glutes may not be activating, which is not good, since your glutes are such a major muscle group involved the deadlift and squat.

So it’s time to fire up and turn that booty switch back on…

With these simple variations of one of the best glute activation exercises around…

The Hip Thrust.

The first variation I’ll show you will be the simplest and we’ll work our way up to the most challenging progression of the hip thrust using a loaded barbell.

Glute Bridge


Shoulders Elevated Hip Thrust


Single Leg Shoulders Elevated Hip Thrust


Feet Elevated Hip Thrust


Single Leg Feet Elevated Hip Thrust


Shoulders And Feet Elevated Hip Thrust


Single Leg Shoulders And Feet Elevated Hip Thrust

Shoulders Elevated Barbell Hip Thrust


So there you go Live Lean Nation, try adding in any of these hip thrust progressions to fire up your glutes before your next booty workout.

If you’re looking for a full 6 week glute strengthening workout, check out Jessica’s program.

It’s not just for the ladies. Dudes, need powerful glutes too.

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I love you guys and keep Living Lean.

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